Saturday, October 31, 2009


When is the last time i feel this stress because of my result?

Thanks to our ever-changing-lets have this-lets not-lets have this again-government and their new budget! Yay! For the students that apply PTPTN ( student loan), now if you able to graduate with first class honor, all your loan will *poooof* turn into scholarship instead! Yes you don't need to pay back to the government after you graduate.

Screw this. I know i can't blame them, i should have study a little bit harder since i am stranded around the border of first class. I never really have the chance to be amazing or excellent i am always the good, the you can be better category. Of coz i felt bad and i planned to strive better.


just now my mom got the news and she gave me a very " supportive" talk to "motivate" me. Damn. I felt shitty! Thanks mom.

I can't do this shit. & i cant shit now! damn constipation again

Thursday, October 29, 2009

The Pretty Reckless

Who is your favourite character in Gossip Girl? Well, since season2 the show don't particularly interest me no more..espeacially the storyline, it is so not well-written but i still watch it for Jenny ( Taylor Momsen) and Serena's mom Lily. Well i like to see their outfits. Most of the people dont like Jenny in GG, but she definitely have a pair of amazing looonngg legs!

Yesterday Yvonne told me that Taylor Momsen got her own band. So i check it out in google and found bunch of live videos of her performing and is pretty good! It is totally different genre with Leighton Meester( Good Girl Gone Bad), Taylor's are more to grunge rock.

Btw the band name is The Pretty Reckless:

But i think i prefer the life.. she got a husky voice :

Sounds promising...make me into rock song again. Looking forward for her new debut album.


The war has begun! Damn. All my creative juices just vaporized away when i need it!

Btw, i got a new blogsite for the documentation of my FYP ( final year project) research, findings and etc. Feel free to check it out here. I am kinda stuck with my own ideas...i literally crapped out the ideas last night for the sake of crapping out some ideas. I don't like it.

I think i gonna study more references and read more case studies before i make up my mind which to pursue. For now i just want to take a dog nap - - just got to sleep like 2 hrs last night. So many things to learn, so little stamina left for me.

& i having mouth ulcer which is bloody pain sometimes. Okay not that pain but the pain is like constant..and heaty. Besides that i keep shitting these two days and is bad for my ass!

Health is wealth..... Better stay healthy for this sem.

image via here

If only i can see the world in colour motion. Normally i dont like turtle neck but i like this with lovely pattern and lace. :)

Night world.

Anyone have any awesome ideas/concepts that would like to share~ feel free to drop by my FYP blog :

Monday, October 26, 2009

Hello to Arduino!

Yesterday got back home from Cameron Highland! It was fun and cozy..the game night was the best with the self-made steamboat! :) Anyway i met my cousin, mom and aunty at the Sungai Buluh Jejantas resting place there and they passed me my Arduino parcel! The one that i ordered from the Sgbotics site. I was so excited! :

Air mail from Singapore!
I always loveeeeeeeeee parcel..

Small parcel!

Invoice and the packaging.

Just like a newborn to
know it more..

Arduino Duemilanove :)
how to pronounce it?

Tested the basic and simple tutorial with Cheese :)

Kinda stucked at the part where we have to use the photocell to replace the button as the input but failed. Gonna experiment with it again later :)

Anyway when the LED blinked we were so excited:

btw the Lord was very happy with our progress on his new Death Star. May the force be with you!

Now i need toolkit box...and all those tools...screwdriver,solder, multimeter etc etc. Shall pay a visit to KL , the street that sell electronics stuff near Timesquare.

Update on driving : Exam in these few weeks time. I am ready .. soon. Hopefully :P

Later gonna read up the ebooks that cheese gave me and learn some ActionScript 3.0

*gonna post some funny videos abt the Cameron Trip in facebook :D

Monday, October 19, 2009

On schedule? Maybe. :)

Follow-up of the previous post

Yay. I gonna have my driving lessons soon! 3 classes if i not mistaken.. After that i will go for my driving test! Hopefully by these 2 weeks time, if i am ready. :)

As for my Arduino, i am thankful that my mom agreed to sponsor me and getting me this all the way from Singapore! My first time purchasing stuff from overseas...Cant wait for the day the Mr. Postman arrive at my doorstep.

About my job thingy, i haven't start reading about the company policy so i can't take the test yet, without passing any of the test, i can't really receive any jobs yet but i do receive the job scopes in my gmail. Looks challenging and hard, can i manage it?

i want to say:

Not giving up yet, remember my dreams and fucking get it all. ( I really should work on my dream board)

I need my family support, full support as i am not capable yet. Grateful for it.

Sometimes a little push and bunch a support are all you need to keep moving on in this life.

Friday, October 16, 2009


Because i got a forgetful brain:

1. Call the driving academy..

2. Ask sponsorship for my experiment adventure in Arduino.

3. Look for jobs

Tuesday, October 13, 2009


I should start experimenting!

Got my cheque just now... Rm250. What can this amount of money do? Planning to buy Arduino Starter Pack and the book but what about lovely clothes, shoes and etc?


or anyone kind enough to sponsor me these stuffs?:


Monday, October 12, 2009

Lend me your voices!

Had fun doing this...but only me! Come on join me let's make our own cover :0
Btw is a very creative viral site for volunteer community... :)

sing sing sing.


I need my soul back.

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Machinarium Demo!

I've been eye-ing Machinarium ( a indie game) for a long time. Finally now they have the demo version released! Downloading now and gonna test it later. :)

Why i attracted to it? Because of the art direction of the game! Is eerie but fantasy, i like those stuff and i guess is some sort a puzzle game maybe. Check out the screen shots :

(images from

Anyway, check out the official sites for more details. As for the demo, you can get it from here, ( this is a better download site than the fileplanet or )

Can't wait to play this game! But now i think i gonna slp, is almost 8am in the morning and yes i still awake! Just got back from a party after party and some ahem session with frens. Tired tired. Drank few shots of vodka and tequila and yeaa i gonna sleep now!

Try the game and tell me if you think is awesome. Btw is the award winning independent puzzle or adventure game. If you played Samorost ( from AmanitaDesign) before, you will know what game i talking abt.

Saturday, October 3, 2009



Shortcut to travel in space.

Looking for worm-hole.