Thursday, March 29, 2007



nose bleeding...stomach mou tuin tuin will dman pain ha.....teeth bleed...ear oso got blood, face oso got pimples....>..<

dono wtf wif my body...

now i feel hard to breathe

rushing assignment..
this week evryday sleep max 4 hrs .....sleep at 4 or 5am ~

i nid a break...

i nid holiday........

ohya....mayb i got a job sui!! work laio thn got money go holiday lo! i oso started my own small business....if nid reload in the future....ask me ya~ XD thx

now my assingment all 7 7 8 8 (for tml submission) ...just left the sticking part! my gum not here and no stock..sien

tml stick ba

heart pain = =

cough cough

sign out~

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

assignment assignment assignment~

everyday assignment.... dono why


later i will start do my clay model metamorphosis thingy = =

dono watz tat? will post pics whn finish~ hopefully by today midnight =D

Saturday, March 24, 2007

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

dog's heaven~

today just finish cg class~ thn my cute cute d fren BIAO he called me!
it was a bad news..

"ah boy die jor"
"HAH? real anot? how come"
"seems like he went out to pasar thn eat poison thing thn come bak keep vomit and o c.."
"oo...don sad wei..."

apparently his dad take ahboy to someplace to burry ald...

wish ah boy fly to gou gou heaven safely!!

ahboy is a very obedient and cute cute doggie~ still remember tat time whn cny went to biao's hse gamble ~ 1st time meet AhBoy! biao ask him go in thn he come in he ask him go out thn he go out! so guai d dog!! 1st time see =D

thn suddenly now die jor....fragile..everything is so fragile
appreciate every moment every sec with your love one...ya even ur dogs..

i wan say is I LOVE YOU ALL MY FREN T_T n my family too


p.s biao don sad lo~ ahboy will look after u d =) take care ya muax


monday~ i din go bak mmu! coz sis bak on tuesday so don wan mafan my dad thn tuesday bak togehter lo~

so monday~! i hate monday~ but this monday is cooool.......haha wake up at 3pm thn went to wizz cc~ dota!!!!! YESH! DOTA! i was dota-ing for almost 4 hrs at the cc~ had 3 matches
2 matches is in bs but thn so ngam the opponent is from the same cc....laugh sei! 1st match we won..eventhough our zues he pp~ i mean kena pp coz a guy tat sit opposite him dono how ter-close his switch thn the whole pc go shutdown haha! anyway WE WON! nex torturing!! = = opponent still consist the two unknown same cc ppl~ this time they won...our team got 1 leaver fr the start lo~ thn 1 fai cai ( yong mehmeh called him d) FAI CAI!! dono push together 1 .....can win d but ....4 v 5 like 3 v 5 so loose lo~ nvm la giv thm syok ha lo if not they don wan pong chan wizz d

3rd match is LAN GAME!!! with bunch of proz lol played spar! remake 3 times HAHA coz some bakchi thing = = team loose lo..coz the sei biao aka my slave d razor too geng ald the item...= = but i killed him the most! hahaha i kill alot oso lo~ sorry Rem...make our team loose...

i wan b pro~~~~~~~~~~~

Tuesday, March 20, 2007


had a farewell party...can say farewell party ba! haha with hakkai! why? coz he goin to die! no la he goin to sarawak or sabah i forgot! anyway, went to sing k at greenbox at 12am with some other ppls too ( biao...hakkai...yongmehmeh...awai? lalobat? and one more i forgot the name) lol so sorry! anyway....WE WILL MISS YOU HAKKAI!! * note every ppl in my kingdom have 'wu shou' haha!


the icecream below is the icecram i bought from a old uncle! still remember whn i was primary standard 4 or 5 i alwiz buy from him 1 ~ he look so thin n OLD now...dono why feel sad .. i talked to him

" Hey uncle! last time when i small ( HAHA) i used to buy icecream from you!"
" OH izit? i dont remember long ago laio"
" ahahhaa"

WTF u dont remember me??? the most ko ai gal lo! = = jk la
hahaha ya kinda miss the old days..whn tuition finish rush out thn uncle will wait there sell icecream...i sure will pong chan 1 coz dono~ i like icecream uncle~ LOL espeacially with wu shou!

cornetto chocolate ~my fav of cheap icecream~

why nobody listen

why they never listen..

why never take my word?

evrytime tell thm something sure 'fu hin' me only...whn things get worst thn say :" WHY DIDN'T TELL EARLIER?"

