Sunday, April 25, 2010

The end is near.

Not the world is ending crap but my life as a degree student, no as digital media student. I just hope everything fall into place. These few days i have to be me, confident and firm of what i believe.

When everyone fails you, have faith in yourself.  Don't be afraid.

Just have to be out there, experience it, lick it, touch it, see it, smell it.

I am a chariot! GOOOO!  (haha) All the best to me. Cheers.

Wait, do you know how cool is Hit Girl in Kick Ass the movie? The distance between you and me (very farrrrrrrr, widddeeeeeeeee), awesome. They should just name the movie Hit Girl, she kicked Kick Ass' ass.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Happy Birthday Myra!

Time pass so fast, i can't even catch my breath, literally (from the teh tarik that i drank just now which made me nauseas and breathing problem).

Another year had passed, and it is time for the most amazing girl birthday - Myra Justine! She is a very wonderful person and she likes to eat. hehe  me and Charuk drew the bday greeting (above)for her. okay 90% was charuk's effort but i drew those heads and the roasted chicken! And we both agreed that she have some similarities with cookies monster. Om Nom Nom!

So, happy birthday my dear friend! May good and awesome things come to you! Have a kick ass year ahead!

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Video Games Live @ KL!

Who says video games are for kids? Hell no. Not just for the juvenile but for us, who grow up with video games,  gamers got older but their love and passion for games will never fade. Do you know that average game players age around 30+ (male)? Not that i am 30 now, but i've been playing video games since i was like 8 years old?
NES > PC > PS1 > PS2 > PSP > PS3

So going to VGL is a mandatory for me! (almost gave up on it because of my sloth-ness and transport issue) I made it to Kuala Lumpur Convention Center and i think the whole KL people were there because of the PC Fair. I can't bare the sight of over-crowded crowds. I still glad that i reached there and able to enjoy the awesome-ness of video games' music! I recorded some of the performances in VGL :

God of War!

Space Invader Challenge

Kingdom Hearts!


Final Fantasy 7 : One Winged Angel!

Gamer Forever! Yay. haha

*notice the image and video quality? Yeaa i lost my spanking new handphone and i'm using my old phone now :(   1.3megapixels.... 

Friday, April 16, 2010

My little dream.

When i first came to my university, my first choice to get into Film and Animation department but i chosen Digital Media instead. Well, i never regretted my choice. Digital Media gave me more freedom in term of generating concepts and ideas, creative and critical thinking. And all those new media exposure, man my major is fucking awesome. hehe.

Yet, my love for films are still burning and growing..I discover new amazing movies everyday from the 50s to the current. Film is very important to me, is like my get away space to something out of the world. Some life that i will never be in or experience but i living the very moment in the film.

Okay enough crap.

Me and my kick-ass comrade - Charukphong planning to join the Philips' Parallel Lines competition. You really need to click the link and check out the five very different films with the same one piece of dialog. See how different directors interpret their own version of the stories.

As for us, we are now working on the script part. Charuk said, after two weeks(finish our FYP) we shall try and finalize the script. We need some good HD video camera or dslr like D90 or 5D? hehe

I dream a little.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010


join !

I think this site have some very cool UI ( user interface ) and the background changes according to the time! haha i think this cater more to our 'status obsession' but with more focus and privacy settings.

Can this take over faceboook or twitter? :) shall see.

Monday, April 5, 2010


After wonderful meatballs in Ikea (no daim cake!!), i am still craving for daim cake! Anyway the digestion of meatball made us cuckoo & we got crazy:

Ikea is always such a nice place to destress and be imaginative. Shot the videos using my SE handphone.
Random kid helped out with 'light trick' and Peter Pan's song in the end.

Those girls in the vid? My sis and my cousin! love them.

* cant upload video to blogspot anymore.. darn