Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Almost die in jungle.

Few days ago, i went to FRIM aka supposingly famous protected forest in Malaysia. I woke up before the sun come out. . . surprising ey? HAHA i've been dota till early morning everyday and it was quite miracle for me to wake up and go to such 'healthy' place. 

I think i was tempted to go try the natural-free-of-charge fish spa!! YEA guys, we don't need to pay like RM25 for a freaking 30min of fish spa. ANYWAY! I decided to bring my dslr along .. since he always hiding in the dark and i think he like to experience more before he bury in the dark forever? HAHA Okei i brounght my DSLR along. 

Before that, go makan breakfast at my dad's fav place.... a chinese hawker shop 原记. Seriously ever since i was borned, 20 years makan there...OH well.

come out mr.sun.

The forever place.

I decided to eat Super Spicy Wan Tan Mee. 
Yup itu ialah mosque. 

My breakfast..U can't get this in Cyberjaya.

My dad's fav TEH. Thats why 20 years nonstop.

A women toleration. HAHAHAAA! 
laugh die me. (笑死我..)

After a 'sumptious' breakfast, we went straight to FRIM! Long time ago, the entrance to FRIM is free but now we have to pay for the entrance. The security guard there even makan kopi. SUSAH. haha. Can't blame them..Malaysia is such a rich country. RICH WITH FLORA AND FAUNA!

Along the way, i saw many people..human..homosapien..damn. Aren't nature suppose to be peaceful? The serenity~Where does the good go? Dad was amazed with all the people. He said usually when he went there, the only human were him and my mom. " Er you always go at weird hours? "  -_-

First thing first, GO TO THE MINI WATERFALL TO  SEARCH FOR FISH SPA! wahahaa You gotta cross a bridge, climb few steps and TADA~ the lil pond.

Mom playing with my dslr =D
slow shutter speed? 

Fishy like me. Me like fishy. 
Is fucking geli at first and i can't stop laughing. 

All the fishes were attracted to my feet... even though my mom's and dad's feet were in the water, they just like mine! wahaha The power of youngster's skin! more tasty ey~

Careful. The bridge is falling down!!

After the fish spa, my parents suggested to go for a canoy walk. Is around 500m high and i had to climb it. I thought it was easy. . . since i am healthy and strong ( this thoughts lead me to hell)
walk walk walk climb climb climb. . . those two old aunty and uncle were so slow~~ keep climb and walk ... (死顶)  I even took some pic of them cause i was ahead of them and they like to stop and rest but i dont like to. Happy me , overtake some aunty and uncle HAHAAAAA but i was wrong. When almost reached the top, and they stop again to rest. This was when i almost die in jungle. HAHAA I can't breathe well suddenly, suffocating. My face was pale and white like vampire from Twilight HAHAAA. ahem & i almost black-out and faint. I saw bright light~~~~~ FLASH BACK~~~~ Shooo~~

FYI, i am still alive. After rest...I AM OKAY! wahahaa eventhough the destination just 5min away but i decided to go back down to normal earth. Well i got date in OU later with my cousin haha tats why i survived?

Spotted. 2 tongkat aunty & uncle.

I hope i wont dissolve here. =)

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