NAH! told liao but NEVER listen...


Sunday, March 18, 2007

wow long time no post!

it's been awhile since i post my blog = = been busy doing assingment!! and syok-ing myself haha~

300 fever still on!!! haha everybody love spartan~
the longest kebab in the world? well in mmu new hall there, they try to break the record,i mean WORLD record! basically is zzz~
long time no draw this kinda drawin ald...i miss it haha i wonder why i didn't choose Film and ANimation as my major~ =P

Tuesday, March 13, 2007


i try talk to mom abt my a funny way ( don ask me how = = )

she say :"你自己拿来的。。"



ArrrrGghhh!! why why why why why why why >..<

why end up like this is so fukin waste time and my paretns money


I SO USELSSS!!@T$#^$^%%*$

Sunday, March 11, 2007



i crying out loud inside...i tried to control it

but i can't help...tears fall down from my eyes..

it taste sux....i hate it

who can give me a sign? wat i wan?? WAT I WAN?
fuck la

all fuck

insane !

wizz alwiz the best!

pif pif

sad sad

wizz loose in mmu dota tournament whn semifinal....coz met RPC! = = pif ying ask thm join
2 marks!! >..<

xiong sam...


wizz alwiz the best! haha ga yao~

Saturday, March 10, 2007


yo yo

today oso wactched 2 movies! both oso not bad~ but 300 the best! hehe

is very nice! seriously . Fres of all i dint expect anything from 300...but after watched it..i was blown by this movie! is SYOK! haha u got to go cinema to know it!
another is bridge to terebithia (donospell) actually this oso quite nice....AND SAD!! so sad wei...keep wan cry ...i think many ppl misunderstood it as a fantasy movie ( is the trailer fault = =) actually is a movie more to frenship , family and etc....a boy name jess (poor family) finally hav a fren . Leslie (busy parents family...imaginative gal) and so not bad ~ bring more tissues if u decide to watch this hehe XD

another movie trailer~! i saw ! and i wan to watch is SHREAK the Third and Pan's Labyrinth~

the latter is very interesting...i wan watch!!! but why here don hav? suppose to be in cinema on dec 2006 = = bloody Malaysia~

i crave for movies!


woohoo~ the stuff i order from the forum has arrived this morning! but before that on 10am i woke up thn i lay on bed wait postman come....i don hear any doorbell or wat thn u sleep n awake and sleep and awake ....>..<> DIM ZHI a parcel on the table! I RUSH DOWN AND GET IT ! if for me!! weee my stock~ curious wat i bought?? here come picz~

Blusher, Palagatong powder, Bibo eyeliner, Pearl and Matte eye liner~

other pic all dono gone where LOL anyway another 2 items is a arm shaper thingy and Dariya for black head n white head nose `

Me > after make up wif the items~ XD

i like the blusher very much hehe and the pearl and matte eyeliner~ both are GOOD hunt~ XD cheh
anyway i oso ordered a baseball tee~ when will it arrive? gosh i love postman! XD

Thursday, March 8, 2007

Avril Lavigne is Back!

Avril's new single out..! i know last few weeks is already out! check out her new single - GIRLFRIEND. <<>

I saw her music video...cute and funny haha and she dance... ya i know she diff now but i still like her! she giv me the courage to be a gal... make up and all those thing ( and ya thx to kire-san oso ) XD ya Avril was a tomboy lo~ ahhhh the sk8ergal days~~

Can't wait for 17th April...her whole album....cant wait to get my hands on it! she is getting prettier and prettier~ *shy*

Cool Avril Kawaii Avril

Modelling~ elegant avril

her new albnm pic~

Avril alwiz

Tuesday, March 6, 2007

shopaholic - ing


i never relate myself as shopaholic coz i dont think i'm thou!

recently..i ADDICTED to online shopping

don't know maybe is convenient and i just love pc =P can get lots of stuff hvnt even out in Malaysia! ( no business brain 1 the shop here) they should just order stuff that i like and sell it here but they don't..~ etc those hot japan stuff! XD

i think i spend around RM200+ ald on online shopping

i think one of the problem is - I LOVE RECEIVE THING FR POSTMAN! ( why there is no postwomen? wonder) hehe xD letters , parcels or anything... i feel hmm syok << this the only word my brain pop out at the same time haha

hunting nice stuff....any nice webbie for online shopping for japan let me know ya~


finally can log in here...

i forgot my username thn i found out...i don nid username to login oso

i can be more idoit , can?

= =

why so "float"