Sunday, September 30, 2007



My photo got rejected cause i get the idea all wrong. . hmm how to reshoot? no model = = lack of friends haha some not at msia ~ or at kl now = = or exam shit!

Here goes REJECTED photo! :
i suka~ see these photos with classical song such as Piano Concerto No. 20 in D minor, K. 466: Rondo by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart thn u can feel the feel! :D

The forbidden symphony is played.

A mischievous piano's fairy appeared. "Never take anything relate to the human world" Every fairies are teach this way. "oh what is this red color thing?"

Insolent little fairy's curiosity made her eat the red n attractive lolipop.
"Taste sweet indeed. . ."

" What are are these mixed up feelings that i feeling now?" The world around her start to spinning and spinning.
Lil fairy felt a pain rush through her veins to her heart and collapsed.

It ain't that sweet after all.


p.s Anyone kind enough to lend me their head and giv me an idea how to do photo composition?? T_T Leading line, shape n pattern, foregroud frame, shadow and reflection.

Friday, September 28, 2007

hi i'm still alive

Rawr~ zombie attk!

Sunday : Sick , rush for Monday submission
Monday: Rush till morning, sick, night rush another submission which on Wed
Tuesday: Print out the screen design and paste. . cont with the flash straight till Wednesday morning! er ya still sick
Wednesday: Presentation, rush for Friday submission which is 3D modeling =3 No so sick
Thursday: Again. No sleep till now~ (YESH now!! ima friday 837pm desu~ officially 24 hours no slp =D oh ya no more sick! But my complexion look like shit =D !! scary~~~)
Friday: See advisor. Japanese oral test -- this is so taihen desu! thn continue 3d modeling and submitted on 430pm.

My week is worth spend? - - u tell me.

Saturday, September 22, 2007

once again

Once again. . . stress!!!! I really don't know how i cant finish it all on time. . = = i don wan to complain about my assign anymore. . ! Argh bla bla blu~~ screw up! IIIYAAAAA~~~~~~

Anyway, i want to bleach my hair!! i 19 ald. . must do something whn young only can do! and diet . . i shall diet! target is 43kg =D but is still fat . . Mika so pretty ne!!

But whn i stress i transform my stress to food. . . . = = rawr! bought chocolate today =D shall finish it all today! nyahaha

ARGH!!! help help help >.<


this week if i survive i wan to go out and crazy for one whole week. . .
invisible stress keep bugging me = =


Warning , Spam by vulgar words =D

Is been awhile since i read newspaper cause whn in Cyberjaya i seldom buy newspaper, then yesterday went bak KEpong and saw the newspaper... FULL WITH CRIMES, STUPid THING, MURDER, RAPE and etc

The world is so sick and is now full with sicko ppl!!!

And the most recent one is the poor lil gal - Nurin. She was kidnapped by a fucking better go die ppl. The fucker damn hentai and geli, according to the newspaper he use cucumber and brinjal to . .. = = so the cb ! And the psychologist of criminal mind or something something said this kind of sohai they like to see ppl suffer and torture ppl to satisfied themselves - - WTF go to hell la wui and satisfied your own lan jiao ! WHY WAN GO AND HARM INNOCENT LIL CHILDREN????!! It just SO DISTURBING AND DOES NOT MAKE ANY SENSE AT ALL !! wish your dick rotten and full with maggots and then drop off and bite by dogs! then u will be dickless and crush by a DAMN big lorry ! you shall die in minced meat form thn eat by the dog that ate your dick again, so that your bloody part of ur body wont pollute this world. CB SICKO PPL.

Then the police suspect is the "Kitty Seduce Gang". What is this?? They fucking use cute lil kitty to attract innocent lil children attention then stalk n kidnap them from behind. wtf. nex time see any lil kitty on the roadside mus beware and caution = = Who know who going to be the next prey.. .

I wonder will it ever be one day that the newspaper write news about how HAPPY the world is and crime-free.

oh well~~

once again, FUCK 9 YOU CB SICK PPL! GO BACK TO UR GRAVE!!!!!!!!

May Nurin's soul rest in peace~

Friday, September 21, 2007

Puri Puri

Puri Puri with MeiMei-Chan! XD

Mei-chan は とてま だぃすき ね! ♥

ぃま べんきょぅします!! Fight On! GO GO GO .. rawr!
(now i shall study!)

