Sunday, May 30, 2010

A story about vengeance.

My lovely and talented friend - Charukphong's short 2d animation film. Check it out! (but this is the shorter version, he cut out a few scenes to join competition)

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“Buas” is a tale of vengeance and love. When an old man was given a second chance to avenge his wife’s death, memories of his past comes to play, revealing pieces of his forgotten memory of a dreadful tragedy. - Charukphong

Personally, i really like it. The choice of soundtrack is very good too, it got me in the mood. The best scene for me is when the old man running towards his wife. I actually went teary when the wife wiped away the old man's tears. The animation itself is interesting because of the layers and give the film a sense of depth..niceee.

Just spare your 3min and check out this wonderful story from my friend ya~

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