Saturday, February 19, 2011

My movie muse.

I miss me time, a great movie plus a great weather. Just me, no annoying audiences but i don't mind a film lover. I not talking about blockbuster, that you need wide audiences for big time action movie, boom boom pow. The sound effect blends with the perpetual tactless conversation of the inconsiderate couples (pile up together like two hairy stitch on boobs from the back) that sit beside you, usually repeating what happened on the screen. They look like this:

*Based on personal experience.

"Honey ! why dog can talk?"
"I not sure baby! very amazing!"
"Is talking again! so cute!"

I know why people stab a person to death, there always a reason behind or just plain simple, to make it stop talking. And yea, i hated the movie 'Up' by Disney.

"Shut up."
"Dear why is that girl so fierce?"
"I don't know, we better not talk now."

Hell yeah i knew why.
Tips for watching movie (genre: 3d animation by disney) at cinema : Avoid lovely couples at all cost. Change your seat if you encounter any. Change your ticket if you can't get any other seats (preferably 2 rows apart). If all else failed, watch the movie at your own risk.

Okay back to my own movie time. I like it on a lovely rainy morning or chilly breezy midnight, which like right now. Planning to watch The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou by Wes Anderson & which mean i'll finish up all Wes Anderson's movies, for now. I think i talked about him before, one of my favorite american film director. His movies are all personal, great story, great visual and always feature interesting characters. I love how his movies gave me feeling nostalgic, a sense of belonging, bitter yet sweet at the same time.

My favourites by Wes Anderson:

The Darjeeling Limited.

 Makes me want to go on a train ride, trans-siberia? :)

The Royal Tenenbaums. 

Gwyneth Paltorw looking good here.

* This film is perfect.


Fantastic Mr. Fox.
Bottle Rocket.
Hotel Chevalier (short).

Last but not least, The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou:

If with the title alone, don't think i'll ever watch this movie. Who the hell is steve zissou anyway but i'm gonna watch it anyway. Just love wes anderson's idiosyncratic style of storytelling in his film.

Time to relax and watch a movie! Have a great weekend guys.


Drake Sigar said...

Indeed, it’s like they think the cinema is their private living room. They’ll start singing along to the songs next. There is one exception when I don’t mind the idle comments, and that’s with children’s movies. The kids sort of bring you back to the magic of cinema. Last one I saw was Wall-E. One little girl said “Mommy, why is Wall-E not moving?” and I bawed my eyes out!

Madmazelle said...

Drake, you have your sentimental side too :P

i can't stand kids either, maybe i was a quiet kid that watch through the movie (well-behaved) so i assume all kids should be like that.

i'm such a sad kid. :) hahaaaa