Wish me gud luck on tml Jap listening and quiz =D

Game 4 Life

Ever since i am a tiny lil gal, i super LOVE gaming! XD okei i like reading too~ balance ha?

AHHH hope can play games everyday! Just saw the TGS Top ten most anticipated games 2007 . . only one thing i can say! SUGOI!!! DAMN YENG a~~ graphic also so gosu . . ps3!! >.< psp ="D">

Heres the link to watch TGS countdown

Kenot tahan those graphic and gameplay! the EXPERIENCE! >.<>

For update~ currently playing Final Fantasy Crisis Core Jap version on PSP! To be frank i never finish my FF7 on my ps1 coz the graphic just @@ Anyway FFCC is nice! =D lubbu lub my PSP! THX BIAO! =D

My PSP camwhore ::

Hehe now u get to see my PSP true form! ain't it looks SEXY ?? Oh ya GREAT NEWS!! There are lot of promising PsP games coming soon! Kingdom heart for psp! nice! >.< can't wait ..

here is the trailer

other than that, there are a new quirky game like Popanto or Patapon whatever the name is OH is Patapon, well is LocoRoco competitior! Welcome challenger ! the style is plain unique haha and God of War~ etc etc

PsP gonna be more exciting now~ =D CheerS and Kudos!

Sunday, September 16, 2007

william's joke

Just now went to the ever famous William corner and makan! =D

Seriously never see so damn big portion of Maggie goreng = = " but i ordered ParmesanCheese Pasta.. which cost me RM15 , okei it came wit mussels ha ha . Oh ya the MozzarellaCheese Naan not bad too! taste like pizza ya ! >.< life ="D">

Anyway = = babi sumei keep shoot me, so do bern! grrr >.<>

" Eh got 6 series?" (i shoot back him)

" Got la. You budak kampung." (thn he kena back me)


Ha Ha! not yet finish later thn he come back again and say 2nd prize you can get

" bao sek, bao ju, all bao ( mean food and accommodation all provided) at Pulau Jalan. "

"ooo Pulau Jalan? the jalan a?" one of the fren asked

"No. u dono where is Pulau Jalan meh? is Zha Lan Dou lo! ( note in cantonese)

" ha ha ha . . . . = =" "

Apa ni. This uncle willliam really pro. Salute~~ Anyway shall one day go back and try the burger. It look deliciously evil , saw it whn i goin back and skodeng at other ppl's table =D and photos!

wonder wat other joke he will come out with~~ wheee

Saturday, September 15, 2007

bb visit to kl~

kyowa, meimei-san come to KL! haha Finish my another "hard-to-wake-to-go-japanese-class" class at 12pm. Stomach was damn pain coz of the gastric . . urgh
Faster rush back house and
think what shd i do. Pack my stuff, and start my journey to KL sungaiwang. Don wan mafan my fren fetch me to terminal so i straight took bus fr cyberia busstop but wtf the bus damn fucking long only arrived = = so slow can? = =

Reach kl area around 3pm. . was raining quite heavily , got to run to the otherside of the road where no shelter ! kena horned by car and stepped on . . water on the roar = = argh nvm ~ in the bus!

okei skip the crap , FINALLY FOUND SUNGAI WANG HOTEL in the end haha knock knock on the door 516! YAY saw meimei! and uncle bern lying on the bed half dead! haha happy happy to see her hehe she gave me a ichigo necklace (she got another bigger 1 keke) straight away! >.<>..< but happy at the same time HAHA * thn i straight go bath later on SHOPPING DESU! oh ya kal oso followed us shopping haha

BEfore MAKAN! took neoprint! was mei 1st time HAHA i took it! yay but something unexpected happened = = the thing stuck half way whn we drawin n doodling the print = =" IEEEAA!!! the thing like stuck forever there. . . so we went kim gary and tiap! ahaa munch munch and they was talking abt WOW.! i no play wow haha but i know is WOW! geng ler

LAter on checked the neoprint again . . it worked again! =D the worker say lot ppl was doodling it whn we gone and they helped us halao thm LOL anyway we doodled it again! kawaii desu-CUTE! wheee

Then Ying and her bf came ~ so all walk walk shopping~ in the end i bought a tee, hair styling product and steal a tee haha XD meimei got a babimilo hooded jacket, babimilo cap, blusher << not KATE ngekngek and a tee. happy hunting ?!

