Wednesday, September 8, 2010

The Album Leaf Live + Vintage.

I should really :

1/ Fix my camera.
2/ Buy new compact dslr camera.

With my situation now, both are not possible right at this moment. So, 1.3 mega pixels + laptop's webcam are the bomb.

Alright! Back to the title. I went to The Album Leaf live at Malaysia yesterday with KJ, Jav, Cheeling, Myrah and Adam (and his friends). We went to have our dinner at Ikea (meatballs and daim cake). Guess who we bumped into? Cheese, Sarah and friends. The world is so small. :)

The Album Leaf performance was very good live. Their music is those kind where u could sit down, relax and enjoy. Pure music pleasure. Visual at the back stage, leds light installation around the stage and wonderful music experience. Is not a rock concert where you can jump around and scream but definitely different. Couples would like it. ;) Chill and just hang out.

Towards the end, i sat down by the side with the rest and listen to their last encore. Lack of exercise = no stamina to stand for 2hours. Pictures are with Javs and Chee Ling! He got some very nice shots of the band.

Oh wait the vintage part? That night, for the girls we were all wearing vintage items or vintage inspired. Saja.

Just came back from The Album Leaf live in Malaysia. on

The Album Leaf ticket + Me in my 80's outerwear, made by my one and only mom (when she was like 20+?). She almost threw it away but i salvaged it. :)

Photos taken by Javad (my little bitch :)) ) Check out his mad awesome psycho's photos!:

Staring and laughter.

The Album Leaf.

CheeLing, me, Adam, KJ & Mahirah.
After the show.



书其 said...

why nobody told me that they were coming? >.<

Madmazelle said...

i got post on fb!!

asking who wanna go! u dint saw? hehe

i got videos! but bad quality if not i can let you reexperience it :)