Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Sunday II Playground

After the cheese fest, i feel the urge to get some exercise. . HAHA so i drag all of them along for a stroll at the playground. The playground is very near my hse and just upgraded with many infrastructure! lol. 

When is the last time i play in playground. . . N years ago i think. Me love playground cause there will always have tadpoles. =D me like to see tadpoles swim around in the mud. Don't forget the swing . . .. swing! 

Hmm. i wonder what are they doing? =)

Some emo student vandalised the playground with emo words
"我喜欢了一个女(he write wrong stroke for this word)子是读maluri的 
但不知道她喜不喜欢我 T_T"
"I like a gal that study in maluri, but i not sure she like me anot T_T"
fucktard.... tell her la babi.

After around 1 hr, we decided to go swimming and went back but the sad thing is the sky start crying. = = damn. fine go cry with the sissy boy!


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