Wednesday, October 31, 2007

i am smart

Call me PSP modifier LOL

Wow ! Today evening got one guy added me in Msn, stated that he is a Monster hunter player! XD wanted to kai wif me but i don hav the usb adapter yet. . pif! so we talked and he wanted to share nice nice theme with me....end up dim zhi my psp the version too old... cant support! so he teach me to upgrade my own psp! through MSN! Seriously there are possibilities that my psp will become brick or dead if the upgrade is not perfect = =

Damn i am nervous ^^" but for the sake of nice nice theme! i go for it! yeah this guy name Jia Yong shall call him PSPMaster! haha @@ he download those upgrade d installer and send to me! such a nice person he is! i appreciate that =D then he teach me step by step....we encountered some problems but end up!

YEsHH!! NOW MY PSP is from 3.30 downgrade to 1.50 thn upgrade to 3.40 oe thn 3.52 thn 3.52-4 thn 3.71 M33! HEHE! tough ha...not really is quite easy actually. . he say my psp is a special case lol

Anyway THX YOU SO MUCH JIA YONG! i owe you dude ^^ Later i went to watch Resident Evil at Kepong TGV and ate Secret Recipe. ^^ chuu

p.s i proud of myself too! XD

Kenot slp


睡不着. . ( cause Ying's bf called and ask where is she lol )

cant slp back. . so now blog! 爽 now chatting with BiaoDog haha why dog? cause he say he is 可怜的野狗 ( Poor lil stray dog) From now on you are BiaoDog! 你真是一个好人! 超吊的说! (学jay)

ew FUCK! got one bug flying on the table thn wrestling there !

Okei afternoon went sing k with Ying. She seemed sad. Haha but something happy happen to her oso la...cause *secret* season keep changing * haha

Just finish eating maggie with biaodog. . . XD

watch anime lu! Zombie Loan ! lately keep watch anime related to zombie = =! i am zombie! Phen is zombie too! hehe oh Phen is my zombie buddy that i know through crunchyroll~ XD

Random post this is.

Monday, October 29, 2007

Result out

Damn , finally log in to my MMU website ! Thx to Norman that gave me a alternative link to the result there.... IF NOT I WONT LOG IN SO FAST! = =

YEAAA!! blow trumpet, drum roll~~~~~~ I PASSED ALL! Feel so the great and gan zheong whn see the result T_T phew no failed... i even passed my jap test! yay but the gred hvnt show yet. . will know in a few days ... !! CGPA is the highest so far . . XD

OH ya gratz to my cousin Xavier that study in MMU Melaka, omg he so gud! he got 3.69! Proud of him ! =D And my frens too.....gud job to everyone ^^ letz all fight for next sem too!

Biggu Apple

Lust and Caution

Today suppose to go out late but oh well~~ plan kena screwed! thx to all the parents =D oh well

Neway, went to makan at The Curve's secret recipe. Me and Ying ate TomYam noodle soup haha not cake XD Joel just sit and watch us eat ^^ after that bought donuts! from Big Apple. Is delicious and sweet.. ^^ gonna gain some weight haha Oh well~

And kena scold juz now ^^ oh well

Sunday, October 28, 2007

sing out loud

Shout 4 Fun

Yesterday was awesome! haha

Went to my cousin's cousin's wedding dinner.. after that Alex called me cause he was bored.. so we went out!

He wanted to clubbing but too bad i wanted to sing! haha and he was wearing short pants (kenot go clubbing!) so we went Low Yat to sing. . so fun and release stress haha sing a lot of songs , english to mandarin to cantonese to japanese!

Yeah yeah yeah ~~ wan go shout again (note not sing) ! hahaaaaa

in the vid ,Alex tried to "biao" high pitch hahahaaaaa = =

Saturday, October 27, 2007

outing 2

Stoning Day - Part 2 ( kononnya )

Mom took me to see doc, okei i hate doc. = = I hate sick , nobody like to be sick. Went to Grandma hse to see my poor grandpa, he literally kenot move now. Whenever i see his eyes, i feel sadness and pity for him. If it weren't for that bloody no gud hospital or doctor, he wont be like tat i guess. At LEAST wont be so bad! = = Be strong my grandpa. Is back was bleeding badly yesterday, cause he scratched it. Mom went to see him again so i had to silently eat my med there. haha why? cause my grandma 'pantang' ppl eat medicine in her house LOL typical superstitious grandmother.

