Saturday, May 22, 2010

/i am a/ fucker.

I moved back to Kepong! I just moved and packed everything 2 days ago without prior notice to my friends. Kinda suck ey but i always act like this, when i thought of it i will do it. Maybe i was avoiding the farewell, the separation. I can get very emotional when it comes to these kind of things. Especially leaving someone dearly to you.

I'm not a sweet person nor do i know much about caring for others. But thank you all for being there for me and stick with me eventho i am such a bad friend. hehe

Lets keep in touch and do some crazy shits more often!

Yes the background music is Ennio Moricone's Cinema Paradiso and yes thats bunny headgear! I decided to record a video for you guys (12seconds tv is a failure, i cant say all in 12seconds! so youtube ya). Maybe a better video next time!

Miss you all! Yvonne, Myra, Charuk, KJ, Cheese, Adam, Norman, Amy and DM's classmate and FA and ID people! (Miss you too boifren Mr.Yap! :)

See ya.

From your dark and twisty friend - Jia Wen.


Khairul Johari said...


we miss you too.

and yes, you're a fucker.


Yvonne said...

ya man! we miss u too!
*huggles and kisses!


sniff sniff