Saturday, October 23, 2010

i don't know what to put this as.

First week, hardly survive.

"Never doubt yourself, everyone have a purpose here in this world. Even the wind, the sea, the mountain."

What is my title here? What do i really want for myself?

"Just keep moving, just keep moving."

I'm trying, but do i have what it takes?

I want to scream. RAWR!!!


I have the strength, i am the chariot.  I won't stop, i can't stop. (yeaaa i got it from my tarot card)

know the meaning of this card?

@*$)!@*)@!$&$@!))&@$)!!_!_$*)!@*$)@&%&#%(#&#)&!)@$!@*$@_!*$)%&#(&%#)@&_!_!@*$_*_@!%*_!@*_!*%_!*%_!!!! (super motivation quotes for me & everyone)

Just find your zsa zsa zsu.


Drake Sigar said...

No idea, hope it's not bad! All I know is that the death card means change.

Madmazelle said...

yea indeed. i like the death card.

about the chariot:
i'll tell u about the story of the card, as you can see theres a prince, riding on a chariot, behind is the city that he conquered, he not afraid to charge forward, determined to take over the world. He believe in his strength, power and faith that nothing is unbeatable. the black and white lion that driving the chariot represent will power and instinct (i guess), death and life.

so this card is about moving forward with full force!