Saturday, April 18, 2009

Ashes of Time.....

If time can be burn.

This week is like bollywood week. Lots of silly dramatic scenes and chasing around.

I had campfire with the dean, squeezed out story in 2 hrs, busy building(still am) my Patapon army, meetings (media law, cyber p, audio design) nonstop straight.

Finally today i got to relax a little bit. I went to 1u ( out of sudden) to meet bb. She always does this surprise-i-am-here-now thing. I took buses to 1u but when i reached there, is already 930pm. Her bf ( cool guy ) fetched us to WongKok ss2 there, for me to makan. I was freaking hungry. I always nervous whn i see her, i dont know why... - - If i bored you, i am sorry and thx for the treat, again! next time take my money!!

Yesterday got an instant msg from my mom: " Grandpa din eat for 2 days "
This kills me. I cried on Saturday when i visited my grandpa. The back of his body is dying (literally), i can see his flesh, open and expose right in front of me. I can't take this, i cried.

But got good news! Mom said that grandma said that grandpa stared to eat just now!
awesome. my grandpa is a fighter. He wont give up easily.

Last! Tml gonna go kacao my grandpa then go to bookfair with my nancy. :D HAHAAAA nerd.


charukphong said...

Wish ur grandpa well and salute for his fighting spirit!!!

BuG said...

thx man.

he will!