Sunday, May 30, 2010

A story about vengeance.

My lovely and talented friend - Charukphong's short 2d animation film. Check it out! (but this is the shorter version, he cut out a few scenes to join competition)

Watch more cool animation and creative cartoons at Aniboom

“Buas” is a tale of vengeance and love. When an old man was given a second chance to avenge his wife’s death, memories of his past comes to play, revealing pieces of his forgotten memory of a dreadful tragedy. - Charukphong

Personally, i really like it. The choice of soundtrack is very good too, it got me in the mood. The best scene for me is when the old man running towards his wife. I actually went teary when the wife wiped away the old man's tears. The animation itself is interesting because of the layers and give the film a sense of depth..niceee.

Just spare your 3min and check out this wonderful story from my friend ya~

Updated my FYP journal.

Check it out! Or watch the video here :)

Bit to Heartbeats [Digital Art Installation] from madmazelle on Vimeo.


Had lunch with bunch of monkeys at Ikea.

Daim cake still looking good but not me. I was pretty sick in the stomach, literally.
One of the fun part was hunting moment in monster hunter freedom unite with Aizyl. Brings back memories.

Just one monster thou.

But the best part was meeting my friend but i feel like a sucker.

Just like high school time. :(

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Happy time in Melaka


DM class of 2007-2010!

    Bye Melaka, i will come again for the food! Jonker Street!

Reminder for myself.

1. Apicta
2. Edit video of your fyp
3. IPCC proposal
4. Side project brainstorm
5. Change your diet to something healthier
6. Reprogram/edit your fyp for showcase


Get a working desk for the room, wardrobe and a better desk, speaker!

death stareeees

/i am a/ fucker.

I moved back to Kepong! I just moved and packed everything 2 days ago without prior notice to my friends. Kinda suck ey but i always act like this, when i thought of it i will do it. Maybe i was avoiding the farewell, the separation. I can get very emotional when it comes to these kind of things. Especially leaving someone dearly to you.

I'm not a sweet person nor do i know much about caring for others. But thank you all for being there for me and stick with me eventho i am such a bad friend. hehe

Lets keep in touch and do some crazy shits more often!

Yes the background music is Ennio Moricone's Cinema Paradiso and yes thats bunny headgear! I decided to record a video for you guys (12seconds tv is a failure, i cant say all in 12seconds! so youtube ya). Maybe a better video next time!

Miss you all! Yvonne, Myra, Charuk, KJ, Cheese, Adam, Norman, Amy and DM's classmate and FA and ID people! (Miss you too boifren Mr.Yap! :)

See ya.

From your dark and twisty friend - Jia Wen.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

The Longan Tree.

Today i did something extraordinary. It involved a little strength and patient. Patient, me? No we are not a very good friend.

I helped my dad with the Longan tree in front of the house. What we did? Well, you know when the fruits on the trees before it ripe, little rascals such as the squirrels and birds will try and steal it all away? So my dad used some sort of net-like plastic bag to tie up the 'fetus' fruits. Of course to protect it away from the harms and when its ripe, we shall enjoy the Longan instead.

" Why do you want to tie the Longan fruits?"
" Cause the squirrel will eat all the fruits."
" Why don't just let them eat?"
" Right. What about us then."
" Well, i'm don't like Longan much.."

So, my dad just continued doing his own thing while i helped out with holding the 'galah', a customize stick that have a hook at the edge to hook the branches down. Yes, it was a tall Longan tree. So i was holding the stick patiently while my dad trimmed down some of the leaves and covered it with the net bag. My job was mundane but i kind of enjoyed it, for awhile. As my dad busy with his own thing, i looked up and gazed upon the evening sky. It was blue, cloudy and magnificent i thought. Few crows flew by and a yellow feathered bird stopped by the tree. I knew this bird. The yellow bird that always come and eat the cherry like fruits from another tree.

Anyway i have this thing with blue sky. Looking at it gave me courage and dreams to move on. I wish i can fly like those birds. I wonder what kind of karma from the past make it what they are - bird. Oh why karma? Because Chinese people belived that the deeds you did in the past determined what kind of karma you will get in the future and of course - reincarnation. I'm just saying, i not that superstitious or what but you know, i just wondered. What did those birds did in the past that now, they reincarnated into a bird.

I don't mind being a bird and all that but one thing i just can't take it. Bird eats worm or bug. Me hates bug. Not that i hate them but poor little thing, not even in my favourite list's list. If i am a bird, i might starve to death, i don't even want to touch any insects. Wait, i might not even survive the moment i hatch out from the egg. I'm gonna be a stubborn little bird, spitting out every single bits of the 'food' my mother bird trying to feed me with. Thats how i 'fly'. I replaced the roll with the fly. Ha.

If out of any circumstances i survive and able to flap my wings and fly, i would be in Heaven. Embrace in the arms of the blue sky if sky do have arms or more like their chest? Blue sky's chest, flat and wide. Okay i prefer arms, couldn't be more hairier than chest hair.

" Hey hold the stick, not too hard. The branch might break."
" Alright."

After around one hour of father and daughter time, i gave up. I did great i guess. I don't usually 'hang out' or 'hook up' literally with the stick with the hook, with my dad. Not bad after all. Would i do it again? If the sky is blue, why not.

Okay, i do prefer Longan over Pepsi.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Missing me bit?

One week ago i was busy like bumble bees. You know how bee works till the last breath of their life? I am almost like it but not the death part. Anyway! My digital media degree showcase had officially over last Friday. Those who missed it, here are some of the details:

The poster. More info click here.

If you interested to know what kind of digital installation i did, just click on the link to my FYP blog at the right sidebar there. I will update my work related post to that blog later on.

Some of the scenes during the exhibition(photos from friend's camera and mine):
By me.

Ends with a Heart <3 Love.

It was a great show. We all did amazingly awesome. :)

I learned a lot for the past few weeks, physically (soldering the wires, leds) and mentally (brainstorm for the conceptual part and script). Besides that, during the preparation for the exhibition, it was the first time that all of us dm kids were so united. hehe

I gonna miss you all. I wish i can learn more from each other and from the lecturers. Digital Media is moving towards a new phase, paradigm shift (one of the reason that the exhibition was named as 'paraDM shift') but we won't be there to witness it since we all gonna grad soon. Well, at least we were the pioneer batch to push DM in MMU to a higher ground. I guess. :)

Kick ass!