Thursday, July 30, 2009

Bye July

Good bye July.

which means i got 34 more days to go.... COME ON.

I feel unwell. i feel weak.... i feel vulnerable.


Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Jonathan Harris

Argh. I feel unwell, my head hurts, there is a tiny, soon-to-be my new pimple growing at my chin, the hell my chin again!!! Anyway but i really want to record down this person existent in my blog, Jonathan Harris.

I love his works!! Mainly is about data visualization, information but he made it interesting and fun to explore. Since i am not good with words i shall let the visual amaze you all! First check out his TED talk then you will know what i was trying to say in the past few sentences:

I know you wan to check out the website!!! CHECK IT OUT >

I like this because is personal and i like how he and his mate present the (millions) data in such an amazing, simple way. I wonder do the I FEEL sentence i wrote end up in the pile of data.

Here's another one from him:

Check out the website! : I want you to want me

Lovely isn't it? I like these 2 very much. I just love the concept behind it, explore how human express themselves, just using a simple flow: collect, analyze, present. The littlest things in our daily life can gives such impact and thoughts to one self.

Simply awesome. :)

* my grammar sux.
* work stuck. brain stuck. showreel stuck. damn.

but is okay cause at least i discovered something fantastic. ( ahhoyy)

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

PS3 Hype.

Just now was experimenting with the PS3. And yesss the internet browser is much better than PSP. HAHA at least it can load my blog page without fail! (unlike my psp - - ) The display is very wide and 'huge' on the TV. & the loading is slower thn the usual loading time.

Oh and it load my songs too! cool :

& i just played Little Big Planet Online with my sister and bunch of unknown players around the globe but suffer from lagness. Sigh. Internet line sux lately.

Overall cool experience for me. HAHA.

Time for me to slp... Sigh another day of work!!! till then.

Sunday, July 26, 2009

me want my movies

bloody hell man. I dont want transformer!
i want my moviesss!! why msia so damn fcking slow?

Okay. Chill is just my Sunday blue due to Monday hatred.
I know Monday is innocent but he never ask for this, i never ask for this too.

Oh why a he? Cause i always think that Monday is a He. It must be tough to be hate so a he would be suit to be Monday. Tuesday is a she. Wednesday is a she too. Thursday is a He. Friday is SHEMALE. haha i dont know why. Just feels like it. Saturday is a He. Sunday is a She but a old SHE more like a big fat aunty kinda SHE.

Monday would be a scardy men. Tuesday would be a classy mid age lady, single. Wednesday is a gal, teenager gal, naive but smart. Thursday is a gentleman, confident working class. Friday just freaky friday.

This is how i perceive the everyday. What abt you guys?

Anyway cant wait for:

- 500 Days of Summer
- Where the Wild Things Are
- Alice in the Wonderland
- Shutter Island
- many more........................

OH.....AVATAR this movie i want to know more. Why this movie will change the filmmaking industry? Charuk explain pls! haha
- Shutter

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

I think i in love

Part of my DLG programme. Ahem. Did this mini mini motion graphic kind of video today in the office or shld i say yesterday. Ah fuck my grammar.

I think i am in love with AE. I can just play around with it whole day man. haha. Anyway i followed this tutorial(credits to) by this awesome dude, Bryan Clark from AEtuts+. Check it out here.

The tutorial is really simple,easy to understand and i really like the overall feel of the vid so i decided to upload here (i lower down the video's quality for streaming) . If anyone knows anymore AE tutorial that similar to this video, pls do tell me ya!

Last thing, the photostock, audio, effect from the video is for personal purposes.

Next: I want green screen!

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Never too late :D

My day:

1st surprise celebration by Ying, Biao and Daniel waikit. Nostalgic. They celebrated for my 18th or 17th bday during the Germany World Cup. Yes 4 of em! Thx you my buds!

Halo waikit, one slot of photo of you! haha

2nd the best
Another surprise by my secondary sch and gaming frens:

MTFK damn tired face. Oh well. I was a bitch that day HAHAHAA. Sorry guys but you know i love you all rite? :) I got an esprit purse and special made pikachu cheese cake by Kay. muax.

3rd times the charm:

Had a surprise lunch time with my mates! Thx you all so much for the surprise lil gathering and of coz the prezzie! The hobbit collection!

Update more later. kinda sleepy now! wahaha Here are the photos:

My girls. I am the king of causeee.

My men. =) cis

Budak sabah, budak kaya tak ada kawan, budak 21, budak nana.
Thx you so much for organizing :D

Thx all for coming! :)

Last but not least, my faithful slave...

Hell yeah!

We will meet again..! Cya all in final year... ahoy mates!

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Is honesty unthoughtful?

Will there be light in total darkness?

Can you forgive your past?

How is co-habitant possible here?

Stop. Red. Passion. Stop. Fast. Stop. Excitement. Angry. Stop. Lust. Stop. Love. Power. Stop. Aggression. Stop. Energy. Life. Stop. Death. Stop. Stop. Stop...

My red is deadly so are yours but my heart is blue and is blue for you.

Monday, July 13, 2009

Not enough.

