Tuesday, March 20, 2007


had a farewell party...can say farewell party ba! haha with hakkai! why? coz he goin to die! no la he goin to ns..at sarawak or sabah i forgot! anyway, went to sing k at greenbox at 12am with some other ppls too ( biao...hakkai...yongmehmeh...awai? lalobat? and one more i forgot the name) lol so sorry! anyway....WE WILL MISS YOU HAKKAI!! * note every ppl in my kingdom have 'wu shou' haha!


the icecream below is the icecram i bought from a old uncle! still remember whn i was primary standard 4 or 5 i alwiz buy from him 1 ~ he look so thin n OLD now...dono why feel sad .. i talked to him

" Hey uncle! last time when i small ( HAHA) i used to buy icecream from you!"
" OH izit? i dont remember ald..so long ago laio"
" ahahhaa"

WTF u dont remember me??? the most ko ai gal lo! = = jk la
hahaha ya kinda miss the old days..whn tuition finish rush out thn uncle will wait there sell icecream...i sure will pong chan 1 coz dono~ i like icecream uncle~ LOL espeacially with wu shou!

cornetto chocolate ~my fav of cheap icecream~

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