Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Set your mind.


I got sick of guessing and doubting my own health and myself. I guess the best way is to move on and make it work. I took out a paper and a pen, my dear old pal. Hardly touch a pen anymore these days.

Lines by lines i wrote down my " New Plans for Troubled Time".


(been reading a lot of harry potter lately, just bought the 6th book. Have to ready myself for the Harry Potter Theme Party.) The thing is, soon after i finish my list of plans. I got a call from my friend and he brought me some good news. Something related to my list of plans. Amazing isnt it?

Law of attraction is the b-omb!

When will i be better then?

Everyone is wearing a mask in your face.

Friday, September 24, 2010

Winter is coming.

My last summer song.

Why don't we just get lost at somewhere beautiful?

I miss the beach!

Happy Mid-Autumn.

Unintentionally celebrated Mid-Autumn Festival/mooncake festival/lantern festival.

Only two guests were invited + last minute lantern/candles shopping spree. Oh and mooncakes (but nobody like to eat it).

" Why we have to eat mooncakes and play latern on this festival? "
" Because during war time, some emperor want to send secret message to the army, so they hide msges in the mooncake. Lantern is just random."

Apparently i'm kinda wrong:
Moon cake comes from the Yuan Dynasty. During that time, people would not stand the cruel domination taking place, so many people staged uprisings to fight against the Yuan Dynasty rulers. Zhu Yuanzhang, the most prominent one, united all the people to start the uprisings. Unfortunately, government soldiers checked correspondences so strictly that it was hard for him to deliver messages to his fellow rebels. Soon the leader had a good idea: to hide messages in cake to inform his people. Finally the uprising succeeded, and Zhu Yuanzhang designated the "message cake" as the main food in the upcoming Mid-Autumn Festival. From then on, moon cake has always played an important role in the festival's celebrations. (quote from here)

So i am partially right, don't blame me.

The weather was bad, it rained. We played no brain game like " See whose candle burn out the fastest! ". The night ended with explosion. Well we played fireworks, the mini version.

Wait a minute, the best part was my dog got scared by the loud bang of explosion, it actually went inside of my house and climbed upstairs and got stuck. Damn dog peed all over the house. The rest is history.

Have you seen this amazing Harry Potter Deathly Hallows (Part 1) movie trailer?

I solemnly swear that i am up to no good! (inside joke, or is not a joke at all)

Tuesday, September 21, 2010


Salute to all the fanboys/girls out there for making this awesome Star Wars Uncut!

A compilation of all the scenes submitted by filmmakers around the world and snow roll into one big kick ass Star Wars! Wootz! (why i dint know about this project earlier?)

Each of the filmmaker claim 15 seconds of the original scenes (the full starwars movie) and refilm the scene with their own creativity.

Enjoy the show! I'm on my way to mind blasting bombastic excellent show!

Monday, September 20, 2010

Devil by my side.

What a day and what a night.

I drove to my friend, Aizly's place for his open house feast. His place was pretty far and unfamiliar but i made it with the help of GPS. Tech-no-logic. I'm still find it hard to trust the GPS, somehow i think it will lead me to somewhere strange.

In the end, i needed it the most. Why? My friend told me the route but i missed one turning and everything went terribly wrong :)

"Okay... i made the wrong turn, that curvy road was the road my friend told me just now! Damn. Okay i still have my GPS."
*Check on GPS* "GPS battery low." *Blank screen*
"NOOOO GPS NOOOOOOOOOOOOO I NEED YOU!!! I'M SORRY I SHOULD HAVE TRUSTED YOU" screamed in agony inside my tiny little confined space.

Thankfully i made it back to familiar places with the help of human most basic instinct - sense of commonsense. Oh wait is sense of direction.

* Later went to watch 'Devil' the movie with my friends & guess what? My rear tyre burst halfway on my way back. We made it home because we met two helpful person. In this wee hours anything can happen, so i am grateful.

Moral of the story: GPS is a bitch. (blame tyre on GPS too)

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Seeing you again.

You are fine. I'm glad.

What about me?

Saturday, September 18, 2010


My first wtf post.

40mins ago, i was ecstatic that i found back the guitar pick my friend gave me (all the way from scotland!). After playing with it, i left it on my bed. It was much easier and better to play with (for finger picking). The moment where i wanted to play my guitar again, but i cant find my guitar pick. Wait a minute, it  was there a sec ago and...

VANISHED in thin air.

