Sunday, October 31, 2010


Sunday, October 24, 2010

Buas by Charukphong Anuvong.

Congratulation my dear awesome posum buddy for winning the Best Animated Film award in the 23rd Film Festival Malaysia!!!! Words can't describe how happy and proud i feel for Charuk. I know he worked very hard for this short animation and it shows!

I love the story, simple yet impactful. Can't wait to see what he can do with full length film, and yes you promised me you gonna do it! DO IT BRO! I'm sorry i can't be there, i truly wanna be there and witness this glorious moment with you!

Here recap of this heart-felt warming 2d animation, BUAS, a little tale of vengeance and love, forgive and forget:

BUAS from Charukphong Anuvong on Vimeo.

p.s now you have no excuse to not start your short film!  *wink  i wish i can hug u now!

Twitter in bigger space.

Because i can type more than 150 words here and leave as much empty space i want to                                    
                  . Take that blank space! My real tweets: I am super excited that i finally came out with a big idea for my design. *crossed fingers* Time to make it work again and again.

& a picture :

toilet roll (more blank space) for your consideration.

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Black Swan by Darren Aronofsky.

One thing i hate about here is - they will never screen all those awesome movies in the cinema.

Black Swan, one of my most anticipated movie end-of-the-year 2010.

The movie is about ballerina dancer, Nina (Natalie Portman). With a former professional ballerina as mother, her life is suffocate with her mother's demand. Nina was selected as the main dancer for a new play, Swan Lake. Not long after came a new rivalry, Lily (Kunis). Nina was intrigued and competitive with the arrival of Lily. She wants to be perfect, and everything went twisted and weird. ( that is the synopsis...from the trailer, i think)

I think this movie is scary yet stunning (i am a timid person whn comes to horror). The posters of Black Swan are frighteningly beautiful, don't you agree? Stare at her eyes! Natalie Portman will fit this role perfectly. Can't wait for the movie!

Everyone want to be perfect in some way. Yes, I just want to be perfect.

i don't know what to put this as.

First week, hardly survive.

"Never doubt yourself, everyone have a purpose here in this world. Even the wind, the sea, the mountain."

What is my title here? What do i really want for myself?

"Just keep moving, just keep moving."

I'm trying, but do i have what it takes?

I want to scream. RAWR!!!


I have the strength, i am the chariot.  I won't stop, i can't stop. (yeaaa i got it from my tarot card)

know the meaning of this card?

@*$)!@*)@!$&$@!))&@$)!!_!_$*)!@*$)@&%&#%(#&#)&!)@$!@*$@_!*$)%&#(&%#)@&_!_!@*$_*_@!%*_!@*_!*%_!*%_!!!! (super motivation quotes for me & everyone)

Just find your zsa zsa zsu.

Monday, October 18, 2010

Before i step into this.

" Sleep early, you gonna work tomorrow!" Thats the statement i got from most of my friends just now.

But instead of listening to them, i ended up playing Monster Hunter Portable 3rd demo game for PSP. Yeah baby, finally i got to play it! My hunting skill seriously degraded.

Hello, mhp3rd.

The thing is, can you sleep well when the next day you ought to step into a totally new journey? (like going travel, somewhere far) Usually i can't sleep well or can't sleep at all. I'm feeling nervous, excited, my brain fill with thoughts... Thinking of all the 'What.. If?'

"No worry, first day is fun" my friend Charuk said. 

Screw my brain. I will expect a fun day tomorrow. I believe you Charuk! & hello to my new chapter, nice to meet you all. 

ps. cant wait for 1st Dec, the release of Monster Hunter Portable 3rd. ( gamer for life i guess )

Sunday, October 17, 2010

I see you.


In my dream, i saw you, i avoided you but you came for me, you hugged me, and i cried.

We were fine.

In the reality, i don't see you, you avoid me, we din't look for each other, no more hugs and we cried.

I guess we were fine too.

What happens, happens. Let's just live.

Saturday, October 16, 2010


Growing up is fun, getting income tax is another thing. Today i went to LHDN, Lembaga Hasil Dalam Negeri aka Income Tax for my country at PJ Trade Center. The architecture of that place is very cozy, modern soho kind of place but i dont know why government service kind of thing located there.

I know about tax, when you dine in restaurant, bill arrive with extra charges, the 5% gov tax and 10% service charge. Then now every year i will get tax! I feel like an 'adult' now somehow. But the problem is:

"Here are my details and my documents.."
"Can you fill in the address here too.."
"Ohh i forgot okay.." (so i stand and bend down on the table to write down the address)
"Hey, why don't you sit down (oohh she is nice) the way you write like this look very sexy, not good, you better sit!" (erm....i was wearing tee shirt with cardigan and a long skirt - - i don't get the sexy part)

"Here, done."
"Okay. But why do you want to open an account anyway? Your salary now 'besar' (a lot)?"
"Erm not really, i just gonna start working next monday, my boss asked me to open one account."
"Well if is not a lot you don't really have to, it would just make it more hassle. You have to come declare every year."
"(shit + i hate this hassle face) Ohhhhhhhhh.....i got no choice i guess."

