Friday, June 5, 2009


Last night, approximate 3am plus my sister & me saved a little kitten (at the rooftop) from falling into my own compound and got gobble up by my dogs. The kitten keep meowing nonstop... so i check up google, it might be scare or hungry.

Anyway, we tried to put it outside of the house so that the mother cat can go and get it but seems like this little kitten was abandoned. So we kept it inside of our the laundry place. I gave the kitten a cup of milk but this kitty never drink any of it... ( i swear i had a dream that i dream that the kitten got so fat coz drinking the milk!)

And now! The kitten is still meowing at the back.....i don't know what to do!! poor little kitten...hmm.

This is the very manja little kitten..rawr
so thin....faster be fat!!

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