Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Sunday I Cheese Fondue

Wake up on a Sunday morning, the best thing to do is make cheese fondue for tea time! XD cheh. I've been craving for Cheese Fondue ever since cheese fondue existed but i never get the chance to taste it.. . ... Some people born with bad luck ey BUT my magnanimous~ cousin decided to make cheese fondue for me! ( okay for us) so we checked the recipe on line and grab a ride to the nearest supa-market! 

The ingredients cost almost RM90. = =" damn, just some different cheeses, crackers, bacon, milk, cream and is not sharkfin or what so ever. Oh ya and wine anyone? ( just sparkling juice~ )
Anyway BIG THX to my cousin XueMin~ for sponsoring this fabulous cheese fondue!

Later, we got back home start preparing for our fondue, monsiuer~ :

Fry some bacons first~

Got no French Toast so i toast some 
Gardenia Toast~ XD

After much preparation . . ..  tada look abit 'qi mo qi yong' , rite? hehe :

From the left we got toasts,crackers, the cheese pot and bacons!

The Cheese Crew! LOL Min, Me and Apple.

I hope is wine! 
" This taste good okay~ " Fine. XD

Lovely crazy cous - Apple & bacon.

The cheese~ milky white... @@ weird haha
Lame slow cooker really damn slow, the cheese just won't melt. - -

My sis finally wake up and join our sinful journey~ haha

I seeing cheese everywhere, literally.


Eventhough the cheese is er... not totally melt but overall it taste not bad. REALLY NOT BAD AFTER ALL. btw i currently attracted to AFC channel! all the good foods appear in the TV screen....fuck. i wan to have a food trip!

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