Grandpa was sleeping so i found One Piece newest episode and sit there enjoyed reading it NOT! SUDDENLY AUNTY asked me helped her draw her bio paper of those chromosomes and cell cell . . . . = = oh dear, bio bio~ i drew it nicely =D hahaaaaaa
is so easy to draw anyway.. ^^ then Ying called to ask me yamcha and with Soh zai Biao too. haha I told her i still at Desa ( Grandma hse ) cant go yamcha now.

So whn mom fetching me back, she asked me later wan eat wat? ( since i hvnt eat anything yet ) i told her

" i am tired, i don wan eat lo i wan slp, i am sick"
" okei lo, then later u drink the milk thn only u slp k"
" okay!"

i am a gud daughter ha? Soon this will only become a illusion! 幻觉 cause later whn almost reach my home, Ying smsed and said go to her hse thn go yamcha together lo. Thn whn reach the turning to her house. I SAID WAIT! TURN HERE !! i wan go ying house. My mom straight black face! hahaha! ^^ so sorry~ fren is still come fres to me.

Went to Gasoline again, kepong 1 . Argh was noisy too. Gasoline = Noisy? This time is the customer....they were so 'high' that i had to shout all the way to talk to Ying n Biao. Sux. Stupiak Ying still 174902294710247021740172401 *secret* thn Soh Zai Biao's hand become so dark ald!! omg! XD haha he damn funny la..the things he said. feel like hentam him a lot aka kena stunned a lot. =)

I ordered sausage dono mat mat maggie.. BAD! the sausage taste foul. Biao's cheesy oso sux...negative 10 then Ying's pineapple rice still can tahan. HAHA Why i ordered maggie? cause i wanted to eat something 清淡 and soft haha not too extreme since my stomach so weak now.

See Light Die, thats why we were in the dark room in Gasoline. ( there are 2 section to choose whn u dine there, the dark 1 or the bright 1)

We are the dark one! ngek ngek ngek. Put on your light , you all sinners! ops
Went back home at 12am. Forgot bring key, lucky cousin just around the corner.

Ahhh~ outing

Stoning Day

Ooo~ went Golden River again yesterday with Alex! He went there to take his salary and meet his frenster fren again. Ha Ha! Anyway before tat had lao sai again >.< style="color: rgb(255, 0, 0);">" Oi wan go down? "
" We also hvn't reach yet."
" Orh.. okay~ " ( Guess i also kena stunned)

The sliding door closed and i swear i saw " Sungai Wang" this signboard at the mall. When we reached IMBI station that Alex still stoning, i shouted " OI HERE IS IMBI LAIO! WE MISSED IT!" then pulled him out fr the monorail = = and started to scold him. swt.

That celaka said partially my fault cause i was also blurred. OKAY ! you 丑一 我丑二!
Well, in the end we reached Sungai Wang too..` Went makan fres at Gasoline. 哇老 the place damn fucking noisy, so many noise pollution there can? Thx to the noise emitted by the " i am a singer" waiter there~ THEY KEPT SINGING OUT SO DAMN LOUD following the radio songs. = = Great. Their courage is undeniable Geng! 强! but customer are trying to have a peaceful meal there so nex time please don't shout n sing silently?

Met his frenster fren, Is a small mui mui but leng lui betul =D thn i bought a tshirt and a vest at sungaiwang. Then we saw Gundam Model Competition, wow lots of Gundam and even Keroro = = tat bastard frog-like alien really do love Gundam. ahaha~ since i not a fans of Gundam or robotic type thingy ( Me prefer fantasy type stuff etc DRAGON , WIZARD!, KNIGHT!, FAIRY!) i just scan through. I think this is nice thou:

Since we got time, i pull Jian Yi ( oh is Alex) to Pavilion! Had to walk to there passed the Lot 10 and Leka leka..`

That place is wicked... full with branded brand and even got Juicy Couture. My target was to find The Loaf for the Cream Chocolate. We had hard time finding it, end up it was the coffee shop we saw at the entrance btw. = = CELAKA! ... haha YESH! the cream chocolate is yummy indeed, and so do the Ham and Cheese. Not bad.

Later on tried to find Big Apple donut! but failed ended up lepak at The Times Bookstore for almost hours... =D read lots of designer's book and comics.. = = Went back at around 8pm and i went to see doc after that.

