Saturday, April 26, 2008



lately i very fragile. can't handle my 'stuff' well. i even breakdown in front of my fren - - ( sorry cheese) i never cry in front of fren 1. . . coz i don like it XD

just wan to say that i wont do that again . be strong ! go go go

Thursday, April 24, 2008



1. Decorated my place with some doodling . I wanted to draw something more unique but came out like er ... cartoon style. Some glimpse :

2. I miss my long black hair for 10 seconds :

Bye Bye ~

3. Bring my PSP out~ to Sunway Pyramid :

Saw a lot of psp players too. Psp is damn popular now XD more monster hunter player pls~

4. My cheesy hsemate got this illness - measles virus. Is highly contagious, and his body is fill with red rashes....eyes also red. Better don't spread around the house~ i go slp = =

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Nana bday

Happy Bday Nana!

Happy bday nana-chan~20 years old lu! Wish you happy always and be good hehe. Went to LapSap at Pallete Pallete to celebrate ( so ngam got party tat day ). So we went there at around 11pm and DANCE!

I got nothing to wear again . = =" So just randomly wear a scarf ( i know is hot ) and tee and skirt LOL XD funny weird. I suka. Anyway everybody is dancing like mad and the best part is they play POGO! awesome. i love this song.

At the end there got some cantonese and chinese oldies song - - (emotional ) Everybody was hugging together in circle...awwww.

Here we go again :

Lengzais and Lengluis

WickedCindy, WeirdMe, Bday gal Nana.

Say Cheese~

KittyKeat smiling happily . . . Nice atmosphere

Camwhore time. Where is my scarf?


Von, Cindy, Me(i look like constipation), Nana,
half KhaiMing face(okei not even half)

Face red...cause dance like maniac

Another rocking night with Lapsap~ awesome

That night my neck dman pain cause i keep head bang. - - dono why just feel like head bang all the way XD woohoo~ everybody is tired and exhausted. When is the next session? hehe


Sunday, April 20, 2008

May 3rd DTD Music Festival

May 3rd DTD Music Festival

动态度音乐节! Anyone interested to go have a look? Is chinese indie music/band nurave party and art market! Fusion of music and art~

Check out this web for more information >> DTD
There are lot of amazing artists in their artwork and see~ be amaze

P.S Is the 1st time i know about this event so fren and dog~ whoever is going , do tell me ya~ XD i shall tag along.

Friday, April 18, 2008


创作 阿卡 Creation (mix eng and mandarin ^^)

看了一大堆本地创作的 东西。 有布娃,有illustration, crafts and lots. 超感动。 After see all those photos and their enthusiasm , i am bloody inspire by the artists.

I wan to create something nice with my own hand. 就是属于自己的trademark. Something that whn people see it and they will recognize me.

当初选择art as my path就是因为很喜欢自己用手完成的一张张图画和物品....虽然自己也在其他科目也没什么stand out的 = = 有了热诚, 爱上了art的一切, 决定走上这条路! 家里暂时也没有一个读设计的...(其实我姐也很creative的说...又够patient) ^^

到了大学终于如愿以偿读自己喜欢的课, 可是 有没有serious的去做和画. 为了赶功而 '努力' 完成的artwork....没什么好骄傲的. 觉得自己背叛了自己. . . .

还没创造出值得, 自己truly 喜欢的masterpiece.

i so lame.

我会他妈chicken pie 的 努力. 给人跌爆眼镜!

现在, 设计人物~然后朋友帮digitalize it. go go go!

tmd Media authoring haven't start. doomed~~~~

Tuesday, April 15, 2008


Love Uver

Damn. Takuya is looking more hot now! After 3 or 4 years from the 1st album timeless~ NOW whn i check on Uverworld again. They all look so awesome now! love love love. I remembered the time when i used to stalk them insanely. My favourite jpop/rock/rnb/hiphop band ever ( actually is hard to define a genre to them..who care! dont have to label anything)!!

