Sunday, October 3, 2010


Off to work's briefing in 6hours time.

Working 2 days as back up designer :)  somewhere far but i think worth it, despite the jam on glory Monday (soon) and Tuesday.

Hope all my creative mojos/technique still, well exceptional.

When i still have my rambo long hair.
Should i keep it short or long now? Hmm.

Psst. Do you know our body renew/regenerate every (around)7 years? Maybe i am experiencing that now, all that thing that happened to me, i am growing and changing. Well i am 22 years old so possible right? (0-7years, 7-14years, and 14-21years ) Hopefully taller pls dear body.

Body: " In your dream monkey!"


Drake Sigar said...

You look a little like mini-mouse. :P

Madmazelle said...

that was before, now i am frankenstein zombie or monkey.