Phew. . end of the day~ yet

Thursday, October 25, 2007



This gal really talented. . . = = ! MArie Digby

After Umbrella ~ now is Gimme more by Britney :

Personal fav is Marie's cover of James Morrison's You Give Me Something :

p.s check out my playlist Maria Taylor - her voice just so soothing =D love it and PLACEBO's every me and every you from Cruel intention, love the movie love the song! ngek

i wan sing k~ hahaaa my voice sux yesh!


You know what is sin?

This is sinful!!!! << check this out! Found this on masak-masak (Thx may for introduce it,i hate u!! T_T) . The Loaf (omfg ! is my favourite pastry... why? ) The Loaf is a baking concept in Malaysia but based on traditional Japanese techniques. ( which remind me of this anime about Japan bread 1 )

My tastebuds are awakening~~~

Here some sneakpeak fr :
Cream Chocolate ( RM6.80) seriously, who can resist this? The melted chocolate ...~~ indulgence pure sinful!
(This picture does not belongs to me and i took it fr as a er reference haha)

My next destination shall be at The Pavilion, KL. Why? cause there is where this sinful lil shop located. =D It will be my 1st visit to Pavilion. Whn will it be anyway = = ANYONE WAN GO ?

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Sing Sing


Locoroco (a PSP game) song.... it it just too cute! i love this the most ... =D Dadhi do Da flower song!

p.s UR head goin to be senget again =D ! Anyone wan this song? pm me ^^

mood shoot

Mood Shoot

Ladies and babi-men(ops is gentleman),

CLAP HAND PLS! wahaha even though i sakit perut yesterday ( diarrhea ) i still take my D40 went out breathe some air~~ my poor dslr been hiding in the dark for endless days =D AS a responsible master, i took some shot around my hse since i cant go far cause i might jus shit at the bushes if i did so ... YES unstable shit volcano 活火山 in my stomach..phew~

I even send one of my PuiKia (note: my dog) portrait photo to Digital Camera Magazine for the mission of the month! This month mission is to take pet portrait hoho ! Hope me this amature can gain some exp from that = 3=

Here come PHOTOS! ( do u know every photo have their own story ? Capture the moment with ur camera! ) :

Looking at far, the infinite sky horizon... yet we are so small

Dori-chan hate bath.

"When is my shift over?" The guard patrolling around... JIA YOU!

The sky is blue! I like take photo is this color tone..dono why abit old old feel =D haha i crapping Anyway...summer house! ahh ya my hse bloody hot....jus like by the sea side hah?

Maybe that is why i like island so much.. cause of my house's cocotree = =

"halo everybody, i am "actsie" dog." YA this is Dori! the ever drama dog~ she can win oscar

A new family named Pui Kia! haha Everybody call him puikia. . . the fattest puppy

This is what my dogs see when they are not allowed to go outside 'pou'.

Ha ha . . XD The caption is my own creation. Blah. OH YA! my laosai stopped? hmm hope so and i lost around 2kg cause of this? . .. celaka!! HUNGRY!! keke

Tuesday, October 23, 2007


i am in pain

stomach pain

been shitting like more thn 15 times since yest till now = =



bloody hell.....= = shall rest now... and is only 1030pm....great i am abnormal..


Ur head will senget when u watch this video . . =D yesh i look like shit!

Monday, October 22, 2007


23 by Jimmy Eat World

" Amazing still it seems
Ill be 23
I wont always love what I'll never have
I wont always live in my regret

Youll sit alone forever
If you wait for the right time
What are you hoping for?
I'm here and now I'm ready
Holding on tight
Dont give away the end
The one thing that stays mine "

Part of the lyric.

The music is just so nice to listen . . got a lot of feel haha 感触深刻. Is true. . people wont wait for u forever cause everything change. People change from time to time. If u think he / she will wait for you? then you better wake up! Better things come then they will go for it.

Shall never live in regret cause it feel sux. Seriously should 活在当下. . live for now. . live for the future, for the past but not for regret. Something is meant for us to do now . . .the unexpected the crazy 1. . cause that what make us special ? hehe imagine whn you are a bloody saggy bag old man then you only wan to have a adventure? careful heart attack you. . =P this is reality , 现实.

年轻就是本钱哦. . Young is our asset haha correct? Of coz. . no ppl ask you go and rob a bank (like prison break) or kill innocent ppl. . . Just remember time wont wait for you. . you hav to chase your own time.

this is our time. 我们的green day. =D 疯狂的享受呼吸的节奏!

我的生存之道 就是 活在当下! Live For Now.