Sometimes you just don't get what you want in your life. Not as lucky as others but fuck it. Work for it. Make it work. Make it happen. Who else other than yourselves?

Frustrated, unsatisfied, dissapointed but what can you do?

Too alien for my own good. Too ambiguous for my own frame. What can i expect more?

This is life. Suck it in or get suck in.

*lc-a / tadpoles. Tadpole always amazed me.

Thursday, July 9, 2009


And bite my shiny metal ass, wth Cyberjaya finally got H1N1 cases. When i wanted to go back to CJ this kind of thing happen.

Maybe is my cousin who did this, i remembered he plot to take H1N1 to Cyberjaya and destroy MMU. ( we were joking :D )

me must go back to the war zone! (as if)

take care and good luck to me whahaa

* wanted to try the whose your 5 closest frens app in FB but sadly the app just can't generate a list for me. I wonder why? :) singing lonely, i am so lonely...i just on my own~ (slowly fade out) - -

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

I miss siber dunia

You hear me right! I MISS CYBERJAYA ( for now)
& good news! i might be going back to CJ on friday night for the greater good!


Dear FA fren that gila-bagus-pergi-mampus in After Effect please be my tutor! ( main purpose, yes seriously)
Especially my hsemates but they dont read my nonsense blog here i guess.

OH. I did some tutorials for ae and my lovely laptop can't really endure all those fancy fancy effects...susah (hint: borrow pc pls).

& Cheese promised me to belanja me makan when i get back! FREE MEAL!

I did this little effect(very easy) today, thx to the tutorial from :

Soft Shock by Yeah Yeah Yeahs!
( no intention of infringement just to enhance my vid,
you know, the song make it much cooler HA)

Welcome home to CJ! soon.

* while waiting for the video to be uploaded, i spend around 10mins on washing dishes. That's why people hire maid for a reason. ( & Indonesia permit their people to work here as maid after much negotiation.) I not a jobsist or jobist or what, just that house chores are not for me. I rather cook and rest, let your hard work kena reward by letting somebody else wash the dishes for you. :) If one day i become a hsewife, i must be a wife of a fucking rich billionaire.

*took me almost 1hr to upload this video. wtf.

Fox will bite you !

Check this out:

Transform into demon! Megan fox gonna kill you all!

YM stalker:-

madmazelle: megan fox gonna eat u alive!
madmazelle: hahaa
madmazelle: wahaha
madmazelle: night shift?
Charukphong Krom: Damn......
Charukphong Krom: I shall say Eat me or bring it on or damn it, just eat me
Charukphong Krom:
Charukphong Krom is typing a message.
Charukphong Krom: yea night shift
madmazelle: HAHAHAA

2nd guy:

buyaah senyum: wht that?
buyaah senyum: megan fox
madmazelle: megan fox
madmazelle: makan orang tau
buyaah senyum: haha
buyaah senyum: i nak~~
buyaah senyum: makan la klu megan fox~~

Charuk you are so desperado. Man rather die just to get her in their pants! HAHA

I just want to bang bang bang

Nay just kidding, i just want my holidays! (not gonna twitter!)
I just celebrated or should i say mourned my 21st bday last Wednesday! hooray for me. I am officially an adult but too bad i don't feel so, yet.

I guess PeterPan disease is very effective to me and Michael Jackson. Speaking of MJ, i do miss him (nostalgic) somehow even though we are not related but yeah. I used to dance to his music video last time when i am a little kid. My dad bought his cd or what, me and my sis watched the video and tried to mimic him. Yes. I did the moonwalk and failed epically (even the slanted body standing thing). Only the king of pop can do it effortlessly. RIP mr jackson.

Oh ya he can paint very well too. He got another talent other than singing and dancing. Somebody auction his works online and the painting(mickeymouse) that he did when he was a little kid sold at the highest price!

Okay back to my holiday thing, YEA I WAN HOLIDAYS! I do.

First gonna settle my license thing and then save some $$ ( mission impossible). Aww. COME ON! ( self doubt) People should think positive. The rule of attraction, when you think positive, positive things will attract to you. Sad to say i kinda moody and sad person inside. Sigh. No wonder lah.

So guys, think positive like + not - HAHA lame.

Should i give up or should i just keep
chasing pavement?

Oh. Back to my 21st years of solitude on earth speech. AHEM not solitude more like full of surprises 21st years.. *wink* I dono wtf am i saying. Yeah. Thx you all my family, relatives, cousins of celebrating my bday and of coz always take good care of me eventhough i a bloody bad seed.


My dear buddies and friends, thank you all so much! Ive been an ass hole yes i know but you all still like me rite? :D HAHAA You all are my diamonds... i dont need diamond! ( i prefer cash btw lbms). * what is lbms? since theres lol, lmao, why not lbms? Laugh By MySelf. HAHA
thx for all the wishes, presents, celebrations!


My dear bf! The best i ever had. No phony, corny stuff here but hey, i love you! =) i wan makan! muahahaa

My thoughts:

Screw 21.
Live. Laugh. Bora Bora. HERE I COME!

* upload my humble bday pics soon.

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Judge my ass

mcb people love to judge and say pathetic things before they even think.

fucking shit cibai.