So the problem is tax.

We do our responsible as citizen but do the government really spending our $ well for the country? I don't think so. Well i cant comment anything yet, i am not yet taxed. :D

Adult 101: If you want to open an account for income tax, bring along a set of photocopy IC and letter of offer (company). If your income less than 26k per year, dont even bother about it. Avoid it.

for the sake of kitty.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

No more Alice.

What a hectic week. Interview, running errands around, work.

I got a job as junior designer, starting next Monday. I hope every part of me is ready to embrace the harsh working world. *kung fu kick*


i am still not satisfy with the doctor's diagnosis. Be good.

work and health anxiety, well reading harry potter cast me away, for awhile.

Friday, October 8, 2010

Wes Anderson!

Notice that he like to use earth tone color, yellow, orange, brown in his movies. Is bright but is gloom.

Nevertheless i like it.

* I got my first job interview on the coming Monday. Butterfly in my stomach.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010


I'm not being sensitive nor imaginative in this.

I just not that well now. I know myself.

I need some sort of elixir to work. I need to move on already.

Yea. Fuck you.
(images from

Monday, October 4, 2010

The Fall by Tarsem Singh.

"A little blessing in disguise "

An amazing movie that i wanted to talk about for a long time (or i already talked about it?). I just *cough* downloaded *cough* this movie and i rewatch it again, today. Of course i would get the HD dvd / bluray version if i can find it.

The Fall a movie by Tarsem Singh, present by David Fincher and Spike Jonze is about a tale of a tale during the early 19th century in Los Angeles. Setting in the hospital, an injured stuntman make friend with a 5 years little girl with damaged arm and begins to tell her extraordinary story about 5 great heroic friends (with weird background). The epic adventure begins in the story told by the young man but without the will of living in the real world, he deceived the little girl into helping him getting... Okay spoiler alert.

I want to highlight some of my favourite parts:

1/ The opening scene of the movie. Black and white, slow motion capture every single movement and sequence perfectly frame the mood of the whole movie :) and the triumphant Symphony No.7 by Beethoven.

2/ The part when the young man was telling the story and when the film visualizing the tales, some parts were interrupted by the little girl when she not satisfied with the storyline. So the story of the storytelling intertwine with reality and make funny drastic changes.

3/ The location, setting of the movie...SUPERBLY AMAZING. So unreal but the director said he did not use any CG on the location. Love the vast desert with the contrast of colors.

4/ And the ending with the footages of the oldern stuntman in black and white again with the emotional driven soundtrack by Ludwig Van Beethoven. Masterpiece!

The Fall is visually stunning with captivating story bitterly sweet at the same time. Once again thank you my dear friend Charukphong for introducing this movie to me :) Love it.

This is the best rendition of the song:

Some fun trivia about this movie:

1/ The film was shot on 26 locations over 18 countries. 

2/The director claims that there are no special effects in the film despite its surreal looks. Everything was shot on real locations. 

Quote from here.

8 bit dream?

Saturday stayed up whole night, Sunday work briefing and tried my best to stay up and actually sleep at night. When i finally got to sleep, i had a pretty weird dream.

I dreamed that i almost went out on a date with Anamanaguchi's keybordist. But the thing is, they don't have any keyboardist in the band. :)) And i don't even know how they look like. I guess i listen to Another Winter (Scott Pilgrim game sountrack by them) too much... never overdose. It was a nice decent dream he, the-imaginative-keybordist-that-almost-dated-me wanted to give me a box labeled number 53. What is inside the box no.53? We will never know because (just like any drama movie) when i finally found and almost going to open the box, i woke up! Great.

Well it was raining, that explained everything huh?

* Number 53? Maybe i will find out more about it if i have recurring dream.

Attack of the 8 bit. Don't fall asleep! 

As you can see, no keybordist. 
Dream is unreal.


Sunday, October 3, 2010


Off to work's briefing in 6hours time.

Working 2 days as back up designer :)  somewhere far but i think worth it, despite the jam on glory Monday (soon) and Tuesday.

Hope all my creative mojos/technique still, well exceptional.

When i still have my rambo long hair.
Should i keep it short or long now? Hmm.

Psst. Do you know our body renew/regenerate every (around)7 years? Maybe i am experiencing that now, all that thing that happened to me, i am growing and changing. Well i am 22 years old so possible right? (0-7years, 7-14years, and 14-21years ) Hopefully taller pls dear body.

Body: " In your dream monkey!"