怕什么? 够爽! You wait for a life time, what are you hoping for ? 别再等了! 等屁放? 大步大步勇往之前 grab it and feel it with your own hand!

no X

no edit photo by me . . sunset =) the vibrant and the color i like , took at cyber home. . damn abit miss cyber = = assignment anyone ? =D

Sunday, October 21, 2007

Happy! gao xin! hoi sum! Gembira!

I am Alive

Today woke up at 1230pm. Then saw Alex's msg about today trip to Sungai Wang. HE supposed to meet his friendster fren at timesquare ( of coz is gal lo =D) so since he will be alone i decided to came along too ( part of me wanted shopping XD)

Anyway he fetch me at around 2pm. . so KL HERE WE COME! We talked and walked around timesquare. . he ate tomyam haha i din eat anything! yay coz dad ald bought back chicken rice for me whn at home. = =

Is raining heavily and seemed like his fren was at Sungaiwang not Ts.. so had to cross over to Golden River. .i like there. . XD is full with nice nice nice clothes! hoho sorry i don like branded stuff =D Punk berry, Dino and brush work is my current favorite "underground" brand LOL or izit popular around ? haha dono = =

So met his frenster fren in a very funny n tired way . . is like playing hide n seek =P neway after met up with thm . . is my HAPPY TIME ! wahaha XD shall not waste time with unnecessary words... shall spam with photo! keke ( celaka blogspot cant upload photo now = =) oh! is okei ald! HERE COME my muax~~:

A short stripe pants (duh) with black belt!

Jacket!! wat so special abt it ?

Got polka dot( meimei don like 1 =3 ), skeleton with crown!! HAHAA! i am king~

Another skeleton =D i like skeleton . . tshirt! cheap 1

Another tshirt.. hmm oso got skele = = (skeleton adddict. . ) but with BUNNY! haha

YAY! finally got a jeans! skinny jeans = 3= keke

And a book! i am a geek~ lalala Title:Twilight war Book 1: Shadowbred

i like book! but book is always expensive ya. .but don't care ! i hunger for a book... i hope this a nice 1 . .XD hehe ANYWAY! suppose to stay till night like 9pm but hav to leave earlier at around 530pm cause Alex's mom want to use car. . sad case. . gimme gimme gimme gimme gimme more~~ LOL i siao liao. .! LETS GO XUE PING AA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Saturday, October 20, 2007

Hongkong Delicacy~

My cousin and her family just went back from Hong Kong yesterday! Ha ha! Now i am eating HongKong famous cake. . TADA~~ is call Lou Po Beng! ( Wife Cake ) import from HongKong! haha Anyway know why Lou Po Beng is called Lou Po Beng? Now i shall tell u this story about Wife Cake! (Quote and Found it from the box)

Chinese orchestra music playing~~

" Once upon a time, a very famous master baker in Tang Pastry(Chinese style pastry) having his wanderful (suppose to be wonderful?) techniques in preparing pastry items and with good assistance from his wife got his name far-famed with in the region. His business bloomed but his bad habit in gambling often let hi (his?) properties all offset by loss.
One day, he lost so much money in casino as he bet with a borrowing ....thn etc etc . . LAZY TYPE ALD haha and the English is too weird! anyway end up his wife tell him i cant help u anymore...all the relative runaway from thm thn now she the only last thing for him to give away....thn she hope he wont gambling again.
The man after selling his beloved wife, felt extremely remorseful. This time he did stop from gambling again with a view to commemorate such better half of him, he created a kind of delicious Tang pastry in the name of his wife LOU PO BENG (WIFE CAKE) "

Lou Po Beng

After reading the story of this lou po beng. . I REALLY FEEL SO PISSED! haha where got hubby go and sell of own beloved wife just to clear his own debt??? are u even a human?? okei so u can bake excellent cake but u sux..... bet ur wife every night haunt u in ur dream saying:" Lou po beng lei gek sei yan tao!" ha and don't get addicted to gambling << evil!!

no more rules


Only me!

Friday, October 19, 2007

i am plain bored

Hey ! i am bored. . so i took so test =D cheers

Your Personality is Very Rare (INTP)

Your personality type is goofy, imaginative, relaxed, and brilliant.

Only about 4% of all people have your personality, including 2% of all women and 6% of all men

You are Introverted, Intuitive, Thinking, and Perceiving.


Your Inner Blood Type is Type A

You seem cool and collected, though a bit shy.

You are highly driven and a perfectionist, but that's a side you keep to yourself.

