Tuesday, March 31, 2009


Why everything must have an expiry date? 
Why can't everything last forever? Well imagine there are dinosaur around you.
We all know nothing last forever but

the point is
why can't my High 5 white roti last a little longer? Damn it.

My mom's prophecy just came true, i can't finish the bloody loaf of bread before 31st March 2009.

There she goes, mom always right.

* Went to eat Peca Lele again. Taste awesome. 

Ha. Gotcha

Midterm test in 3 hrs yet i am still stucked at the first slide. Damn.

Yet i got the mood to change my header. Simple simple simple. 

aaahh fuck it. 
Why people love to dig their own grave? Because is more comfortable? AH? 

Time to read some notes.

Monday, March 30, 2009

Growing up is over rated.

Children don't grow old.  They just got forgotten. Let's remember the days :

Can't wait to watch this movie. :D

Friday, March 27, 2009

Come on Toshi~

Yvonne~ (my provider of all those weird youtube videos) showed me this lovely video yesterday. I laughed like mad man. 

I like the geisha/whore/blahblah. I think she is pretty. YOU ARE SO GOOD TOSHI~~ COME ON!

Tuesday, March 24, 2009


hey faggot.. 
dont forget your ultimate goal. Must i remind you everytime???

Yea no doubt. I am talking to myself. 

Monday, March 23, 2009

Dm first trip!

All of us (minus some ponteng-kia).
Photo shot by KJ

WE had a trip to Petrosains, KLCC and Art Gallery in KLCC. (11 March 2009)

It was fun and interesting & we all like small kid exploring all those science thingy. haha Anyway Norman, our class rep suggested another trip to KLDESIGNWEEK - installation art exhibition.

Hope our lecturers will agree with this.. XD

Friday, March 20, 2009

Long time ago

in a galaxy far far away, finally i gonna finish my starwars moviessss. 

I back in kepong for holidays! Plenty of time for me to spare on this shit. Later.

Monday, March 16, 2009


A fabulous gorgeous maid in Manhattan.

Yesh. It is me~~ with a public wig. I don't know how many human wore that shit. Thinking should i keep my hair long or not, kinda bored with short hair but i lazy with long hair. 

In order to be more lady, i might keep a long wavy sexy hair to see if i can achieve my natural born essence which is - being a girl.. ew. I got long hair last time but is sux ( for me ). 

On 2nd thought maybe a wig is better choice. :D So that i can have short hair on Monday, Wednesday and Friday then long hair on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. Well Sunday i can wear a darth vader mask or something. t(-_- t) shit my mind is polluted with 'i am your fathaaa'!

Will my face look smaller with long hair..hmmmmmm tempting. 
Arrgh see how it goes with da flow~

Kite Runner 2.0

Last Tuesday was fly kite day. 

Participants : KhairulJ, Yvonne, William , Me and a bad alignment kite. :D

Attempt 1.

Pro kite runner.

Love the sun but is bad for our skin.

Shot by KJ. Nice!

Not windy for kite.

Introducing William's gorgeous ass. :D

Awesome sunset.

Next time we shall have competition. Shall see.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Mini Project.


Something to do for myself. 

- A short 2d animation.
- A short film.
- A nice dinner.
- An awesome trip.

Which will come true?

Hold on or Let go.

Yesterday, mom and aunty brought a 'sifu' or some sort of master to see my grandpa. My grandpa is very ill and sick. The only thing he can do is laying on a bed, suffering. He can't walk or remember us anymore. It kills me to see him like this. The master said my grandpa's will to live is strong. He can't let go of something thats why he is still here with us. Maybe he miss my grandma, he love my grandma. He always love her, so so much. 

I remember grandma asked him before :" Why are you still here? Don't you wan to go and join ur family at another world? Are you waiting for me?" And my grandpa just nodded his head. I laughed but at the same time i felt the sorrow.

The master gave my grandma a lantern light, if the light burn for a time ( forgot how long) without fail then his soul will rest in peace in 3 months ... I dont know what the hell is that but i dont know.

I want to see you smile again my grandpa. You don't deserve to be like this.

I want you to go, go to a better place


deep down i want you stay, hold on for us. I'm selfish. 

I miss the time when i go to grandma house, i can see my grandpa sitting at the living room watching those documentaries or old movies while peeling fruits for me to eat. I miss his story telling about anything and everything.

I am afraid my memories of you will fade away. 
Hoping for a miracle.

公公, 你还好吗?

Monday, March 9, 2009


Is fading away, slowly. 

Will i still feel the pain if is gone?

I don't feel like loosing it but this is me. Twisty. 

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Another Bday!

Dear girl girl aka Jian Yi. Can't believe you are 21 now! Happy Birthday once again and hope that you get what you want in your life! Now your one sided bra can upgrade to a normal bra, matured. HAHA

i want my money back, i want my money back. 

=P saja.

* i almost cried.


What if everything is just nothing? 

Bye Bye SNOW WHITE, SLEEPING BEAUTY, CINDERELLA & whoever princesses, you all can go to hell with me. 


* Just finished Starwars Epi3. Yay! finally Epi 4, 5 and 6!

Saturday, March 7, 2009


Click image to enlarge.

