Saturday, January 30, 2010

What a week.

The busiest week for 2010.

Ran around in campus with a sick and bad throat, but i had sexy deep low voice. Now is gone! I am cured but am still coughing all the time. I don't really like it. Cough Cough, see i am coughing again.

I applied for the US study program but i was late. The person in charge said she will help me whatever she can after she read my application. It was on 27th Jan the actual deadline is on 29 Jan btw. Not literally late late.

And i did 3 simple websites for the Google Projects. Gonna finish up another 1 tomorrow and refine the others. & had a meeting with a client in Shah Alam with my mates. I dont think i can cope with that much of works for now. My main priority would be my FYP.

Had a sharing session with my coursemates. I shared about Pachube. I think i need to refresh my memory about Arduino soon.

Last but not least, played rockband with frens..... - - Today we played for 5 continuous hours. Oh well.

" Thats why darling, is incredible that someone so unforgettable~" Listening to NKC's song. Epic.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

I like fox! Ever since the Disney movie about a fox and a hound?

Oh my oh my, i always love stop motion film! Think about the efforts and time spend on animating this kind of film, i salute them. As for this film, it was Wes Anderson's first stop motion film, so is 20th Century Fox. Fox's first stopmotion film is something about fox!

Personally i love everything about this film, regardless of the rigid movement of the characters but the set and props was stunning. Well the movie is based on the book by Roald Dahl's. Never read the book before but i think the story was very good.

Even the soundtracks were awesome. It was comical, funny, not draggy. A must watch!

I like this director. Somehow theres a touch of something special in his films like The Darjeeling Limited.

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Hey Mr.Postman!

I think i have this fetish - Parcel! Since i am a small girl, i enjoy receiving parcel from Mr.Postman. Especially big, huge parcel! That 3 parcels i received were the online shopping aftermath! Actually there was another poslaju parcel, forgot to take photo with it. And two more on its way to me me me! Damn. I am good in rewarding myself. Well, thats what happen when you hiatus from shopping for too long. The BEAST had released!

But, yes BUT i still need at least a pair of new shoes, short pants and etc. :) Damn. So glad that i am a men in a dress. At least i can still play dress-up rite? Kekeke.

I bought a vintage bag, 2 leggings (one stripped one normal), a skinny jean, a lovely top and a electric blue blazer. Will show it here one day. I might.

Oh, i did a shooting with my mates yesterday for their final year project. Test shooting thou. I was one of the extras and a journalist that got toasted half way through the conference due to bombing. After the shoot, we did Mj's Thriller dance...but we sucked. I wanted to do zombie impersonation only, i ain't know how to groove like the King. We had fun i guess.

I hope the video will pop out somewhere, sometime. It would be nice to look at Charuk's funny dance moves. HAHA.

Expiry date.

Like what Chungking Express, Wong Kar Wai's movie said:" Everything have a expiry date, even human."

If 2012 is the Earth expiry date, what are the things that you want to do before it ends on you? I've been thinking, wondering, not because of 2012 but the fact that my life has an expiry date on it (which obviously i cant find the tag on my body, not like those can food products), scares me.

I have a list in my brain. A list, my bucket list, my dream list, my must-do-this-life-time list. What if i am expired before i even had the chance to cross out my list? Should we all know our own expiry dates, so that we are all well prepared and able to grab every chance we have before its too late? What if we are like the supermarket products, expiry dates just printed on our own body, reminding us every secs meant something to us.

Best before, Used by.......Are we still fresh and new? What is your expiry date?

Is not the thought of dying that i afraid of but the thought of getting eliminated, no longer needed, 淘汰, out of the "league" that scares me.


I read a book about blood type B, hey don't judge me :) Anyway i always interest in this kind of thing. The book is from a anonymous writer from Japan. Do you know Japanese and Korean really into blood types? I heard that even getting a job, the boss would check the employees' blood types. Mostly Americans and Europeans are type O or A. The confident, the leader, the team worker. Asians are mostly type B, the sensitive, individualist, thinker. It does explain why certain behaviours or traits are different between the West and the East. Can you see it?

Think i will gonna explain more later on!

Thursday, January 21, 2010

This is a race.

Within me, between myself, theres only one winner - Me. For a long time after since the holidays, i feel so me again. Inspired to do more. Need to catch back all the sand of time that slipped through the cracks of my hands. I can't believe i wasted so much time.