If you guys dono who Uverworld is..check them out in google ya! Takuya your voice damn sexy XD Watched the newer music video of Uverworld - Ukiyo Crossing and Roots. One word - Yeng . His hair so nice XD be my bf!

Did i mentioned their live is awesome? Yea is damn freaking awesome...!! i wan go to their concert!!!! UVERWORLD! COME MALAYSIA! or sponsor me ticket to japan? XD

All time fav tracks : SHINE, SORA and RUSH and etc. XD Okei all i love .



不想去想, 不想去看, 不想去做。



Before MPM shoot


After 2 days of working it and making it work! Now original Khairul's room are fill with papers and doodles! The set is to shoot our music video ( Media Production Assignement). Big applause to ourselves...Chicken Chop Production!! And congrats that the shooting is finally over ! woohoo more footage will be update here ~

tired tired tired but exp up!

Monday, April 14, 2008

4 psps in the house

We are happy family

AHA the title.

Welcome 2 new PSP slim and lite. Felicia Blue and Icy Silver =) Personally prefer icy silver.....damn metalic i suka!!!

Now my CJ house officially got 4 PSP users! 2 boys and 2 girls..balance wei. SEE-ing is believing :

Sexy . .
Where is the 4th PSP?

Look ! Even NDSL join in!

AAha! Gotcha~

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Pd one night

Another Bday~

Straight after deco half way my group's video shoot set background ( music video production assignment ), is time to get ready to go PD! Is one of my coursemate - Victoria Bday Surprise Party. At the same time my another 2 hsemates bought PSPs!!! I damn high lo! awww babies. XD Will post pics of psp in the next post.

Okei back to PD trip! ( incase dono what is PD = Port Dickson ). So we start our journey at around 1am, 3 cars ! Highway is freaking dark and GUESS what? Not one of us really know how to get there. Basically we just GUESS and HANTAM all the way there. Luckily CHeesy JianWei and Anna know the way when we get to the city area of seremban.

Cars are cutting each other... = =

" Take over them!! "
"Wait ! Maintain the speed!"
"FAster!! eh slow slow~ let them lead"

Damn funny. 无奈. Don't worry ~ we all drive damn slow =) . after almost 2 and half hrs......... WE FINALLY REACH THERE! ( found a beach with lights and petrol station just right opposite. Strategy spot) Ohyea Vic just kena blind folded all the way from Cyberjaya till PD. She dono where the hell she going. SURPrISE~

BLoW the candles~~~ You are officially older and older =D ! Nana even bring laptop ~ so we got song to groove the nite away! Cha cha cha~~ These are what we did in pd beach :

*Sumo wrestling...Gal group win ya =D cheers ( i like this)
*Random chasing...
*Burn marshmallow ~ ( thx my friends that light the fire up! hardwork there)
*Open up beers....BETA house style! Cyndi you rocks... haha
*Grab people up to throw in the sea but failed - -
*Talk craps
*Take jumping photos..
*Dance ^^ Group dancing
*Eat Maggie cup ( me )
*Eat nasi lemak....

GO back home .....sleep all the way in the car! Damn tired and tired. Reached home around 830am and woke up at 230pm again to deco the set! 青春 sial. - - I like our set. will post pic about it soon ! stay tune!

and once again HAPPY BDAY VIC! camwhore time :

Starting up fire....clueless~

Khai Ming, Me n Myra-chan~~ i not drinking~

Keep drinking~~ puff puff

Ultraman pose will be the latest trend. HAHA

Chill out. to slim face?? - -

Drink lagi~~ not me XD

Drunk. Sleep.

Pose with bday gal~~ Vic in the mid yo.
ultraman pose!!

Vic sexy pose. =D i dono what i am doing..

