Thursday, April 2, 2009

Pata Damn

Hi i am a gamer. (out of idea on the intro) - -  Ahem anyway Patapon 2 EUR version finally out ( months ago). Patapon 2 is way better than the first one, though i never finish the first patapon ( i almost smash my psp). Patapon 2 got more features and mini-games! Yeah and we can lan game with our friends with our customize Hero patapon.

These few days i've been playing Patapon 2 and somehow i got this image haunting in my sleep:

click image to enlarge

Yes i dreamed that one faithful day,  my patapon army will betray and join the rebel and and KILL ME with their spear! WHY? cause i am a lousy off beat God. Why izit so hard to get the perfect last beat( my hsemate JianWei can get it easily). My patience have limitation... BRING IT ON REBEL!

I wan to get lvl10 rarepon~ = 3=


yap handsome said...

your intro is one of the most lame lines in the history of blogging/writing

BuG said...

then what about yap handsome this statement? :D