Saturday, February 28, 2009

My hommiessssss..

This week damn awesome. Flood, sick, no water supply, hot and cold.

Now i have to go and steal water to bath. = = 
One day i will move out from here, patient patient. 

Tomorrow i gonna be a cast in a video production and nite i shall go meet DJ sinichi osawa!! 


Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Do you prefer sunset or sunrise?

View from my grandpa's room in the hospital.

Is a sunny day for skirt. Long time no wear skirt.

Can you see the moon?

The last sunset of 2007. 

Another sunset, in KL. 

I prefer sunset but i love sunrise too. 
I love everything above, the unreachable. Beautiful yet untouchable.

Everything is just an illusion. Back to normal bastard, back to normal. 
Life move on and on and you have to. You will see numerous numbers of sunrise and sunset.

We got no control over this. Good luck.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Whats wrong?

Is getting harder to breath, chest pain. Something wrong with my heart?


Sunday, February 22, 2009

Shine like a diamond

Mom i am sorry what i did earlier still i want to wish you

Happy 50th Birthday!

You are like a diamond to me. 

 but i don't like diamond i only like you. :D Give me more pocket money! haha

A very random post to boost up my randomness

Today is Sunday. 

As usual, i hate Sunday because of Monday. Oh fuck i forgot to return the books back to library, gone money gone.

Guess where am i :

Imagine i am in a island.
But is not, just outside my house. 

Photohunt in Alamanda. Yay we got 3rd place!

My vday dinner.
No not bf.

What can u do with torned papers in a classroom?
The answer is:

Build your own paper plane empire.
Introducing all types of paper planes!

MH crew members. Plane engineers.
What is MH? Go to KLIA thn you will know.

If you out of papers, you can play with tyres(eh it rhyme!):

A puppy's pee and it looked like a heart-shape.

My kampung.

One morning, when makan breakfast with Umar in FCM cafe
we saw this. A kuah girl.

My friend Nana's room. =)


I ain't loving it.

Yes the title of this post is happy.

Smile. Laugh. Cheers.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

My dirty mistress.

Music is my mistress. 

When i happy i ask for more.
When i sad i seek for comfort.
When i okay it makes me feel better.

No. I got nothing other than my playlist. 

Whee~ Damn i almost meet Jasper WAHAAAA.
Nex time dude. Call me earlier :D

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

back to street!

Is amazing that song can affect our mood. How awesome is that?


you could, you can so you do.

Never change


Wake up.

I shall do my assignment.  

Si, si! Tomorrow is the day.

When will i change my bad habit? Whee.

I CAN'T...............

I gonna loose it forever............
I can feel it.
I gonna regret. I promised my myself not to regret anymore. 


Why these tears rolling in my eyes. Fuck. 

Can i say it out loud and clear to you that i ...

Maybe i will. I would. I might. I could. Will you still be there then?

* i am such a sentimental person :D ( trying to be cool)
* oh ya miracle happened or i got lucky.. i got my storyboard back. :D

Sunday, February 15, 2009

What a ride~

How i spend my valentine~

A. Makan with fren 
B. Dine with mom and sis
C. Play Psp
D. Watch movies

The answer is all of the above!

Update later. I kind of in trance now. :D

Saturday, February 14, 2009


How many times did i used the word DAMN as my post title? 

Lost count.

Argh. What i want? I don't know. Now i want it back but i can't take it back now. Will i able to take it back later? Not sure. I hope so. 

DAMN i hate the undecisive me.  I want my storyboard back.

& who cares about V-day. ( i am occupied with bunch of lovessss~)

Something to care about:

I changed my url address to!  eventhough i love the name gaga ( not because of lady gaga, my grandpa gave me that name GAGA. ) Is time to change! me love changes and now is like the evolution of gaga to madmazelle some how the both names inter-connected XD

think of tatoo-ing the name :D

Friday, February 13, 2009


Wednesday Night!
Finally, went to Euphoria aka MOS with my coursemates of course~ The rules is silly, we wanted to get in without the cover charge so we thought we had to get in before 930pm. We reached there around 9:10pm and found out that we had to enter before 9pm to get free cover charge and the club opened at 830pm. So is like 30 minutes of happy hour? Who would want to go there at 830pm btw.

Thought of going to Cocobanana but we changed our mind and decided to go Euphoria anyway haha. That night no much crowd at all, we actually had the whole dance floor! literally. The music was suck maybe coz is on wednesday? & the sound system..something wrong with it, the woofer or bass blast like super loud. @@ oh ya and whole bunch or lesbo at the dance floor :D what happen to the men? 

Conclusion: i need to build up my stamina LOL & heels are torturing.

Von & me. She curled my hair.. can't see rite? haha

Nana, Vic, Me, Von, Cindy & Lili.
Girls just wanna have fun aa aa~

Thursday night!
Watched Ong Bak 2 with my mates. 

While waiting for the showtime, we played in the arcade. There is one boxing thing that can test your cock punch power.  - - My highest achievement is 40+ . damn. Roy can reach up to 91 man power.  hahaaaaa.

Anyway during the showtime, my stomach suddenly sakit! So i missed the good part of the show. The ending of this movie was very NEW and haha. When the movie finally reached the climax then right after the peak it ended. wow. Potong steam.

We were all wondering what happened? The film got problem? The director don't know how to end it or is meant to be that way? Well. If we could just "crystallize our mind" we will know the answer. :D ngek.

* You can't see me like i see you. Over. 

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Dan-Tart Adventure!

Click to enlarge and see the drowning idiots.


我公公也爱吃。 我的公公, 你还好吗?