YOU! Is the bomb now XD

Ultraman pose again~ haha

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Aaa no make up go clubbing

Belated Bday Post

Yo. Celebrated Kitty Keat (my hsemate) 20th birthday at KL...~~

Damn funny lo. Cause lots of people going together so we went with 4 cars and cause of some miscommunication the car i in it went to wrong place! haha went to rumms but actually we suppose to go to heritage row there. LOL Lucky din go in and pay (for the guys). So after calling and asking and wondering and frustrating, we finally reach there. haha

1st went to the loft, i wore a spec ( from umar) so that i looked more mature. HAHA i always look younger than my actual age. oh well gonna be 20 soon but still look like sweet 16. XD

(I think my outfit not suit to clubbing at all LOL and no make up. = =)

BUT! we din end up at loft cause most of our boys wear round neck t. Maison it is . The bouncer doubt that i am the same person in the IC. coz i cut my hair . . *stare *

i din know the back of my hair look like tat . @@ haha

Bday boy in the middle having fun.

I swear i will never go that place again. Damn fucking crowded with ............ and yea fucking crowded. - - Lapsap party is way better~ nu rave~

Thursday, April 10, 2008


Currently 47

Target 43 - 40


4 weeks.

JIA YOU!!!! 为自己存在!! 漂亮gogogogo!

Rest in Peace

Rest in Peace

The truth is my grandpa passed away when i was typing my previous post ( which i din know that he already gone).I feel stupid, was wishing him well yet he already passed away. I only know this devastating news when i got in the car. He leave us all on 5th April 2008, 8:50am .

Unexpected. Suppose to go back and see him. No chance to see him for the last time. I stayed at Johor for 5 days. Sat till Wed. Skipped all my classes.

The funeral . .

Gosh. Lots of things happened. don't wan to talk about it anymore. okei let me summarize with few sentence :

Shitty no manners kids, IDIot no brain kampung biker budak, and SELFISH ASS ******.

Well, when all the relatives and frens pay our last respect on Wednesday. I cried again. When they close down the coffin, we were not allowed to look at it. I cried more. Is the last time i will ever see his lovely face again. No matter how, A DA now you can rest in peace already, no more suffering here.

Take care and 安心上路吧。

My Grandpa when he was young and lengzai XD

We will miss you .

Saturday, April 5, 2008

death was never a easy thing

Death was never Easy

These few days i am pretty much thinking about death.

My paternal grandfather is currently in critical condition, in fact i am going back Johor later to see him and Qing Ming. Supposed to go back at 2pm but mom just called at 830am...she said we will be going back earlier at around 10am...and they will fetch me at 10am here, at Cyberjaya.

" Why go back so early suddenly?"
" Your grandfather 'kenot' dying soon.."

Isn't it weird...i don't know... what to feel..

Few days ago was chatting with mom in msn... abt today trip back to Johor. The funny thing was i was told to bring back some black clothes "in case" anything happen. And i fear is going to happen but i don't want it to happen yet at the same time...izit better for him to go? I can see my grandpa suffering...why an oldman have to suffer all this mishap? The fall is not bad enough? Tumors will make it better???Aren't an oldman suppose to enjoy their wonder years before they rest in peace? Yet is not for me to judge or decide whether a man should go or not. I can't even do anything for him now.

I still remember last 2 weeks i went back... my relatives were literally talking about that he goin to die soon and all those craps in front of him. I felt horrible and i saw my grandpa eyes were teary. And i cried in my heart. Gosh this is not easy at all. Some insolent relative XXXXXXX even dont get the scenario! Everybody was saying let him eat anythign he want or go anywhere he wan but HE insist let him continue with all those crap products....I DONO LA ..

Now i am waiting my car here, the weather is fine eventhough is quite cold just now ( cold till i wake up). I saw butterfly, a small butterfly. Is this a sign or something? ironic.

What i can do is wish that he gets better. Be strong!!

p.s cb ants all crawling around my place... on the floor..which fella eat food at my place??? smack u!

Tuesday, April 1, 2008