I'm very happy i have this mom, that is one of the reason why. haha you rocker but why izit complicated(that's her facebook)? I wonder. Lucky dad dont have facebook if not you two might be some sort of virtual war or i dont know what might happen kind of thing. @@

& received a mail from Barsonic group and they uploaded some videos of Shinichi & Masatoshi @ Barsonic, Zouk KL. I laughed when i saw the videos cause i can see Keat dancing, Yvonne and me avoiding the dive and Khaiming jumping. LOL gotcha!

I like this song. I am recording beside von, 
yea the bright white light is me haha.

Avoiding heavy material.

Khai Ming and Keat dancing.

Life is wonderful, for awhile.


HAPPY 21st BIRTHDAY to my buddy Kay! Can't believe that we are 21 i mean you are 21! haha my time hvnt arrive yet. ahem. I gonna wish you happy like a small kid get a bunch of sweets, i wish you healthy like a new born  giraffa, i wish you wisdom like gandalf the wise and i wish your business start up smoothly like silky straight shampoo! & thx for always belanja me makan good stuffs, play with me, listen to me whine and make me laugh. I glad that i have you as my fren! i know i promise you something but wait ya! :D HAPPY BIRTHDAY MY DEAR FREN. rawr rawr rawr. 

* Sorry about the other night whn i ter-call you at a wrong time and wrong day. :D tee-hee.

6/3/2009 3:30am
"Hello, today somebody gonna be 21 rite!? ( excitingly)"
" Er, what say you?"
" hmmmm ( thinking), today is not your bday isn't it?"
" Is 2 days later"
" Fuck. Sorry i will call you again later :D"

Yea i got bad memories but i do mean it. cheers.

Friday, March 6, 2009

Every me and Every you.

Alone in this time and space, but i am feeling fine.

Sucker love is heaven sent. 
Instead of stress i lay here charmed. 

* On Starwars trilogy spree!

Mad like Madog

This week random-ness:

On Friday, i met a huge bear (taller than me) in one of the classroom, since i am such a heroic person, i took out my personal dagger and stabbed the bear! I saved the day yea i know i know:

Early Friday morning, Sir Charuk aka my master aka my dai goh fainted when he tried to teach me how to marker render. Poor Charuk holding his pencil and his pencil render sketch:

Wednesday night, alone in my room watching movies ( hsemates having fun at Jason Mraz's Concert) but i enjoyed it. I am actually happy that night:

Wednesday morning class, the lect decided to have a mini class trip next week to where? Petrosains. This is best bro~ ! Other than that, Cheese just got a new admire! (Hint: tshirts) :

& Khairul told Kok Yong about the Kok Yong song ( Battles - Tonto). Brave brave but i laughed nonstop. U r the best bro~ :D Anyway tats my cap:

Tuesday night, Yvonne feeling experimental and she make up herself as Amy Whinehouse:

Sunday night, Roy wanted to interview some minah rempit so i asked Adam for a favour, isn't he lovely? Haha XD :

Last Saturday, helped my MI friend with their video shooting production. My role was a passerby with a cheesy boyfren. Is stupid but next time i will be the main character lmao. This is Keat with special effect makeup (konon) to make him look older and er sickier (make up credit to Yvonne):


*notice something? YA is backward~ woohoo!

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Dear fren.

Sorry i wasnt there when you need someone. Dude, what can i do to make you see that you are very special? You are who you are dont compare with somebody else. You are awesome, you are amazing, you are perfecto ( fact: nobody is perfect) but you are perfect for your love. 

Screw her, screw thm, who cares!! You can do better, you can be better. Trust yourself and you will realise how good you are. Be happy man. Don't let me worry, bring you out makan kay? But no sad face allow, if not i will punch you. rawr

I know is hard to forget and let go but aren't you glad that life still goes on eventhough shits happen~

活在当下吧! RAWR WITH ME.

Monday, March 2, 2009

I am

I am very happy today. Yea. INDEED! 
Even though my house got no water. Weird but i feeling fine.

Is this real or not. Doesn't matter. I just want to feel it now. 
The only thing that matter is now.

Can't wait.

*now i have to find a place to bath...fuck.

Here is the video ! (lower down the sound) :

Shinichi Osawa. Awesome

Last night was the best damn dj night with Lapsap, Shinichi Osawa & Masatoshi! I manage to get in Zouk, Barsonic! yay 21 is not that bad after all. Check my ID CHECK CHECKKKK I DONT MIND! ahem.  The spin was awesome all the songs were damn fine! Those japs really know how to make us move~ just dance.

Yvonne was Shinichi's biggest fan. She got star strucked. HAHA unbelievable ey and pretty funny to see her kept laughing there & looking at the deck (duh at Shinichi). I just banged my head for the whole night. Now my neck sakit. woooo~

The Djs~ aishiteru!

only 4 of us but we enjoyed it.

Ohhh i bumped into Jasper. = = oh my my. Babi 1st thing he asked was:" where is my cameras." Of coz i in denial, is not me, it might look like and sound like me but is not me. Dammit.

Here 2 of his famous remix, Pogo and Star Guitar :

You should feel what i feel, you should take what i take~

*i recorded the live performance of star guitar. Superb. Upload nex time.