Sunday, November 14, 2010

Be my guest!

Heavy rain. Gloomy Sunday but me is feeling alright! Woohooo!

Went to Amcorp Mall with my friend Charuk, a place full of vintage, 2nd hand, cheap, amazing, wonderful treasures = movies, books, musics & great company. There shop there have amazing collection of criterion movies, attractive packaging and  with pretty cheap price. Definitely going back there to dig out some nice movies (with $, i fucking broke)!

I like the book store there too, is like a factory outlet of books. They sell way cheaper price of the original price ( cheap as in from RM200 cut till RM50, more than half ). I bought my first design related art book, i never get the chance to buy any of those because most of them are really expensive. The book is about brochures design, since i have to deal with some print design, hopefully i can learn more.

Big book indeed. Cant fit!

Around the complex they have flea markets, selling varieties of stuff. Well, the reason we went there was to get Charuk's nikon d7000! So i tagged along and we met Javad (professional photographer, hehe) at the camera shop. AND I FINALLY SAW A NICE COMPACT DSLR THAT I LIKE! is not nikon but canon thou. Canon G12, nice tiny little camera, i think i fell in love with it but costs a bomb thou. I really wanted a compact dslr, easier to bring around and my dslr sd card slot spoiled :(

I am officially desperate for more ka-ching. :D dayum.

A wonderful gift from my friend, monster from Where the Wild Things Are:

"Let me out! RAWR!"

Thank you so much Charuk! *you are the man!*
& lets go to Amcorp Mall again, when i have $.

I think i mentioned $ more than Javad! Wootz.

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