Wednesday, July 22, 2009

I think i in love

Part of my DLG programme. Ahem. Did this mini mini motion graphic kind of video today in the office or shld i say yesterday. Ah fuck my grammar.

I think i am in love with AE. I can just play around with it whole day man. haha. Anyway i followed this tutorial(credits to) by this awesome dude, Bryan Clark from AEtuts+. Check it out here.

The tutorial is really simple,easy to understand and i really like the overall feel of the vid so i decided to upload here (i lower down the video's quality for streaming) . If anyone knows anymore AE tutorial that similar to this video, pls do tell me ya!

Last thing, the photostock, audio, effect from the video is for personal purposes.

Next: I want green screen!


adrienne said...

y call i think i in love ler?
it gives me very "spring" feeling

Madmazelle said...

yea spring! XD

coz in love with the software :D