Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Missing me bit?

One week ago i was busy like bumble bees. You know how bee works till the last breath of their life? I am almost like it but not the death part. Anyway! My digital media degree showcase had officially over last Friday. Those who missed it, here are some of the details:

The poster. More info click here.

If you interested to know what kind of digital installation i did, just click on the link to my FYP blog at the right sidebar there. I will update my work related post to that blog later on.

Some of the scenes during the exhibition(photos from friend's camera and mine):
By me.

Ends with a Heart <3 Love.

It was a great show. We all did amazingly awesome. :)

I learned a lot for the past few weeks, physically (soldering the wires, leds) and mentally (brainstorm for the conceptual part and script). Besides that, during the preparation for the exhibition, it was the first time that all of us dm kids were so united. hehe

I gonna miss you all. I wish i can learn more from each other and from the lecturers. Digital Media is moving towards a new phase, paradigm shift (one of the reason that the exhibition was named as 'paraDM shift') but we won't be there to witness it since we all gonna grad soon. Well, at least we were the pioneer batch to push DM in MMU to a higher ground. I guess. :)

Kick ass!

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