I am an student artist. Remember that. Go for it. Remember this feeling. Gonna be hardcore, dark and twisty! Kick ass!

Time to cook my own dinner. EAT keeps us moving forward. Research later!

random photos from

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

it's been awhile.

I just watched Mary and Max, a claymade feature film by Adam Elliot. It's been awhile since i felt so touched and attached to the story in a film. Lately all the movies were blooaahh or i don't know, i just don't get it anymore but this film gaves me hope.

The blunt animation shows the simplicity and reality of the world. The content, the story is so strong and i don't really care about the simple clay animation. Yet is charming and witty, humorous and real.

Is about life, friendship and being yourself. Trusting people, accepting others. Life is mainly about the journey, not the destination.

I laughed and cried together with Mary and Max. Definitely a special and well made film.

New start.

Hell yeah new sem/last sem had started! Check out my new hair cut. I cut it yesterday, the day before the sem reopen. Boy cut with a twist aka asymmetrical cut but i wanted shorter oh well.

Wearing: vintage short coat, fourskin tshirt (king) + harem pants.

Result finally out, bloody on the first day of new sem. Few of my mates got 4 flat...CONGRATZ! :) As for me, thanks to badminton i aint got no 4 flat. I never had 4 flat by the way. I got A- for my badminton subject, TAKE THAT KHAIRUL JOHARI! wahaha

Last sem, i need 0.03 more to get my free pass to debtless from PTPTN! DAMN IT! Last sem last hope last ride. Still have 3 subjects to go, can i make it? I hope i can, man. At least the thing i can do to get my ass free from anything.
For this sem, my main concern is my FYP. I just want to get over with the Google project. I think the reason why i can't really concentrate on it because my heart is with my FYP!! NOooOoo. Don't worry will clear the Google list first :) Hopefully by mid feb everything will be settled.

Oh, party in the USA. I hope i can get the opportunity to go to USA for the study program! *need to apply first*

Cheers to everyone. Have a kick ass semester! :)

Thursday, January 14, 2010

This is weird.

I woke up at 3am and was doing my thesis. 5 mins before, which was 630am, suddenly my tongue licked the part and i was SHOCKED! My freaking gum fly out halfway, still attached but it opened up a huge part for the tooth to pop out. Yes it was no big deal but weird, the feeling is weird.

Damn, 22 years now and experiencing this kind of thing. I feel the sudden urge to just clear my mind and not think of anything for awhile. And now gonna be 7am soon, my parents gonna wake up and yell at me most probably, or not. I have my alibis to stay up at this hour :) early bird! wheeee.

Subtle pain and is not even wisdom tooth.


Welcome to my humble little cooking sharing channel! Today i gonna teach you how to cook real simple carbonara spaghetti! Okay, i've been watching Asian Food Channel and Travel and Living, well the only channels my Astro have.......and Discovery Channel, National Geographic, Animal Planet, Science. Well i like it. Anyway! One midnight, i saw how Nigella Lawson made this wonderful spaghetti! I am a fan of spaghetti, and carbonara definitely top my list. And i love this lady, she love to eat, i love to eat, we click.

ahem, actually i cooked this recipe twice, first time failed epically. My spaghetti was too hard, tasteless and not enough sauce due to wrong estimation. My poor sister and brave friend YingYing had to eat it. My bad.. haha!

The second time, got better and yea if you are looking for a light dinner or lazy afternoon to get ur ass out to dine in, try this:

Parmesan cheese, Black Pepper, Herbs, 2 Eggs, 2 cloves of garlic (i like garlic), Bacon,
Spaghetti and White Wine Vinegar from ITALIONO~ haha

Absorb all the nom nom gravy..haha

Add in the sauce..

Sprinkle some cheese on top.
Voila! Carbonara Spaghetti.

I kinda lazy to explain the steps on how to cook this. Check out Nigella Lawson recipe website for the step by step explanation. I changed the recipe a little which i forgot what.........

* remember to add salt

Bon Appetit.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Looking Forward.

Forgive my ugly fringe and yeah i was pretty much energy-less.
Happy New Year 2010!
What is your resolution? I don't care either.
We just wanna kick-ass this year! Simple and nice.
May you all have a KICK ASS year ahead!

btw, do you all know the movie Kick Ass? Gonna be awesome i guess..i love Hit-Girl.
She is calm and cruel. Check out the Hit Girl red band trailer and the theatrical trailer of Kick Ass the movie:

Oh that thai-like guy in the new year video is my awesome kick ass friend Charukphong. He is very talented and hardworking. Inspiring. :D I know he will do great in the future. He major in Film and Animation, what about him? drawing and character + concept = awesome.

