Sunday, September 5, 2010

Come and Kidnap me.

Passion Pit oh Passion Pit won't you come to Malaysia and do an awesome live performance for me?

Sleepyhead [live] by Passion Pit ( also the Little Big Planet 2 trailer song ):

The Reeling (live concert) by Passion Pit, one of my all time fav:

They can bring Justin Bieber (blahhh) here why not Passion Pit??!

Anyway end with a very cutesy and lovely cover of Sleepy Head - Passion Pit by Run Toto Run:

Btw, i'm making my own pizza! With my choice of toppings: bacon, mushroom, tomatoes, pineapple, oregano, basil, cheddar and parmesan cheese. Wait i don't have mozarella cheese..... :(( but it gonna taste great no matter how. :))

Pizza + great music = Dancing people with pizza.

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