Saturday, October 31, 2009


When is the last time i feel this stress because of my result?

Thanks to our ever-changing-lets have this-lets not-lets have this again-government and their new budget! Yay! For the students that apply PTPTN ( student loan), now if you able to graduate with first class honor, all your loan will *poooof* turn into scholarship instead! Yes you don't need to pay back to the government after you graduate.

Screw this. I know i can't blame them, i should have study a little bit harder since i am stranded around the border of first class. I never really have the chance to be amazing or excellent i am always the good, the you can be better category. Of coz i felt bad and i planned to strive better.


just now my mom got the news and she gave me a very " supportive" talk to "motivate" me. Damn. I felt shitty! Thanks mom.

I can't do this shit. & i cant shit now! damn constipation again