Thursday, April 30, 2009

Over Confident.

Yesterday i tried to hack a keyboard, almost succeed but i failed miserably. I am suppose to submit this assignment today but i did not. Great.
but! i sort of got addicted to dismantle the fun i actually enjoyed this assignment ( for the first 7 hours) then when i cant get it right i got no mood anymore. 

How to hack a keyboard? Follow the tutorial slides provided by the lecturer and start! :

You need a keyboard and screwdriver~

Destroy it! and take out the circuit

Test out the key press by using wires,
test out the combination and then solder it.
(skipped lots of the complete steps, i am lazy)

Solder on ur fav buttons! i bought toggle
cos is cool.

Make a platform and voila~ looks awesome
but its not workable.
Stupid solder.

Yesh. I bought another keyboard and hacking it now. Wish me luck XD



Norman Chee a.k.a Normaron said...

Well, if you have FOE frens, ask them help you, they should be quite experienced in soldering these little stuff.. hehe...

For my dm, we asked some help from our FOE fren~ They can do it fast and clean!

BuG said...


but i dont have FOE fren..T-T