Friday, October 24, 2008

Ha Ha

Just now i took out my dslr and clean it. =) 

I should get ready for my trip to Sabah. Is a 6 days long trip~ i wonder what should i bring? My laptop? LOL just kidding. I gonna climb up to the mountain and down to the sea~ woohoo~ 

Too bad not going to mark my footsteps at the highest peak of mount Kinabalu and water rafting at Padas river. . . and my dear Sipadan~ maybe nex time .. . but i really want to try the water rafting lo...i not afraid of the fact that a German tourist died last year coz of Padas raft but .... the freaking price!! is RM180 to 200. = =" well 2 hrs water rafting....worth it anot?? shld i??

pics grab fr web..not mine~

 i will try and see if i can get my way to the ride~ woohoo~

i really shld start packing = 3=

ops is friday











wooo~ sabah here i come!

Monday, October 20, 2008

The only thing i can do is keep breathing

i got this illness again. izit an illness? or a condition. not sure. 

can't breathe well and my chest hurt. 

the only thing i can do is keep breathing. 

Saturday, October 18, 2008

17 is a good date

Yesterday finished my last paper ( moral exam) and holiday is on! woohooo.... 1st thing i did when i got home was racing ! wahaha OKei is just a game in my psp - NFS own the city. Me like need for speed! =) speed to live fast, die young. hahaaa

Later, after got bored of racing i played dota, since nobody was free to play with me so i joined some games. Good news is i got godlike!! I know is not big deal for some ppl ( " ala i can godlike evrytime i play") but for me i like it. blow!

I used Spectre WAHAHAA. anyway is a 3 v 5 game coz our teammate leave game. They probably thought that we are loosing coz we keep dying at first..thx to night stalker. well in the end we breaked all their barracks and towers. wahaha and i godliked. happy:

Later that night, i followed my roommate Von to clubbing. We were celebrating Von's cousin bday~ HAPPY BIRHTDAY TO YOU ! actually i plan not to go cause i got nothing to wear man, all my clothes are in Kepong. = = BUT end up going anyway. We supposed to go to Quattro but the place was full with humans. oh well poppy it is & was the 1st time i got tipsy. I think i drank alot lo, pure chivas. wahhahaaaa.... $$ & met lots new chicks siak.  dance till my legs patah haha. It was an awesome night besides the crowded dancefloor, cheesy songs and yea PACK!.

Bday gal, me, Amy, Von outside poppy.

Von keep puking after that, haha hope shes fine now. =D 

p.s Keat you missed out the fun! awahahaa

to celebrate 17 download this song : Css - Music is my Hot Hot Sex.mp3(zshare)

me like to dance! woho

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

2 and 5!

2 is the new damn thing because there are LocoRoco 2 and Patapon 2! 

5 is the ka-boom because of Level 5's production - Ushiro!

Okei...before you all assume that my brain is farting with nonsense, i am talking about PSP's newest games. These 3 games are review and preview in TGS 2008 and i definitely going to get my hands on these games!! 

Let's start with the cutest game in PSP - LocoRoco 2 ( the game that made me look like and idiot by making me twist and turn my own PSP, literally):

From the vids, we can see the new places...and afro balls? That is weird.

Another 2 is the Patapon 2~ Pata Pata Pata pon! What interesting about 2 is because you can have 4 ! Which mean you are now able to lan with 3 of your friends in the game. Teamwork is crucial...what if one of your fren is haleluya :

Pon Pon Pata Pon~

Last but not 2 is 5! haha I like Ushiro.. cause it look dark and twisty and me like evil thingy. "Level-5, developers of Jeanne d'arc on PSP, have just announced a new horror-themed RPG called Ushiro. Players will take on the role of a death god (shinigami) to help people fulfill their wishes, and fight monsters along the way. It's scheduled for a release next year"

I am loving my psp now!! wahahahaaaaaa don't forget the FF:dissidia, Kingdom Hearts : Birth by Sleep ~ GET a psp now!

