Saturday, February 14, 2009


How many times did i used the word DAMN as my post title? 

Lost count.

Argh. What i want? I don't know. Now i want it back but i can't take it back now. Will i able to take it back later? Not sure. I hope so. 

DAMN i hate the undecisive me.  I want my storyboard back.

& who cares about V-day. ( i am occupied with bunch of lovessss~)

Something to care about:

I changed my url address to!  eventhough i love the name gaga ( not because of lady gaga, my grandpa gave me that name GAGA. ) Is time to change! me love changes and now is like the evolution of gaga to madmazelle some how the both names inter-connected XD

think of tatoo-ing the name :D

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