tml hunt again ba but i boh lui laio =D
Next night time the half dead uncle finally wake up ! oh ya i oso tasted one special biscuit made by meimei! haha abit hard but taste =D yay! diy stuff will have a hang fuk feel 1 =D know know? went dinner thn balik rumah! >.<

the biscuit! =D

my stuff = = haih

big head shot! neoprint!

muax babi! XD

Thursday, September 13, 2007

mcb post



WAT DAY ooo 12 sept ... bad luck .. . = =

MY FILE aaa T_T so sad so sad.. . . . . argh

lucky tml not submission . WTF WAT LUCKY AHR@)!&$)@!$&amp;*!&)$

b4 tat i took a pic of it = = the only pic left b4 the file DISAPPEAR . . . mcb

Later on i watch 300 and drew this:


i no cry . . i just bu shuang . .

= =

Bought a sticky note . Definition of sticky : to fixed in one position and impossible to move.

but this sticky note i bought RM2.20 , is not sticky at all apparently. End up i had to use masking tape to tape it! = = so sux can? :

yay sticky ! stick on laptop

wtf it cant stick . . keep fly so have to use masking tape stick = =

Note: is fill with my assign . . and more to come . . . ^^

OH YA i ordered milo ice at mamak juz now . See this cup or mug ! yup MILO ICE! HAHAAAA

Sunday, September 9, 2007

weird weird dei

i like new things

i cut my hair. .

i dono wat style it is . . whn u look fr front it look long whn look fr back it look short! HAHA

will upload pic soon >.<


i must chiong! zombie mode. . = = roar ROAR!!!!!!!!!

can skip time , skip to my holidays ;D it would be nice don't you think?



哦. . .我期待遇见你 = = 咳

p.s conversation inside my bloody brain =D ! i am complicated


oh ya look back archive , whn march i mentioned about the clay thingy i did! so here is my promise

THIS THE CLAY THING! is a bagpipe in case you wondering what is that =) 爽
Well is a metamorphosis assign which u nid to transform from one object to another object . . guess what mine? keke is heart to bagpipe . . =D see from top left to btm right! baka!



gonna get a new haircut tml . . . wish me gud luck =P anyway here is me in mask LOL!for entertainment purpose . . . ngek ngek ngek~

Open webcam just to scare ppl =D FUN! wahaha can't wait for tml >.<

oh ya ying went for photoshoot and got into finalist for a online chinese mmorpg game's ambassador ! gratz ! =D wish you gud luck o!

Friday, September 7, 2007

monster hunter portable 2nd


this is my MHP2nd character and with the NPC meow ! My charac name is bb`bug! bb`bug mean big bad bug =D ngek!

whn can i play with multi player lan or xlink kai? >.<>.< style="font-weight: bold;">HR1
! hoho okei fine is the lowest ... blow me ! =p

shall train but thn assignments are piling up high and higher and BBBOBOOMOQNFO!@$)!@*$)!@$*)!@*!)@$*!@)@


go go go!

Wednesday, September 5, 2007



haih .. . .. .
busy busy busy weeks ahead . .

can i survive ??? 3D , flash, photography, computer environment, human factors etc = =



Monday, September 3, 2007

ho ho

Saturday Groove!

Sat went to 1u wanted watch secret this movie but no ticket! remember this post? haha here is wat we did before the movie!

Went to Sushi Groove to have our lunch . . . the environment there is awesome . . food was okay and service is fast but exp! haha the waitress talked fluent english which we had hard time listening to it :D noob !

Ying ordered bento someting something . .

ChaSaoBao the Gosu ordered another bento dono wat wat

Bug ordered Bimbbabu LOL some sort of jap style fried rice with curry

Biao's Unagi came at last after 20 min HAHA hungry die him. .

After the sumptuous lunch which cost RM100 plus =D pif went to take 大头贴!!!
Sashiburi! Long time no take big head sticker lu . . .exited !

After posing, shooting, editing and printing. . .

TA DA ~~~~~

Have to look clearly thn only can see the funny things . . Celebrate every moment . . CHEERS!