Sunday II Playground

After the cheese fest, i feel the urge to get some exercise. . HAHA so i drag all of them along for a stroll at the playground. The playground is very near my hse and just upgraded with many infrastructure! lol. 

When is the last time i play in playground. . . N years ago i think. Me love playground cause there will always have tadpoles. =D me like to see tadpoles swim around in the mud. Don't forget the swing . . .. swing! 

Hmm. i wonder what are they doing? =)

Some emo student vandalised the playground with emo words
"我喜欢了一个女(he write wrong stroke for this word)子是读maluri的 
但不知道她喜不喜欢我 T_T"
"I like a gal that study in maluri, but i not sure she like me anot T_T"
fucktard.... tell her la babi.

After around 1 hr, we decided to go swimming and went back but the sad thing is the sky start crying. = = damn. fine go cry with the sissy boy!


Sunday I Cheese Fondue

Wake up on a Sunday morning, the best thing to do is make cheese fondue for tea time! XD cheh. I've been craving for Cheese Fondue ever since cheese fondue existed but i never get the chance to taste it.. . ... Some people born with bad luck ey BUT my magnanimous~ cousin decided to make cheese fondue for me! ( okay for us) so we checked the recipe on line and grab a ride to the nearest supa-market! 

The ingredients cost almost RM90. = =" damn, just some different cheeses, crackers, bacon, milk, cream and is not sharkfin or what so ever. Oh ya and wine anyone? ( just sparkling juice~ )
Anyway BIG THX to my cousin XueMin~ for sponsoring this fabulous cheese fondue!

Later, we got back home start preparing for our fondue, monsiuer~ :

Fry some bacons first~

Got no French Toast so i toast some 
Gardenia Toast~ XD

After much preparation . . ..  tada look abit 'qi mo qi yong' , rite? hehe :

From the left we got toasts,crackers, the cheese pot and bacons!

The Cheese Crew! LOL Min, Me and Apple.

I hope is wine! 
" This taste good okay~ " Fine. XD

Lovely crazy cous - Apple & bacon.

The cheese~ milky white... @@ weird haha
Lame slow cooker really damn slow, the cheese just won't melt. - -

My sis finally wake up and join our sinful journey~ haha

I seeing cheese everywhere, literally.


Eventhough the cheese is er... not totally melt but overall it taste not bad. REALLY NOT BAD AFTER ALL. btw i currently attracted to AFC channel! all the good foods appear in the TV screen....fuck. i wan to have a food trip!

Monday, October 13, 2008

Monster Hunter Tri

Wuuuu~ I wish i at Tokyo Game Show ! YEAH TGS 2008 is already over but is the beginning of a new, exciting year for PSP, PS3, Wii and NDS~ 

Well i saw the Monster Hunter TRI TRAILER and now hunter can go deep down into the sea and slice some fish. HAHA Don't you think is weird to use great sword to kill sea monster? Great sword suppose to be huge and heavy and i think i will sink lo. = 3=

Still i am very exicited to get my hand on this game... i love monster hunter ! hehe. Some gameplay videos from TGS :

Since Monster Hunter Tri is release in Wii, the control is gonna be interesting too :

arrgghh can't wait for the game! 

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Why you cry?

Lately, i can see tears in grandpa eyes.
It hurts my heart to see him in this condition.

I just came back from grandma hse, and grandpa was teary again. I don't know what to say to comfort him. I just showed him my bloated face, make my face big and small haha,  he used to do that when he was still okay. Surprisingly he followed my action! haha brings back memories. 

Yet i can still sensed sadness in his eyes. i asked:

"Gong Gong, are you happy?"