Check him our in KromIsBulat. Yesh Krom in Thai is Round which in Malay is Bulat.

The background song credit to Disco Ruido! Listen to the full version in my playlist >> :)

Monday, January 11, 2010


First photos with the girls, we known each other since secondary school! They are the pretty ones, i am the geek. Yay:

Revenge of the Geek.

We were at a pub called Library and yesh, we were served by librarian (waiter). Last time, I was a school librarian! Librarian don't drink but I drank Mojito and it tasted weird. Btw, that day was replacement celebration for my dear friend, YingYing. The well tanned girl on the left, she travels a lot. She is going to Bangkok, Thailand tomorrow. Lucky girl. We had fun that night! Secrets all out. Almost.

Not to forget my another best friend, Mr.Biao. Forever emo.
Damn you, you know i will always be there for you k!
We will keep your secrets with us... no worries. :)

In the city.

I am kind of sick of facebook, is boring. I will deactivate the account when my new semester start, if you want anything updates about me, do come here, will update here often ( since i will be away from faceboook). Why? Is too crowded. Oh damn, what about those awesome music party rsvp? damn you facebook!

ahem, back to my title topic and here is the KL video! My housemates went to Kuala Lumpur (the core city of Msia), they had a shooting there for their Film and Animation FYP. Well as for mine, my project is more to installation art, theirs are special effect VFX kind of thing, different major but same faculty. Anyway i tagged along and shot this video, for fun (it's been awhile since i've been there) :

Just some random recording of whats going on around the street with my mates in it, recorded with my SE walkman hp. BTW, it was on New Year Eve! If you read my new year eve post, yea... i can't believed that i was in KL on that day. Usually i would just stay at home, munch some comfort foods and play some games or movies. I hate crowds (like i said) but i love to observe them. Contradicting.

My blog is quiet now, i don't like it, i will update my music player soon. Want to share some nice music here but doesn't mean you will like it but i bet you will love it :P

Sunday, January 10, 2010

I am the sloth.

I feel slothy when facing my thesis now.

I am not keeping up and the Google SMEs! Finally my team is getting the information and can start with the development of the websites. I have to speed up man...damn. SUNDAY! MUST FINALIZE MY THESIS AND BIND IT ON MONDAY OR TUESDAY! SMES ALL THE WAY, LATER THAT!

If i break my vow i will belanja my fren makan. Thats entitle to those who read this post and inform me about they wanna take part in abolishing my SLOTH-ness.

* i dont think anyone reading this....*continue slacking*

Arent they just look so funny? haha stumbled upon this photo in a web

Fuck, must i patronize myself to do something? Whats wrong? I fucking doing it for myself.

Thursday, January 7, 2010


Argh. Left my post-it notes in Cyberjaya. Oh the post-it just for fun, i dont really use it anyway but sometimes i feel the urge to write down something on it to remind myself:

1. Called/Settle SMEs for the afternoon
2. Night : Thesis time. Redo abstract and chapter 5.

okay. bye ass hole.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010


I back in Kepong, my house. I can't sleep in my own room quiet and dark. Now i am in living room, on Tv and pc to accompany me. Now i am watching one of my favourite travel show - Globe Trekker! Btw is 4am now.

The show was showing about those beautiful islands in Carribean sea! I think is at Grenada. Breathtaking! The ocean have different tone of colours, shades of green, blue, dark blue, bright blue and white & the mountain of trees...real green trees plantation around the island. Island island . . People there celebrates LIFE! They dance, they enjoy. Care-free. I wish one day i can be like that.

At another island, there was this old lady called Pampo? Pampa? Her age was 123! Whats her secret for such a long live life? She sleep early, she dont eat after 6pm and she smoke thou but the secret ingredient is..she dont watch tv! Better throw out ur tv! & she just eat dumpling..some dumpling...

& one of the famous artist Calliste, stayed in a small shack in the island. His artworks even collected by the Queen of England. His famous work is the Mermaid..he said he saw a mermaid when he was 9 years old, which inspired him to draw mermaid.