Sunday, September 2, 2007

Mifc Japan Team

Mifc Japan Team Firework Shot

Went to Japan team on Thursday Nite (Merdeka Eve 30th August 2007) . . to take photoshoot and sun bian count down Merdeka . . saw alot Mat rempit and mat rempit in making ( ride bicycle 1 ) = ="

All i can say is maybe i put high expectation on Japan team so turn out their firework is not as gud as aus or italy. . anyway the place i took the photo is also quite far fr firework . . my best shot for Japan team :

this is the nicest for Japan !

After fireworks . . time to snap for fun! well i gave a kiddo that ride bic kacao haha he ask me ride with him = = i said : " Tak mao "

This is Bug n Myra
Lily, Khai Ming, Myra and me
building at putra is nice . . =DKhai Ming and me. . he is a nice guy and available LOL

After this firework . . went back Cyberia's house at around 2 am . . reach back aorund 3am thn slept for 30 min, cause hav to go to Dataran Merdeka and take parade shoot . = = " So 4am all ppl gather and start our long n never ending journey to Kelana Jaya Lrt Station . . we reached there by 5am, thn William told us the Lrt only start at 630am like tat . . . shitty . . so waited n waited =D

Finally we in the Lrt on 7am . . reached Kl at 7 something . . BUT THE KL ALD FULL WIF PPL! omg they really damn semangat lo . . have to find a spot to take the parade photo. . i never been to merdeka parade b4 so wasn't quite sure which is the best spot. . End up Me n Myra climb up the Media Stand haha and shoot. IT WAS DAMN FREKIN HOT AND TIRING . . Kids are especially annoying there. . = = Don't ask me why . . tehy frekin are!

Will upload my parade photo soon . . dont look foward to it . . is damn yong sui =D hehe

AWESOME DAY!! tired die

another ordinary day of bug =D

Celebrate Every Moment!

Once upon a time there is a princess with lots of gg-ness ! HAHA no la . . Ying is upset cause of exam and some problems. . so out of the blue we went out and decided to have a toast !
"Let's go 7-11 buy beer!"

"Okay ! "

Reach 7-11

" Eh why no justea 1"

" No ppl use justea toast d la = ="

so i took 3 shandy before she wan to take any weird drinks! LOL is still contain abit alcohol thou BLERK

Then we continued our journey to wizz! Find biao and toast together!

Wanted to take a full big smile . .
Take #1 Ying forgot to SMILE
2nd try
Take #2 BIAO forgot to SMILE wui!

3rd try
Take #3 Finally . . ( after i shouted lol)
Cheers tomodachi . . !
Last shot : Guess what tat? Act COOL .

okay all failed to act cool . . XD This is to celebrate our life . . so that we will live better for ourself . . Everyone only got 1 life time . . don waste it . . time to CHG! CELEBRATE EVERY MOMENT!

p.s notice that the fres 3 photos my face is like this >> XD haha all biao n ying's fault!



This is gosu Joel steamboat day with me and ying!

i like steamboat =D

Ying and Me . . Two Noobie's Gosu !
The Gosu's gosu and noobie's gosu !
Steamboat at ketam shop!
All photos are taken by Psp = = so is only 1.3. . . bare with it . . . ! IT CAN GAMING!
psp , camera sha sha fen bu qing chu~

black sheep is leng yeh

Black sheep is leng yeh!

After u guys watch this movie . .. i'm sure you all will start "mehhh mehh mehh" sound ald ! XD

Me and Kay. . Before to movie start in the cinema. . pretend to be sheep! =D don't afraid to chi sin! hoho

i look damn . . . cb look =D omg ! hehe but i like this pose . . . bai chi!


这是 个 不能说的秘密. . .

wuu hvnt watch the secret. . cause the cinema always full with homosapience or human. Oh i wanna watch this movie is because of my curiosity haha nt coz of jay chou la dont worry! =P

ai ke bu ke yi jian jian dan dan mei you shang hai ? HAHA okei his song not bad . . = =

This movie gained lots of positive feedback too .

Anyway today supposed to watch this movie but end up watching The Invaders. Is actually not bad at all. . the lil boy is so cute. . and nicole kidman acting skill not bad oso ! mayb the story abit lame but oh well the lil boy just too cute. . i oso wan 1 ! haha =D


some shot of the movie :

okei i will try and watch secret later again . . if cant. . thn i shall maybe go pasar malam and have a walk =D