He did not answered me. . . but tears were falling out from his eyes. The tears were to painful for me to see. I wiped away his tears, hope to take away his sorrow too. I miss the day when Gong Gong can talk all his story and thoughts to me, i miss the day when he argue with my grandma, i miss the day when he bring me go out and buy "si ham" for me to eat. I miss my healthy grandpa. I wish my grandpa get well soon. I don't want to see him suffer anymore. He deserve better than this. PLEASE GET BETTER! 

I miss my grandpa's loving voice.

Gong Gong Ngai Oi Ngi.  

Friday, October 10, 2008

Old sch

Just now i found back a old movie that i love very much - Enemy Of the States.  It was the first spy, scandal, government, corrupt politician related movie that i like! I think i just told Cheese about this movie yesterday and tada~ i got it! 

wahahaaa happy. 


3 hrs of dota. =D

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Time to Get Scare again~

I am so happy and excited! Just found out that Wii is releasing Fatal Frame IV! The game is already out in Japan , am not sure they will release in europe anot but i will play anyway! IS A MUST PLAY! I know the Fatal Frame 3 is very dissapointing but FF4 looks way better and more interesting. ME LIKE WEIRD RITUAL AND SACRIFICE STORY! wahahaaa 

Well lets flash back to my fav horror game - Fatal Frame 2 Crimson Butterfly. FYI , FF2 was the first game i played in my PS2. I still remember i bought my PS2 and the first game i tested with it was this chio scare-shit-out-of-me game :

Me like the story of this game. 
Dark and twisty.

Mia and Mayo? forgot their names.
OH is Mio and Maya. ops

Aww the good old days~ 
Take nice photo with them~ chasing around~~ 

Me and Ying used to play this game together after a exhausting class. Well after game we felt more tired ey? haha We screamed and yelled around in my house while playing this game. - -" IF you think that we did not finished the game, you are so fucking wrong! WE finished it! wahaha We are so awesome. =D 

OKay shall stop reminiscing the past and focus on the future! ~

Fatal Frame IV : The Mask of The Lunar Eclipse 

The fourth installment of the Fatal Frame series was developed for the Wii in co-production with Grasshopper Manufacture.Tentatively titled Fatal Frame IV: Mask of the Lunar Eclipseand published by Nintendo.

10 years prior to the events of the game, five young girls were captured and held hostage by a criminal in a mysterious house on Rougetsu Island. They were eventually rescued by Choushiro Kirishima, a detective pursuing the criminal. Several years after the incident, two of the girls (Marie Shinomiya and Tomoe Nanamura) died mysteriously. The three remaining girls, Misaki Asou, Ruka Minazuki, and Madoka Tsukimori, now 17 years old, return to the island to recover their lost memories and find out more of what happened that day. Choushiro follows the girls at the request of Ruka's mother, Sayaka Minazuki.

The story might sound dull but wait till you see the trailer. . . ! 

Can't wait to be scare by fatal frame ~ ahah if only i got wii. Shoosh! 

I found out that the main characters in Fatal Frame game are mostly Short Hair! My brain suggest that the reason why they all have short hair is so that they wont mix up with ther ghost. .  ghost usually have freaking long hair & is scary. Hehe Make sense rite? 

To spice out more : "NGamer gave the game a score of 90%.[6] Edge gave the game an 8/10, praising its 'unprecedented horror interaction. "

Conclusion: Now i got more reason to buy Wii~ Monster hunter 3... cute rpg and this awesome game. hehe BUT is kinda weird that this game is not gonna release in PS3 since the 1 ,2, 3 was out in PS2. 

Attention to all photographer~ buy this game and test your aiming skill!  With camera obscura, you can now shoot multiple ghost in one shot, super auto focus~ and power up ( to shoot more powerful ghosts) muahaha ( sound like ..... )

Love Story

When clearing some of my folders, i found this notepad. Entitled love. I think i am trying to write a love story but i failed : 

this is a story. a love story. 

there was a girl who don't believed in all these bull shits. I know this is a typical storyline.

Wait and see. You will soon discover the true meaning of what is bull shit.

i like him.