& another island Dominica which means Sunday morning or Saturday morning? Cause Columbus discovered that island on the Sunday or Saturday morning. Haha. I have bad memory. Lovely lovely but mostly about the forest and waterfall. I think my dad will love it.

Then another island which i forgot the name, you can sightseeing some huge turtle there! the turtle weight around half a ton, one of the largest turtle and and the oldest species in the world! Wow i was amazed..they even have this awesome scientific name which i forgot. Anyway theres a chalet you can stay there, and when the turtle are settle down to lay eggs..the worker/guide will knock on your door and wake you up to go see the turtle! Normally around 5-6am.

Imagine you caressing the sugarly sand on the beach... I want to travel there one day! And my bora bora. I love globe trekker..i watched it since i was a little girl. They made me feel like in travel trance.

I should try and sleep. Got to meet google people tomorrow at 2pm and is 430am now :( Please sleep, maybe dream about the islands.

Dream on.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

The time just stop.

Washed my clothes.

Stared at the sky. Wondering why everytime during my laundry day, the sky just turns gloomy. My luck?

Today, not just the sky turns gloomy, my heart too.

Everything is silence now. The time just stop.

Sunday, January 3, 2010

What about me?

I listened.

I paid attention.

Yes, yes you are right. But what about me?

Never listen.

Never notice.

Nobody is listening. Bye you friends. I will play along with all your shits.

Friend friend friend.

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Sayonara 2009.

Read my old post. Yes reminiscing about the past, when i am still a girl with no car license :P Anyway found out that is my tradition to put my new year eve post as Sayonara 200X. But i forgot to do so.

So here is my post of Sayonara 2009!

Wonder why sayonara, maybe last time i was quite into japan scene well sayonara doesnt mean or represent much about Japan. I just crapping.

Good news! I am finishing my lovely thesis :)

In my conclusion, I think 2010 gonna be an awesome kick ass year. I will kick your ass. Wait and see.

Friday, January 1, 2010

Knock on the door of 2010!

Hello people!

This is shocking but i can't believe i actually went to KL - the city in new year eve. Yvonne woke me up at around noon and asked me to tag along to kl. They were going to shoot footages for their film so i thought i was going to do my work there in a nice cafe so i brought my laptop along (regret) and some SHOPPING.

Laptop...haih why i bring you out hang out with me around KL? Literally hang on my shoulder together with me. Anyway didn't get the chance to sit down and do my work because was late and etc etc. Ahem but i did shop a little. :) 3 items are little right?

Btw 1st of January is my roomate's birthday! Happy Birthday to Yvonne Chong! :P Me and Charuk planned to get her a present but we don't know what to get her so instead of buying ourselves we asked her to pick her own present but she couldn't got to pick any. And the shops were closing at around 10pm, so we took her to Bangkok Jazz! We were feeling thai-ish. KAP KUN KHAP (wrong).

I bit on some chili padi, god it was damn spicy. We had very thai dishes, som tum? (papaya salad), kuey teow something sup, fried cat fish with mango salad and sago with mango, coconut milk. Yummy. Happy birthday miss Von!

Then Yvonne separated with us, she went to KLCC to meet the others. Me and Charuk took train back to KL sentral. Yesh we were avoiding the crowd and the countdown. :) 1130pm, rushing to train station to catch the last KLIA express to back to Cyberjaya, home. Along the route, saw lots of ppl still going in to KL while we, away from the core of KL to isolation. HAHA.

Bought the last ticket, waited in the air-con waiting room. Train arrived at around 11:55pm.
We were crapping in the train and without notice, the clock almost strike 12am! 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5,4,3,2,1 ... HAPPY NEW YEAR! We shouted in the nearly-empty train. And of coz HAPPY NEW YEAR TO ALL MY FRENS and FAMILY!

Once i heard, how you spend your first day of new year determine the overall performance or look and feel of the rest of the year. So me and Charuk interpreted that our 2010, we will be spending time in the train, so which means travelling? Express train? So we will be moving fast forward? Let's hope our FYP will bring us far in future k :)

Tossed to our journey to money, health, future, success and fame! Ahhh, cheers.

So how did you spend your first day of 2010? :P

once again, HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YVONNE & happy new year to all!

Have an awesome year ahead ya :)

*the last time i went out and really out and shopping was like 6 months ago. Thats why i was so excited rite XD