Friday, February 13, 2009


Wednesday Night!
Finally, went to Euphoria aka MOS with my coursemates of course~ The rules is silly, we wanted to get in without the cover charge so we thought we had to get in before 930pm. We reached there around 9:10pm and found out that we had to enter before 9pm to get free cover charge and the club opened at 830pm. So is like 30 minutes of happy hour? Who would want to go there at 830pm btw.

Thought of going to Cocobanana but we changed our mind and decided to go Euphoria anyway haha. That night no much crowd at all, we actually had the whole dance floor! literally. The music was suck maybe coz is on wednesday? & the sound system..something wrong with it, the woofer or bass blast like super loud. @@ oh ya and whole bunch or lesbo at the dance floor :D what happen to the men? 

Conclusion: i need to build up my stamina LOL & heels are torturing.

Von & me. She curled my hair.. can't see rite? haha

Nana, Vic, Me, Von, Cindy & Lili.
Girls just wanna have fun aa aa~

Thursday night!
Watched Ong Bak 2 with my mates. 

While waiting for the showtime, we played in the arcade. There is one boxing thing that can test your cock punch power.  - - My highest achievement is 40+ . damn. Roy can reach up to 91 man power.  hahaaaaa.

Anyway during the showtime, my stomach suddenly sakit! So i missed the good part of the show. The ending of this movie was very NEW and haha. When the movie finally reached the climax then right after the peak it ended. wow. Potong steam.

We were all wondering what happened? The film got problem? The director don't know how to end it or is meant to be that way? Well. If we could just "crystallize our mind" we will know the answer. :D ngek.

* You can't see me like i see you. Over. 

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