I swear i put it near my guitar and when i want to grab it, 'poof', gone.

I raid my whole room just to look for that black guitar pick.

Kj  :" Guitar pick is a bitch. They always disappear. Get used to it." 
Me :" But i just found it!!"
Kj   :" Well guitar pick is babi."

When i just found back my guitar pick.  
I was so happy i took a photo with it. 

Damn impossible man, how can it just disappear like that! *ransack my bed again*


*finally getting use to the fact that i lost my first guitar pick in front of me. *strum with fingers*

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Monster Hunter Portable 3rd!!

Yay! Finally is here is here! I am so excited like a small kid anticipating for chocolate icecream.

01/12/2010, 1st of Dec is the date! Less than 3 months, well i can wait!

Definitely playing this! Lets play this together :)


I found my parent's old guitar in the storeroom while i was looking for the room key to unlock my room. Yes i locked myself out from my own room.

After 2 days of neglecting the new found toy, finally today i tuned it back to normal and refresh my chords.
Damn i forgot all, my brain is not functioning well. After warming up for 30mins, i tried and read the guitar tabs. Wow now i know how to read it and am practicing how to play Yeah Yeah Yeah's Phenomena! My friend KJ played before, i think is pretty cool, i wanna try it on a electronic guitar! ( mine is an old normal guitar )

Jing Jing jing jing JIng jing JING!

'Strumming' guitar (i think i doing it wrong) at 4am in the morning.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Dinner is served!

Bon Appetit! Madmazelle's cuisine :

Bacon Wrapped Potatoes with Cheese sprinkles and Mustard Apple sauce.
FYI, nothing can goes wrong with bacon! yay!

Oven BBQ Cajun Chicken with Cherry Tomatoes.
Well, the gravy all dried out but the chicken taste not bad and tender!

Lemon Bars! I used 80% brown sugar for the filling. 
Health conscious. I really like this recipe, very yummy!

Dinner is served.

Prepared by me. I give myself 8/10. (pat on my shoulder)
-2 for the chicken cause of the gravy!

*See the previous post for recipes, if i can do it, you definitely can :)

Friday, September 10, 2010

Sous Chef in Command!

I love cooking, it is fun, experimental and adventurous! Why sous chef? Cause i'm used to be the one helping the main chef (my mom or sis) while they were cooking in the kitchen. Now i am going to challenge myself and cook 3 course meals for my sister and cousin. Parents went to Northern part of Malaysia for holidays, lucky them :)

On this lovely Hari Raya evening, two worlds shall meet and fight! meat will be on fire! Sinners will join the dark side! I can these might sound misleading, what i meant is:

Starter: Bacon Wrapped Potatoes Cubes with Sour Cream. ( two worlds, veggie and meat met and tangled together) / Recipe.

Main: Oven Barbecued Chicken with Gravy. ( meat = chicken, fire = bbq so meat will be on fire) / Recipe.

Dessert: Lemon Bars. (Sweet indulgence, entirely sinful.) / Recipe.

I am so amazed at my own justification :D With the help of the recipes from all over the internet, i will alter my way there for tonight feast!

Happy Hari Raya to all my dear friends who were celebrating this festive season!

*Photos will be up soon! Time to start cooking!

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

The Album Leaf Live + Vintage.

I should really :

1/ Fix my camera.
2/ Buy new compact dslr camera.

With my situation now, both are not possible right at this moment. So, 1.3 mega pixels + laptop's webcam are the bomb.

Alright! Back to the title. I went to The Album Leaf live at Malaysia yesterday with KJ, Jav, Cheeling, Myrah and Adam (and his friends). We went to have our dinner at Ikea (meatballs and daim cake). Guess who we bumped into? Cheese, Sarah and friends. The world is so small. :)

The Album Leaf performance was very good live. Their music is those kind where u could sit down, relax and enjoy. Pure music pleasure. Visual at the back stage, leds light installation around the stage and wonderful music experience. Is not a rock concert where you can jump around and scream but definitely different. Couples would like it. ;) Chill and just hang out.

Towards the end, i sat down by the side with the rest and listen to their last encore. Lack of exercise = no stamina to stand for 2hours. Pictures are with Javs and Chee Ling! He got some very nice shots of the band.

Oh wait the vintage part? That night, for the girls we were all wearing vintage items or vintage inspired. Saja.