Creative and artistic, you are a very unique person who doesn't quite fit in.

People accept you more than you realize, seeing you as trustworthy and loyal.

You are most compatible with: A and AB

Famous Type A's: Britney Spears and Hilter

but i am B blood =D

You Are 76% Real

You know who you are, and you're pretty darn comfortable with yourself.

Like everyone, you struggle with the parts of yourself that aren't so great...

But you're good at accepting who you are and not dwelling on your faults.

As a result, you're confident, optimistic, and very real.

i am what i am =D


Changes / 改变

i love changes. . ! hehe i don't like the same old thing for long but sometimes i am a very 念旧 or tangling in the past person. So this post going to be a english crossover mandarin post! wahaha EXC! Okei continue with changes. I think change a lot since primary sch, in term of my mental site, of course is not physically okei. . everybody will grow up! ( duh) When in primary sch as well i can remember, i am a very quiet person and shy. Now i am trying to be more extrovert, not afraid to speak up for myself especially in front of human. =D Some of the people still like to bully me thou, have to be strong and fight back! rawr! haha

i am not soft at all i admit, i hate people treat me like some weakling or soft girl. Cause i am not like that, i prefer people treat me like a boy. = =" i like to do things with my own way but i will try to 协调 with other people too ( seldom ! XD)

Anyway i run out from my title again haha . Okei CHANGES! i wan to change! 我要改变! i sick of the same old me, i sick of me now! i want to be Jia Wen! The REAL me! yesh real me.

I want buy the clothes i wanted, shoe, pants, skirt, sock, accessories, makeup, boots, bra, underwear, Me. But i always got restricted by financial problem or self-esteem or my own self. BUT NOT ANYMORE! Don't you think youth is limites? 青春不能留百! << izit correct this chinese phase? hahaaaa = = what i meant to say is 把握时刻不要浪费! Don't waste more time, is not like you can young forever. Next year i am going to be 20 soon. Holyshit!

Dare to be unique. No nid diu what other people think.


Jia you Jia you ( can't type chinese word now the programme keesiao ald = = , celaka!)

i am a stubborn person and unreasonable, for this reason:

Now i shall declare that i am insane,I DONT CARE I WAN TO "XUE PING" nobody can stop me!! rawr!


p.s pls add my new email /

closing down =D


Family Matter

Just now was discussing family attitude thing with my cousin, mom and my cousin's mom because early that time my cousin breakdown n cried. Then we talk talk talk talk about what is right or wrong but end up is not about right or wrong. . is about compromise. No matter how, end up they are still your family...sharing the same blood and flesh? haha is hilarious to think about it but is the fact. darn.

I do love my family just that i don't really show it much. There were painful memories i had with my family, espeacially my dad. Is not very bad bad but is bad. If compare to other ppl's family mine is not the worst but every child have a fragile heart. i think i still holding my grudge or hatred thatz why i've been bad tempered toward my family members. My mom n sis know this best ! haha but still i love them both very much. .

I know you will think that i am too sensitive or not kind enough to forgive the past but i am trying thou. i really am. Just that very hard to forget the images maybe whn i get older and more mature thn only i cant truly accept the truth. I think I just don't know how to communicate well with my family.

Before i doing anything dangerous, I alwiz joked with my fren by telling her : " If later i die, please tell my mom i love her very much." haha i think Myra get this the most. my bad =D. To be frank, in my family my mom made me cry the most cause i love her the most. One day if she don't love me anymore thn i will go do some crazy thing i guess =D haha

Sometimes i felt that the things i did or things i said will never be understand or heard by my family. Oh well... this is life.

Family should be supportive to each other no matter what because everything they say is the only thing that matter. Who care what other ppl say right? =)

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

take me away

Take Me Away

sick of staying at the same old place doing the same old thing over and over again . . i need excitement , change is a good start but what can i change?

Sometimes i feel so useless and unwanted in this bloody place. What am i to everyone here? As in if i die now will they even notice? Human are so small, naive and vulnerable. . Ignorance? yup all of us is living in our own little safe zone . . Any intruder that cross over the safe zone thn byebye! Quarrel will start and lead to fight or war. Okei i starting to bias away from the main point lol

The main thing is i feel tired. okei i am tired. I should sleep now, is already almost 4 in the morning ( YA the time indicator is siao 1 dont bother it ) Can't sleep, can't sleep well. . kept had weird dream which suck all my energy when sleeping and make me more tired!! Sleep = tired and waste time.

