Saturday, October 16, 2010


Growing up is fun, getting income tax is another thing. Today i went to LHDN, Lembaga Hasil Dalam Negeri aka Income Tax for my country at PJ Trade Center. The architecture of that place is very cozy, modern soho kind of place but i dont know why government service kind of thing located there.

I know about tax, when you dine in restaurant, bill arrive with extra charges, the 5% gov tax and 10% service charge. Then now every year i will get tax! I feel like an 'adult' now somehow. But the problem is:

"Here are my details and my documents.."
"Can you fill in the address here too.."
"Ohh i forgot okay.." (so i stand and bend down on the table to write down the address)
"Hey, why don't you sit down (oohh she is nice) the way you write like this look very sexy, not good, you better sit!" (erm....i was wearing tee shirt with cardigan and a long skirt - - i don't get the sexy part)

"Here, done."
"Okay. But why do you want to open an account anyway? Your salary now 'besar' (a lot)?"
"Erm not really, i just gonna start working next monday, my boss asked me to open one account."
"Well if is not a lot you don't really have to, it would just make it more hassle. You have to come declare every year."
"(shit + i hate this hassle face) Ohhhhhhhhh.....i got no choice i guess."

So the problem is tax.

We do our responsible as citizen but do the government really spending our $ well for the country? I don't think so. Well i cant comment anything yet, i am not yet taxed. :D

Adult 101: If you want to open an account for income tax, bring along a set of photocopy IC and letter of offer (company). If your income less than 26k per year, dont even bother about it. Avoid it.

for the sake of kitty.


Drake Sigar said...

I saw a half naked picture on the reading list and came as fast as I could. No wait, I mean to the site. To look a- oh forget it.

Normaron said...

Looks like Jia Wen is getting some serious salary here =D

Madmazelle said...

Drake/ sorry to disappoint you with tax stuff instead of ahem.. you came fast thou :D haha!

Norman/ Not serious at all haha yours more serious i heard, tax!

Jon gregory said...

Whos in the picture wheres it from