Tuesday, October 14, 2008

2 and 5!

2 is the new damn thing because there are LocoRoco 2 and Patapon 2! 

5 is the ka-boom because of Level 5's production - Ushiro!

Okei...before you all assume that my brain is farting with nonsense, i am talking about PSP's newest games. These 3 games are review and preview in TGS 2008 and i definitely going to get my hands on these games!! 

Let's start with the cutest game in PSP - LocoRoco 2 ( the game that made me look like and idiot by making me twist and turn my own PSP, literally):

From the vids, we can see the new features..new places...and afro balls? That is weird.

Another 2 is the Patapon 2~ Pata Pata Pata pon! What interesting about 2 is because you can have 4 ! Which mean you are now able to lan with 3 of your friends in the game. Teamwork is crucial...what if one of your fren is er...off-beat? haleluya :

Pon Pon Pata Pon~

Last but not 2 is 5! haha I like Ushiro.. cause it look dark and twisty and me like evil thingy. "Level-5, developers of Jeanne d'arc on PSP, have just announced a new horror-themed RPG called Ushiro. Players will take on the role of a death god (shinigami) to help people fulfill their wishes, and fight monsters along the way. It's scheduled for a release next year"

I am loving my psp now!! wahahahaaaaaa don't forget the FF:dissidia, Kingdom Hearts : Birth by Sleep ~ GET a psp now!

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