Tuesday, September 22, 2009


Finally and the finally the end is here. Hopefully.

Go back to office, pass up my report and the ahem reel. Study for my test. Oh and my Muet test. Damn.

Time to pack and move back to Cyber. Peace of mind.

I sick of the me, which still, stuck here.

Maybe i shld get a spec, looks distinctive on my big face:

Monday, September 21, 2009

DLG is back!

My personal project.

What should i do next?
Oh ya check this out, is kinda cool to make your own animation in 24hrs.
24hourtoons Any filmmaker who are interested can upload their work to the 24hourtoons youtube site. Each months have a different theme! Have fun.

But i not sure if my next DLG project gonna be this...i dont even know the proper ways to animate.

I know.

DLG mission priority:



Be in their shoes.


My mom said: “现在想起, 你小时候好像有少少自闭症。 不爱说话,不参人玩。还好有你的姐姐带你一起玩。”

OH. Now it make sense, i got mild autism whn i was a little kid? haha.

Looked up on the article about the characteristics of autism, there some similarity but i think i am fine now. Even though when i was little, i not really cares about other, i stare at things more thn 5secs, i speak to myself sometimes, i don't really show my stuff to people, i point or poke at someone without speaking it out.. i hit my own head, i like to spin around but i think most children did that too rite?

I did got comments from my friends that i am a boring person, i dont speak much or share my things to them, during secondary school. I tried to be more talkative, more normal? But is so hard for me sometimes. I did tried to fit in but i gave up later on, whats the point? OKAY something wrong with me.

I tried to share, i tried open up but what do i gain in the end?

Time to sleep.

Sunday, September 20, 2009




活熊取胆的方法是将一个金属管永久地插入熊的胆囊,另一端露在熊的腹部外面,因为伤口裸露在外,永不痊愈,所以经常感染。(很多熊因此得到很多疾病,甚至癌症!吃了从他们感染的 伤口那流出来的胆汁,不知道会不会有问题!)

为了增加胆汁的流出量,熊场会用特制的针管抽扎进胆囊取胆汁,每到这个时候,被抽取胆汁的熊都会疼得惨嚎!,把自己的腹部抓得血肉模糊。有些熊因为无法忍受抽胆的痛苦,精神错乱 ,还有熊还会作出自杀行为,把自己的肝肠内脏都拉扯出来!


亚洲动物基金会曾经解救过一批黑熊,那批黑熊由于长期囚禁在养熊场内插管取胆,它们身心俱损,伤口溃烂,腹腔感染,不断有黄褐色的脓水从溃烂的皮肤渗出,很久也不敢从笼子里走出来接触大地。打开他们的腹腔,有的引流管子已烂在肚里,有的和脏器紧紧粘连在一起。放入山林后,它们除了拼命摇头外,不会向前挪动一步,因为关在铁笼里面太久,也许已经忘记怎么走路了 。只是痴呆的目光朝天望着,好象仍然感到还在铁笼里。
这里是一个酷刑室,一个动物的地狱。正如你所看到的,事实上他们根本无法活动,无法站立,无法转身,他们只能将爪子伸出笼子取食。这样关着目的是防止忍受不了折磨的月熊做出自残 暴毙行为!


其实熊胆并不是什么神丹妙药,它的药用价值也是被所谓的"专家"夸大了!致使误导广大消费者去大量使用熊胆制品!熊胆汁对于人体只能起到很普通的清热解毒的功效,这是很多中草药都 可以代替得到的!





朝鲜在80年代发明了活取熊胆,近20多年来, 我国把这个“高技术”行业发扬光大了。
(quote from here )

I am damn angry at those human and sad for the bears! Why we human have to make so much suffer to other creatures??? WTH. They keep the bear alive in a small cage, then collect the bear bile by poking metal tube direct inside the bear's gall with open wound! See the first picture???? The wounds is already infected because everyday they collect the bear's gall twice, sometimes even up till 4 times. Everytime the fucking human did that to the bear, the bear will scream in excruciating PAIN, agonizing there! Bear will SCRATCH THEIR OWN STOMACH, SCRATCH OUT ALL THEIR INTESTINES, THE BEAR WILL EVEN TRY TO SUICIDE BECAUSE THEY CANT STAND THE PAIN AND TORTURE. & what the idiot human do?? CAGE THEM IN A SMALL CAGE so that they cant move or scratch themselves or suicide. They cant die, and they arent living either in that hell like place!!!!