Oh.. found out that most of my friends are growing up ~ yesh like an adult now . . having wild party, drink, xxx and clubbing all the times haha ya some underage oso did that. . but i jus feel like stranger . . or i refuse to be that ? To grow up so fast? realised that i not that young anymore.. 19

19 is a very confusing age if u ask me. Legally you are an adult cause you are over 18 but yet you are not a "fully" adult yet, cause you ain't 21. So it was like a "stuck-in-middle" age - 19.
hell i am stuck in the middle now . . haha or just me ?

I love to have crazy time and good time with my frens around but go to those club just not my way. . i love dance but dance by the seaside will be nicer at least less ppl and more spacious .. LOOK! got sea! hehe i mean i prefer go trip with fren thn mayb can chill out drink some n dance some~~crazily . . hopefully haha

I am a boring person . . i love books . . i wan read books. .

p.s sorry ate maggie goreng so abit chi sin = = dono wat i typed. .

self esteem red light

I feel ugly and fat




Just now watch Grey's Anatomy Season 4, it is still so awesome =D but episode 1 still downloading and i cant wait ! haha so i watched episode 2 n 3 ! i am not a patient person hehe

Anyway! Went to Midvalley with my hsemate. . just to walk around and see stuffs...Added some gosu stuff to my makeup ~ but i dono how to apply = = Is Kate's eyeshadow and some make ur eyes got double eyelid thingy ( duh coz i dan yan pi ) AND had a very nice lunch! Japan cuisine soft of . . tat time was lunch hour and everywhere is fullhouse so we went in this less ppl Zakura japan style to dig for delicacies! haha Not bad at all the food there . . and big portion too. Price is reasonable . Giv it a 7 out of 10 XD

Then Yvonne testes on the new eyelashes thingy ! IT REALLY MAKE THE LASHES DAMN LONG like fake lashes but actually is fiber . .but er hard to explain here . . the brand is ...hmm forgot. . the name is similar to qeiw qeiw or qiu qiu or miu miu or something something = = anyway u pour abit of the powder like fiber (100% plant) on ur lashes thn u use normal mascara and do ur normal thing. . it wil extend . . damn long . .! and one is around RM100++ but can use for 5 years . . hehe tempting indeed... i like mascara and lashes . . expeacially eyes make up! XD neway will ask Yvonne-chan again about the brand name . .

here is the pics of the food! :

The greentea cup with geisha illus. . and Yvonne-chan choosing lunch =D

The menu! full with images =D lots of variety

Agedashi tofu? forgot how to spell =D

Tofu~~ If don have the spice thn it will be more nice and japan. . coz got the spicy thingy make it taste like Thai . .haha

Yvonne-chan's saba set~

Myra's tempura set. . she say as long got rice thn can ald =D haha tat is our Myra~

The bug's aka me ordered cold noodle. . haha soba dono what what = 3= my memory getting worst nowadays anyway taste nice! came with tempura desu!

My kate! <3 still experiment with it . .Deep eyes ( brown n black) and Dual Carat ( redish brown and pink)

Finally get to go out and walk around shopping mall. . but my legs damn pain coz the heels =D and i back n forth by train . . thn the bloody train was so crowded. . i mean where all these peoples come from? like ants crawling out fr the nest!! holyshit . . and someone else wallet got pickedpocket . . just in front of me . . ! Malaysia i love u . . i think tat victim hate you thou.. . the train was filled with diff range of human LOL is like boarding a train at vietnam or etc . . there are so many of the foreign workers. . guess all celebrating Hari Raya... OH YA HAPPY RAYA ALL!

Got back home and tired like hell but still dota till midnight =D yay!

Saturday, October 13, 2007

sunrise or sunset?

Sunrise or sunset ? which one u love the most?

Well for me this lazy person, i shall go for SUNSET! haha i can't wake up that early in the morning to watch the sunrise but i did woke up whn at Redang island. . to see sunrise and lucky to see turtle too! haha Anyway SUNSET! haha sunset happened to everyone of us without notice. . .mayb when you are bathing, ready for dinner or coming back fr classes... sunset just happen! Silently and slowly. . =D the ray of sunset just so soothing . . XD lol

Actually i don hate sun . . i don scare to get sunburn but it really does hurt our skin . . = = i just love to hav fun under the sun ! coz i afraid of dark. . . - - hoho

Sunset~~ so bright.

Sunbathing~ haha

On the way back to Kepong from Cyber