Saturday, March 10, 2007


woohoo~ the stuff i order from the forum has arrived this morning! but before that on 10am i woke up thn i lay on bed wait postman come....i don hear any doorbell or wat thn u sleep n awake and sleep and awake ....>..<> DIM ZHI a parcel on the table! I RUSH DOWN AND GET IT ! if for me!! weee my stock~ curious wat i bought?? here come picz~

Blusher, Palagatong powder, Bibo eyeliner, Pearl and Matte eye liner~

other pic all dono gone where LOL anyway another 2 items is a arm shaper thingy and Dariya for black head n white head nose `

Me > after make up wif the items~ XD

i like the blusher very much hehe and the pearl and matte eyeliner~ both are GOOD hunt~ XD cheh
anyway i oso ordered a baseball tee~ when will it arrive? gosh i love postman! XD

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