Fucking shit merciless human. Imagine if one day some ass hole say:" Hey, human's gall is nice for our health and make us stronger~ lets harvest human 1!" IMAGINE YOU ARE THE ONE WHO ARE IN THE CONFINE CAGE, GOT SUCK OUT YOUR OWN GALL BY METAL TUBE EVERYDAY. MAHAI those people who still consuming the products. Please stop, is damn cruelty and un-humanly. The animals are innocent and stop eating whatever shark fins or monkey brains or harvest those fur alive..(fucking chinese)YES WHILE THEY ARE STILL ALIVE WE JUST HARVEST THEIR BODY PART?? how can we be so cruel....we are sick. human is sick.
The world is innocent.

Some bear galls are legally, yes LEGALLY harvest. Mostly are black bears. READ HERE.

Why people need bear gall or bear bile? HEALTH TONIC, MY ASS.

"In 1993 Chinese bear bile farming was exposed by a British woman named Jill Robinson.Since then, animal advocates all over the world have objected to the brutalities and cruelties of this practice while others have explained why the modern pharmaceutical industry has made bear
farming unnecessary. And while there is no bear farming in the United States, there is demand for bear bile and bear gall bladders." ( READ HERE )


Please help stop this brutality by signing the online petition here.

Stop animal cruelty.

Please spread the words around, tell your friends, relatives about this extreme animal cruelty and if they do consume or buy bear bile products, promote them herbal or synthetic alternative to bear bile.

More info here:

Sorry for my bad words. I just cant imagine people would do that.. MAD.

More cruel news: China people, they even eat dogs and cats there. Friends or food?

Friday, September 18, 2009


Look back at my olllllllllldddddddddd blog i posted in msn space. Damn fucking hilarious. I can't believe it. Haha.

Nevermind. Let's laugh and keep laughing. 往事不能XX。
Oh i found out that i was once a MC for a calligraphy event in my uni. First time i bet it was bad, real bad Michael Jackson :D

What else, well now i am back in Cyberjaya and yes the peaceful environment here, lovely.

& Great news to all my fren! I got my L license! woohooo! Yes after i get my P i will take you all for a test drive. Please be prepare. * Miss Ying Ying i know you've been waiting for this for a looong time. :)

My fantasy.

Photo from RedVelvetArt.com
Available for $70.00 . Exp for me - -

I always wanted a cute, 'yeng' aka gaya headgear! Like those awesome headgears in Ragnarok Online. This is a knitted teddy bear hat, i find it cute but the price is damn expensive. :(

Should i learn how to knit so that i can own one teddy bear hat? Hmmmm. Or any kind knitter out there~ willing to knit one and sell it for around RM40+- ? haha

----------------- Case Closed--------------------------

Oh ya might help my mom to start up some online business.... Not sure if she into it or? But i think is a pretty good sale products. Everybody loveeees it. munch. We shall see. Since i gonna finish my internship which is today! I should have ample of time to think of the business plan, my FYP, my car license ( this is a must!) and the presentation & ohh my MUET test.

Must learn to speak and write better english! RAWR

祝大家中秋节快乐 & Selamat Hari Raya!

Monday, September 14, 2009

I wanna I wanna!

