Monday, September 20, 2010

Devil by my side.

What a day and what a night.

I drove to my friend, Aizly's place for his open house feast. His place was pretty far and unfamiliar but i made it with the help of GPS. Tech-no-logic. I'm still find it hard to trust the GPS, somehow i think it will lead me to somewhere strange.

In the end, i needed it the most. Why? My friend told me the route but i missed one turning and everything went terribly wrong :)

"Okay... i made the wrong turn, that curvy road was the road my friend told me just now! Damn. Okay i still have my GPS."
*Check on GPS* "GPS battery low." *Blank screen*
"NOOOO GPS NOOOOOOOOOOOOO I NEED YOU!!! I'M SORRY I SHOULD HAVE TRUSTED YOU" screamed in agony inside my tiny little confined space.

Thankfully i made it back to familiar places with the help of human most basic instinct - sense of commonsense. Oh wait is sense of direction.

* Later went to watch 'Devil' the movie with my friends & guess what? My rear tyre burst halfway on my way back. We made it home because we met two helpful person. In this wee hours anything can happen, so i am grateful.

Moral of the story: GPS is a bitch. (blame tyre on GPS too)


Drake Sigar said...

This is GPS discrimination; I shall alert the proper authorities.

Madmazelle said...

Haha you are funny. & who are the proper authorities for GPS discrimination? G.P.S (GPS Protection Security)?

Drake Sigar said...

I think they changed it to Digital Inventions League Denouncing Oppression (DILDO).

Madmazelle said...

impressive name they have there.

i guess GPS is in the right hand of DILDOs. :)

Dorothy Jen said...

blame tyre on GPS! *like*

ohyeah i remember how bitchy GPS was on me 2 weeks ago.. from Bkt tinggi back to Penang took me almost 6 effin hours, can u believe it literally took me back to KL 1st? BIATCH!

Madmazelle said...

back to kl haha tech-no-logic!

confirm: GPS is biatch!

Dorothy Jen said...

BIATchh positive!