Sunday, April 5, 2009

I need a Doctor.

Newest update on my doctor! Is coming soon:

I love this color. Hot pink or red.

Even high heels are nice.

He got style :D

Aren't they lovely... (photo from here)
This girl, i like her boots.

Too bad, is hard to get it here unless i can find some bundle shop. Or i should go visit our neighbour, Singapore. Can't wait to get my first job.

I got this. Now i need my doctor.
I want a 1460 8-eyes boots.

Newest update on my doctor! [july 2010] Is coming soon:
Doc Martens, come to me please! I've been wanting to have one pair of those amazing boots for a long time. Finally i can almost touch it  Thanks to my friend, KJ which currently at Scotland or somewhere there. He promised to buy the doc mart for me as my birthday, well he buy, i pay. Pretty cool huh!

Kj asked me: Cherry red shiny (40pounds) or not shiny(55 pounds)? 

8 eyes Not shiny / Shiny

Sad to say, i'm not in a very good shape now. I admit, the only thing that keeping me sane is by hoping and believing that i will be better. All the sad, fearful, despair moment will be gone (for awhile) once i get my feet in it! Well, i need a doctor that can cure me right? *wink* Excitement meter over 9000!

Pictures to quench my thirst (got from google image and





Walk a thousand miles in dr mart.

Cheers. 1460 8 eyes boots.

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