He dislike me.

i like him still.

he dislike me.

giv up.

move on.

This is a true love story.

Now you know why the love story failed.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Almost die in jungle.

Few days ago, i went to FRIM aka supposingly famous protected forest in Malaysia. I woke up before the sun come out. . . surprising ey? HAHA i've been dota till early morning everyday and it was quite miracle for me to wake up and go to such 'healthy' place. 

I think i was tempted to go try the natural-free-of-charge fish spa!! YEA guys, we don't need to pay like RM25 for a freaking 30min of fish spa. ANYWAY! I decided to bring my dslr along .. since he always hiding in the dark and i think he like to experience more before he bury in the dark forever? HAHA Okei i brounght my DSLR along. 

Before that, go makan breakfast at my dad's fav place.... a chinese hawker shop 原记. Seriously ever since i was borned, 20 years makan there...OH well.

come out mr.sun.

The forever place.

I decided to eat Super Spicy Wan Tan Mee. 
Yup itu ialah mosque. 

My breakfast..U can't get this in Cyberjaya.

My dad's fav TEH. Thats why 20 years nonstop.

A women toleration. HAHAHAAA! 
laugh die me. (笑死我..)

After a 'sumptious' breakfast, we went straight to FRIM! Long time ago, the entrance to FRIM is free but now we have to pay for the entrance. The security guard there even makan kopi. SUSAH. haha. Can't blame them..Malaysia is such a rich country. RICH WITH FLORA AND FAUNA!

Along the way, i saw many people..human..homosapien..damn. Aren't nature suppose to be peaceful? The serenity~Where does the good go? Dad was amazed with all the people. He said usually when he went there, the only human were him and my mom. " Er you always go at weird hours? "  -_-

First thing first, GO TO THE MINI WATERFALL TO  SEARCH FOR FISH SPA! wahahaa You gotta cross a bridge, climb few steps and TADA~ the lil pond.

Mom playing with my dslr =D
slow shutter speed? 

Fishy like me. Me like fishy. 
Is fucking geli at first and i can't stop laughing. 

All the fishes were attracted to my feet... even though my mom's and dad's feet were in the water, they just like mine! wahaha The power of youngster's skin! more tasty ey~

Careful. The bridge is falling down!!

After the fish spa, my parents suggested to go for a canoy walk. Is around 500m high and i had to climb it. I thought it was easy. . . since i am healthy and strong ( this thoughts lead me to hell)
walk walk walk climb climb climb. . . those two old aunty and uncle were so slow~~ keep climb and walk ... (死顶)  I even took some pic of them cause i was ahead of them and they like to stop and rest but i dont like to. Happy me , overtake some aunty and uncle HAHAAAAA but i was wrong. When almost reached the top, and they stop again to rest. This was when i almost die in jungle. HAHAA I can't breathe well suddenly, suffocating. My face was pale and white like vampire from Twilight HAHAAA. ahem & i almost black-out and faint. I saw bright light~~~~~ FLASH BACK~~~~ Shooo~~

FYI, i am still alive. After rest...I AM OKAY! wahahaa eventhough the destination just 5min away but i decided to go back down to normal earth. Well i got date in OU later with my cousin haha tats why i survived?

Spotted. 2 tongkat aunty & uncle.

I hope i wont dissolve here. =)

Saturday, October 4, 2008


Rest before the long journey. Churp churp.
i wish i am a bird!
*shot this on early morning

My dawg! Call him PuiKia. 
He like to jump on me! Espeacially whn i wear white attire. - -

An old sch love song. Heard this song from saTc and fell in love with it.  Is not that cheesy like current pop love song. hehe

Sade - By Your Side (zshare)

Thursday, October 2, 2008


damn. addicted to dota once again! 


after almost 1 year apart i am back in dota! COME GARENA and play with me. i am pretty free now. kekez.

id: madmazelle