Just came back from The Album Leaf live in Malaysia. on

The Album Leaf ticket + Me in my 80's outerwear, made by my one and only mom (when she was like 20+?). She almost threw it away but i salvaged it. :)

Photos taken by Javad (my little bitch :)) ) Check out his mad awesome psycho's photos!:

Staring and laughter.

The Album Leaf.

CheeLing, me, Adam, KJ & Mahirah.
After the show.


Monday, September 6, 2010

One of the greatest invention!

Hubble! Hubble telescope!

All those insanely beautiful pictures of the cosmos were all captured by Hubble in space. Now Hubble is celebrating its 20th anniversary. I just sent a message to Hubble. I don't know why, i checked out the Hubble web and found this event and really wanted to be part of Hubble history.

Yesterday i saw the documentary of upgrading Hubble in the space (which orbiting around the earth). Scientist had created better lens for Hubble to see further (gazillion lighyears away?). Remember all the wonderful mysterious images of Nebula, Supernova etc. now with the newly equipped gizmo Hubble might even able to trace back the Big Bang.

Everytime i see the images of galaxy, my eyes would go teary, i am so touch. Is like a speed journey to outerspace which i think i will never able to go in my lifetime. Hubble gave me an opportunity to experience the insight of the vast universe, how can such wonder exist just outside our own home. It feel like i can almost grab the universe in my hand. I dreamed of being an astronaut when i was little, i even wrote it in my ambition list in school.

Hubble, such humble and cute little name but with enormous ability to capture infinity and beyond.

INSANELY BEAUTIFUL!! i am speechless:

Images from various sources from the net, taken by Hubble.

 Thank you Hubble for the wonderful journey. :)


Morning i got a call from the nurse regarding my test result (i was still asleep!). Finally i can know whats wrong with me. Went to the clinic with the accompany of my friend, Kay. We waited there for almost 1 hour and it rained heavily. Is this a good sign?

Apparently raining heavily doesn't mean bad luck, haha. I got back my result and i was okay, i am okay. Yay!

I will be fine.

I'm going to see The Album Leaf music performance tomorrow. Definitely gonna be chill and relax. The genre of their music is more to ambient, soft rock, electronic i guess.

Check them out!

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Come and Kidnap me.

Passion Pit oh Passion Pit won't you come to Malaysia and do an awesome live performance for me?

Sleepyhead [live] by Passion Pit ( also the Little Big Planet 2 trailer song ):

The Reeling (live concert) by Passion Pit, one of my all time fav:

They can bring Justin Bieber (blahhh) here why not Passion Pit??!

Anyway end with a very cutesy and lovely cover of Sleepy Head - Passion Pit by Run Toto Run:

Btw, i'm making my own pizza! With my choice of toppings: bacon, mushroom, tomatoes, pineapple, oregano, basil, cheddar and parmesan cheese. Wait i don't have mozarella cheese..... :(( but it gonna taste great no matter how. :))

Pizza + great music = Dancing people with pizza.

Saturday night.

Movie, out of ticker.
Karaoke, most expensive on Saturday.
Go to Genting at midnight? Freaking far and exhausting.

What do i want to do on a Saturday night?

Sit in my room, watch an awesome movie and snack my night out.

Now where did i kept all my movies .........................

p.s btw i think i am going to Korea on December!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Sunshine outdoor hang out songs.

The title is a little lame, alright very lame.

But these songs aren't!:

Longing for a road trip under the sun, but ...the heck with but! I'm gonna make a theme party!

Enjoy weekends!


Officially think that the world is really sick.

Girl throwing puppies into the river. :(

3D news.

Guess what i found in my everyday newspaper today? A 3D spec! & a few pages of 3D images for you to look at.

A little surprise at the corner of the newspaper.


Now i know why the piercing beast eyes from the advert (nuffnang). This is actually viral marketing for Panasonic Viera 3D full HD. So, 3D experience at the comfort of your own space, anyone? ;)

Still, 3D is over-rated. (puff away)

*luckily this ad is not for Avatar.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

IF we can land a men on the moon, surely i can win your heart.

I think that is one of the quote from Scott Pilgrim. I must say, the game is definitely entertaining and fun to play with friends or in my case, cousin. haha.

We beat the last boss today and our trick is? : GRAB ANY STICK AND JUST WHACK'EM! 

I'm definitely gonna replay again and again to unlock more characters and yeah pay Scott's debt :)  And another + for the game is the soundtrack! It was lovely and awesome by a band - Anamanaguchi.

This is one of my favourite track from the game:

8 bit music is awesome :))

*back to the game.