Monday, June 29, 2009


Do you believe in fate?

I do.

I gonna be 21 soon. Lovely number 1.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Motion Graphics!

I shall change my DLG project02 to MOTION GRAPHIC AE!

I had to make a showreel for my intern company in the near future so need to buckle up! HERE I COME AE!

Oh ya i almost forgot whats DLG stands for, in case i forget about it DLG = Destroy Lazy Gene.

Don't laugh.

Anyway! I found lots of nice website references and some ideas for my FYP! I think its gonna be interesting.... I shall make it installation + game.

Awesome. Meantime i just need to research more about it. Wait, i need to finish up the BOX! Where to buy cheap cardboard....hmm...

Some stuff:

Gosh. They even have twitshirt..thx to twitters.
Anyone's tweets can be in the twitshirt, for everyone 1 tshirt
you sell, you get 1 dollar, so 2 = 2 dollar and so on.
BUT do you think you will buy my tshirt if
my tweet is :" Fuck. It took me 1 hour to just shit out my shit."

I dont know. I dont tweets. :D
Is a interesting sites thats all.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

I miss sleeping.

My friend Kay bought me a new sketch book. How nice of her! She said she saw my old sketch books almost running out of papers so she bought another one for me. "Kam sia" thank you my dear fren!

Thinking of how to decorate the front page. Hmmm.


I think i gonna take a nap first. Continue my works later!


15th JUNE 2009 - 18 SEPTEMBER 2009

I is tired.
No more late night sleep.
Take more responsibilities.
Eat my own fist.
Rant about works.
Sad coz no time.
Hardworking is the key.
Plan for FYP.

Been busy with internship. Aiseh, is harder than i thought. I not ready yet....... damn.

but i learned alot indeed.

Good luck to myself for the 2nd week.

If i told you things i did before, told you how i used to be,
Would you go along with someone like me?

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Project DLG 01

Wonder what is Project DLG? 
Ahh just another bullshit i created to entertain myself.


Project DLG 01 - Surrealism 

Start time: 12:17am

End time: 1:01am


p.s hopes my photoshop wont crush :D 

update: mtfk photoshop crushed.
update#2: hmmmmmmmm... epic failed. :D

I really bad at photoshop. Great. JIA WEN ANGRY JIA WEN CRUSH! rawr. Instead of wasting time messing around with my incredible photohulk skill, more tutorials!

Project DLG 02 : 3D text in Photoshop

Friday, June 12, 2009

Ha.. Great

"If money is not an object, why not buy yourself a piece of heaven or paradise on earth?"

Why not. 

I wish this is how heaven looks like :

Yesh. This is Tahiti Bora Bora island! My version of heaven. 

* Gonna get my license soon... FINGER CROSS!
* Internship starting soon.... DOUBLE FINGER CROSS!

Craving for my heaven. 


Can't wait to watch this movie:

500 days of Summer

I like Zooey Deschanel. She supa cute and extremely pretty and funny. And yes this movie looks awesome. CANT WAIT to watch with you! :D

Too old

Am i too old for gaming?


Tuesday, June 9, 2009

June the Third

Oh ya, 3rd of June is my sista bday...was her 22nd bday.

Wish you happy always. :D

lalala~ Update the photo soon

Ahh. My sis posted the photo the photos on her FB - Sepet Vernz (si pet wen HAHA my aunty said that).

Too busy


work on monday :D yay

Friday, June 5, 2009

Update on the Mi-lu-ki! Miluki.

Milk aka Miliuki (thats how japanese pronounce milk) aka Miluki is the kitten's name! This kitten just don't want to drink the milk so my sis have to FORCE Miluki to drink.

Miluki like to follow us wherever we go, kinda cute & sweet but just a little bit noisy. Later we bathed Miluki with warm water and goyang goyang the kitty to sleep. FINALLY THE EVIL KITTEN SLP.


Feeding Miluki.

Miluki running around~

Me trying to catch Miluki!

Pardon my face, just woke up from a weird dream.
messy indeed.

Mana si kelabu?
(Hiding inside the towel)

Ahhh there you are!

Sister said that when she rescued Miluki yesterday night (it stucked on the roof) Miluki can't find a way to climb down,then Miluki went in deeper up the roof thn VOILA~ Miluki appeared again anxiously rushing towards her.. Guess Miluki just hate the height or she afraid to be alone up there. I understand how Miluki feels.


Miluki! (meow =3 )


A dude says :" When a kitten won't stop meowing or is scared, gently sit with the kitten on your lap and (very slowly) rock it back and forth, however not as forceful as a human baby. This calms them down and can even get them to sleep. " 


Any kind and caring people around? 


Last night, approximate 3am plus my sister & me saved a little kitten (at the rooftop) from falling into my own compound and got gobble up by my dogs. The kitten keep meowing nonstop... so i check up google, it might be scare or hungry.

Anyway, we tried to put it outside of the house so that the mother cat can go and get it but seems like this little kitten was abandoned. So we kept it inside of our the laundry place. I gave the kitten a cup of milk but this kitty never drink any of it... ( i swear i had a dream that i dream that the kitten got so fat coz drinking the milk!)

And now! The kitten is still meowing at the back.....i don't know what to do!! poor little kitten...hmm.

This is the very manja little kitten..rawr
so thin....faster be fat!!

Monday, June 1, 2009

Moving is Tiring.

Which results in: me, lazy posting blog.

The point is The Big Bang Theory is sort of a nice comedy series and i really like Sheldon but sometimes he annoys me too.  

Scissor Rock Paper Lizard and SPOCK! 


i can't drink coffee. IT makes me sick. 

Sorry garfield.