Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Set your mind.


I got sick of guessing and doubting my own health and myself. I guess the best way is to move on and make it work. I took out a paper and a pen, my dear old pal. Hardly touch a pen anymore these days.

Lines by lines i wrote down my " New Plans for Troubled Time".


(been reading a lot of harry potter lately, just bought the 6th book. Have to ready myself for the Harry Potter Theme Party.) The thing is, soon after i finish my list of plans. I got a call from my friend and he brought me some good news. Something related to my list of plans. Amazing isnt it?

Law of attraction is the b-omb!

When will i be better then?

Everyone is wearing a mask in your face.


Drake Sigar said...

But you're not going to tell us what these diabloical plans entail? O.o

Madmazelle said...

is not really diabolical, but rather realistic okay maybe a little hint of devilish.

*laugh in the toilet to get the echo*