Friday, July 27, 2007

i don't have to try

I Don't Have To Try Lyrics

one of my fav song fr Avril newest album.... =D anything i wanna do i will do ~ dont have to try! hahahahaaa

cb boy so stupid.... all boy so stupid... = = << suddenly pop out fr my brain XD lol no offense

dizzy dizzy

July ending soon....~~ gonna miss it! haha my month! kimoji desu~`(≧ω≦)

wanna shopping!! T_T cut hair and and lots of thing but no $$$$$

$$$ is a problem....

i shall b an independent and successful women in the future...financially independent too.. hopefully .. Fear the Future but looking forward to it!

p.s i wonder why human so stupid...yet alwiz come up something that amaze our eyes...


penang pi penang

Part 2

well can say that 70% of the time at Penang is eat eat eat = = seriously i think i'm heavier went i bak to kl =D ngek ngek

okei back to the last day on Penang... b-e-a-utiful island with lots of food ? haha last day did photoshoot by the beach at Batu Ferringi at early morning~ WHO SAID 7am T_T woke up at 630am....but somebody more cham wei woke up at 430am HAHA but 8pm only start our journey...! Thx n credit to my models that pose for me...san-kyuu ne~ sexy not? hoho
but the lec said the background no blur = = got blur la wei Pif

nice sky...but too dark. Is very hot there ya know?

the splash just nice but background no blur = = damn

Personal flava pose~ look so kire desu!

Is a REP or RAP haha !!! sankyuu!

Model & Photographer.. mana Jason? haha XD

Breakfast time~ went back Gurney eat dimsum by the sea =3 nyamm~~

1st round~ dan tart nid wait (≧ω≦) i WAN EGG TART!

2nd round :: wheee! can see the egg tart? haha

this just look so wrong . . . = ="

Ahem so i shall end my penang trip with this weird er..sea creatures.... =D haha once again thx meimei-san~~ babi! =P muax! went back kl on 1pm bus...tired tired! Monday class 9am till 6pm pulak~~~ susah pelajar masa kini nia...=P

hak chiewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww

went to penang!

Part 1

went to penang last thurs, fri,sat and came back to cyber on sun~

rush assignments there while had some lil fun! hehe and eat! well and skate! long time no skate..seems like i still know how to skate hoho! I DIN FALL!!! the guy come and grab me coz he was falling and damn...~ no no i din fall on the ground.. i swear! =P

thx meimei's hospitality and time haha ! =P luv ya~ oh ya and Jason too ..(opps!)

the waterfall i shutter speed

slow shutter speed

after the waterfall shooting then i met meimei~ she took me go Gurney Plaza walk walk and eat! we ate sushi desu! oiishi~~ but damn full = =
din took any sushi pics

the nite end with supper with tomyam...= = thn had a very bad nite later on coz i lao sai! lol great =3 next day woke up at noon coz used up all the enrgy on laosai ahem.. wanted to take model pics but Jason got to go back work so end up makan again =D haha went to prangin shop...wanted buy shoes but no heart water bought some ps2 games and rings. Later went to ice ice baby or ice icebabi = = makan...supposed to have cheese fondue!!!! but THE CHEF DONO Where TF is him...sigh this is wat we odered :

Sunday, July 15, 2007

bday month desu

i know i've been lagging out~

so gonna spam post LOL

well this month! month of the king !! lots ppl bday hehe so officially broke = =
arghhhh why why why?

nid money wei! who can donate me money T_T
currently watching Nodame Cantabile jdorama! nice nice~ is about orchestra and musical 1 ... i love classical song and orchestra! XD

but i dman lazy touch my piano =D

and dd my assingment hvnt even finish .... GG

my artwork desu

my artwork

1st 1 is assingment to visual interpretation...

another is experiment with tablet...
yes all use tablet draw and color 1 ...1st time desu! XD yoroushiku ne!

2nd party

2nd bday party with cyber kia~ they came all the way here to fetch me and went to the curve - itallianies there makan~ sun bin intro my coursemate and hse mate!

thikin wat to eat!

decided...italiannies! 1st time eat there wei!

Yvonne , Charuk n me!

khai min said :" THIS ONE !"

EEe! so exp! XD

Me n Myra-chan! hehe

Roy me Myra ! haha i eating the bread with olive oil and some sour sauce

Umar checking his camera! canon eos400d?

Charuk and me! hehe

William the clubkia and khai ming the wassup!

Jian wei the cheezy and yvonne the sexy funny kia

our starter calamari!

after that no more pics of food because evrybody busy CHIONG food eat LOL

they ask for a free cake and for the sake of the cake i have to stand on the chair and sing ?

"My fella citizen ~ today is ur king bday!" ahah i did sing a song something like : " i'm king lalala" LOL

Finally the king get her crown~ yay

happy bday to me again

MY bday!

haha yesssh i delayed almost 3 weeks to post my bday thing! i lazy to type out =D so i will just spam with pictures :

this is how i celebrate tat day...went to sing k surprisingly..lots ppl there LOL got waikit!! sowhat!! sifu kim kim!! biao!! ahmeh!! hakkai!! awaii!! mk!! jason!! sakura!! n me!! rampas mic aa! haha
thn PREZZIES! but prezzies pic cant upload coz bluetooth cacated.

make a wish desu!

cut cake!

kissu pika~ LOL = = hou weird

me and my lovely pika ... i love pika ...cui meh?

this is surprise hehe! my age at the field with candles... lol why not my name ? =P

wonder why got pikachu balloon? coz i love pikachu LOL

hehe yes i very happy tat day..=) thx all my frenz! espeacially sakura kire chan!
and thx all that text me happy bday! XD