Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Guinness World Record?

Malaysia’s bid to smash the Guinness world record of the longest LAN party with over 250 hardcore gamers taking part.
Current Guinness book record was set in 2008 at the Nvision event in the US. The record had 203 gamers playing for 36 hours over a LAN. 

On this Friday 10th April 2009 till Sunday 12th April 2009 (in MMU - -), if you are free come and watch all those no-life-hardcore-gamers struggle to survive for free graphic cards! Don't worry, watching people suffer is not your thing? Then participate in the Console Party, Game fest and blah blah~


My friends were involved in some part of this event and i had the chance to join this world's biggest lan party thing, but i doubt my stamina and ability to stay awake and gaming nonstop for 36 hours. 

So, i said no to Roy when he asked me to join and i regret it!! Damn. Think of all the freebies and goodies...Sigh. Wish my hsemates and friends all the best in having 36hrs of insanity. 

Next time i can tell my mates that  i got bunch of world-record holder kakis :))

This cat gonna pawn them!

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