Dearrrr lord or buddha or jesus #$)!&)!,

I wan the new Topshop sweater or jacker! Holy zombie bazooka! When i first lay my eyes on you~ you took my sight with you. Now i can't stop thinking about you :)

Yesh. I am a little bit out of my mind but i always longing for a 180 degree or 360 degree revamp of my current wardrobe ( if i have any). I believe in Vivienne Westwood. Her quote:"Fashion is very important. It is life-enhancing and, like
everything that gives pleasure, it is worth doing well. "

Life enhancing. You go girl! but yeah...life is real. You need $

I need $ ! Maybe i shld start some business now. I always wanted to make my own business. A good one, sustainable profits~ etc. Duh thats what we all want ey. My mom got this idea and i think it was a great idea but she hesitating. I read in a book SOUE the 11th book, there this submarine captain, i cant recall his name but his favourite quote is:" He or she who hesitates..."

Hmm i forgot abt the quote but something negative will happen if he or she who hesitates. Haha. Pardon my lame memory, 512mb. I shall upgrade to 4 gb soon.


I want tattoo!

For the moment.
(Image via weheartit.com)

Now you know why/how/who control the world's economy. Recession? Give birth to more women/girl, tell me everything is wonderful now. :P

P.s Countdown to the ending!

Physics i learned from BIG BANG!

I re-watched some of the episodes of Big Bang Theory and one particular part caught my eyes!

You just need the combination of Water + Cornstarch + Subwoofer! = Funny Liquid Movement

From the Big Bang:

From random users in youtube:

Cool huh? Let's see who willing to borrow their woofers for me to experiment with this ?? Pretty pls~


p.s Kanye.... stupid. Even though i not a fan of Taylor but you douche KANYE! Let's play water + cornstarch + woofer!

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Hard day night.

Just got back from karaoke session with my aunty, sista and my cousin how yee. My throat kinda out of tone now because i yelled and sang with high notes which are out of my league. - - too bad for the audiences.

It was a fun mini karaoke session at a small karaoke shops near my place. Small room, weird interface but friendly service.

Just like this photo, the room is small but the people is fun.
Replace those girls with me, my 30+ going 40 aunty, my crazy sista and equally crazy cousin.
ta da the ingredients are fun midnight.
(photo via weheartit.com)

My aunty, i call her Bing Yi aka ice aunty. :D I must praise her because she is my awesome lovely aunty that fetched me (to sch) since i was in primary school. She is also a teacher and yes she taught me a lot about studies and how to be a person. She treats everyone ( couzzies and me) the same, in a good way. Amiable and magnanimous aunty i have here! Aint i lucky? Indeed. I got bunch of lovely, supportive, fun relatives...espeacially the women :D yes my aunties!

I hang out with my aunty. yeah.

p.s aunty treats! :D

p.s.s if only dad learn the ways to treat younger generation like normal people. Rank prejudice? my ass.

p.s.s.t drank carlsberg just now... i still feel quite energectic! maybe not. sleep. :)

Monday, September 7, 2009


As we grow older, we feel more pain than when we were young. The pain of breaking up, the pain of loosing the person you loved, the pain of your boss yelling at you, the pain of not getting a perfect job, the pain of your friend stab behind you and the pain in the ass when all things not going your way.


It used to be just physical pain.

I suffering from pain now...because i went to exercise yesterday ( after few months of unhealthy life). Today my back, legs, hands and my neck......PAIN!

Thursday, September 3, 2009

That day i stay awake.


lens flare in psd! new discovery! WOW ( i shld have known this for like 5 years ago?)

anyway i was trying to destress myself.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Monster Hunter!


I miss my hunter era. The good'ol days~ go to jungle.. hunt for monsters 10x my size, kick my cat, throw my mates high up in the sky...

Now my poor lonely little psp (battery-less) cuddle alone in the dark.

Hmm. Time to charge it!

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

I think i kena fuck.

These two days, i've been having migraine! Darn. I will loose my eyesight temporary...everything will be blank and bling... - - weird.

Anyway why i think that i will kena fuck soon? Cause my showreel for my intern company, yes the showreel again, yesss i not yet finish it. What took me so long? I dont know. Brain fart? I wan to do it..but i don't know the ways to execute it. I did alots of AE tutorials... but but but but i still dont know how to execute my own showreel. I got the ideas, i dont have the skills. :(

Finally i feel the stress of being a little intern.

Need GUIDANCE!!#*_!@$*@!_$*_!@