Monday, September 21, 2009


My mom said: “现在想起, 你小时候好像有少少自闭症。 不爱说话,不参人玩。还好有你的姐姐带你一起玩。”

OH. Now it make sense, i got mild autism whn i was a little kid? haha.

Looked up on the article about the characteristics of autism, there some similarity but i think i am fine now. Even though when i was little, i not really cares about other, i stare at things more thn 5secs, i speak to myself sometimes, i don't really show my stuff to people, i point or poke at someone without speaking it out.. i hit my own head, i like to spin around but i think most children did that too rite?

I did got comments from my friends that i am a boring person, i dont speak much or share my things to them, during secondary school. I tried to be more talkative, more normal? But is so hard for me sometimes. I did tried to fit in but i gave up later on, whats the point? OKAY something wrong with me.

I tried to share, i tried open up but what do i gain in the end?

Time to sleep.


书其 said...

现在还会咩?看不出 XD

BuG said...

not so sure...maybe a little bit hahaaaaa