Monday, August 29, 2011

Not a long hiatus.

Woot! Yes, woot is indeed an official word according to the Oxford English Dictionary. ( i can't believe they took out cassette tape!) Btw, i've been away from this little space for a long time, i've been kind of busy working most of the time and when i have spare time i just slack around the internet and sleep... Gosh i miss a good night sleep.

Work is keeping me busy (80% of my time), can't even concentrate on my own stuff for now... like developing my own website, but good news is my company's website (LAB.COM.MY) is almost there! Thanks to my colleagues' effort. I did one of the video (for now) and i wish i can do better as this is one of my first :

& i did this for fun :

Blogspot compressed this video 'well'.

& god damn, when is this caffeine effect gonna be clear? Really needed to sleep as now is already 3am and tomorrow is Monday!

Another day.