No doubt.

Singapore > Bootes > Madmazelle

Anyone playing maple? I need slime bubbles. 

*What abt my Atlantica Online? Apparently the line in Cyberjaya is not fast enough, only allow me to play Maple Online.
Rules: Once you’ve been tagged, you are supposed to write a note with 25 random things, facts, habits, or goals about you. At the end, choose 25 people to be tagged. 

1. One day i gonna be a tv presentor for Xplay LOL ( dont think so )
2. I love gaming but not hard-core enough :D
3. Okay i wish i am a HardCore gamer.
4. I wish water is free. 
5. I love cheese and both words start with a C~!
6. Love the blue sky. Sora!
7. Well when i defecating i must read something...
8. I feel happy if i can shit.
9. I dislike people that full of themselves and think that they are very entertaining... geez :D
10. Me love music. 
11. I can play lil bit of piano HAHA sorry mom
12. I must go Japan one day!!! MUST
13. I am getting use to be alone now
14. I love books too. Just bought series of unfortunate events book 11~ and magazine ofcoz
15. Fashion is one of my passion but nice clothes are so expensive! tshirt and jeans for now
16. Island....I dont mind get sunburn
17. Is not a easy ride.
18. Don't worry about life, cause it wont last forever. ( the newest quote that i love)
19. I not really good at hiding my feelings...Anyone notice? XD
20. I dont need much, i just need some awesome ones
21. Experimenting
22. I just wanna have some fun.
23. I am awesome ...supa awesome.
24. I actually hate brainless people but all people have brains..okei people that dont use their brain
25. I hope i can meet you one day, my car license :D

i shall tag noone. 

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Old sch.

Currently playing:

-Maple sea. 


-Chor Dai D.

-Final Fantasy 9.

-Metal Slug.

No time no time. =) 

Okay. I shall stop whining & write something fun:

During CNY, we got this lil puppy to spice up the atmosphere cause she/he is super hyperactive Mimi or meme (the puppy's name) love to bite anything & everything including my legs, my hands and everyone. YESH cannibalism. But we forgive it anyway cause is super ultra cute.


I think my Obaba is way cuter. :D 

Should i?

My version of Obama. Somehow change into Obaba. ( with afro)

Should i still go for Storyboard this class? = = 

Obaba:" I am more awesome thn Obama! YES YOU CAN!" ( quote from YapAhLoi(not the historical dude))

Give it a try. Should i? (me asking myself)

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Is this me?

Why can't i be the good hearted gal what loves everyone?

fuck it. 

Live up to my title : Dark and Twisty inside. ^^

Monday, February 2, 2009

It ain't over till its over!

My first fren 'bai nian' (house visit) of the year - Phui Kay's house! ( or shld i call her Pui San? ^^) Met her newly wed sister & got 2 angpaos from her! wohooo coz of the religion belief thingy, newly wed couples have to give two angpaos on their 1st year of marriage. Awesome. 

Phui Kay's mom is very talkative. I think is the only fren's mother that talks alot with me. Haha. After a long conversation, me and Kay went out to makan! CNY is meant to eat. Around 5pm, we went to dine at Fortune bbq steamboat @ Metro Prima. I kept dropped my own chopstick! wtf. oh well, all-you-can-eat not all-you-can-drop!

Later on, went to her house again to wait for Seow Hooi. We were searching psp games on the website and bragged about gaming LOL. We got bored and so i asked her to play Metal Slug with me. It was super fun and funny haha i kept shouting and laughing. Laugh because she kept fell down from the cliff. HAHAAAA ( ahem only me and her know whats going on)

Later on we decided to go to Oldtown to wait for Seow Hooi. Yeah we brought our psp along! So we were gaming there till around 12am and no sign of Seow Hooi. When we left the shop, me and Kay suddenly got the urge to pee. = = No choice & i had to go to Jian Yi's (gal gal)  house for 2nd round! So she sped her car damn fast haha okei not so fast. 

Reached Jian Yi house, i wanted to pee but suddenly Seow Hooi called me @@ She finally reached Kepong but too bad me and Kay went to different directions & I NEED TO PEE! Lucky my XXXXX still in good shape. HAHA

Oh ya, Steven, TuckSeng, KheeLeong, Jian Yi's gf - Yuin Thing and my sis were there but my sis went back soon after i reached there. = = HOho. After my pee, we all started to play 21! ( They already started btw) HAHA sorry KheeLeong(banker)~ Your money is ours! wahaha! I was winning money and Yuin Thing too but soon after Steven took over my money back to the origin ( no win no loose for today). Damn but he did gave me free money =D thx for the black jack steven! Lucky Jian Yi and Yuin Thing, they were the winner & his gf loved me. ^^ Belanja makan!

Tuck Seng! Hope you get a better luck next year! hahahaaaaa! Later table closed at around 2am, 休息是为了走更长远的路~ even Ox need to rest. haha When we walked out from the house, me wanted to pee again! Again i had to hold it back cause we changed car halfway. T-T This time PECAH!  ( in the toilet bowl) 

Sigh. Cant' believe CNY (for me) is gonna end soon. My new sem starts on Tuesday..which is tomorrow damn. Sakit mata. I love cny, 

Not because of the Angpaos.
(this year angpaos deduct by half~)

Is because the quality time you spend with your family and friends. The happiness you share with each other. The time to celebrate the tradition, embrace the days and hope for a better year.  Damn Awesome. 

*I admit. I still love the smell of cash! :D

OH ya i shot some family potraits ( requested by my aunties). My lousy skill + cheap camera come in handy somehow. *drink chinese tea*