Tuesday, February 27, 2007

bkun = =

bkun fighting wif me = =
he don wan coi me...keep quiet there i wonder if he miss his fren alot ?

juz now feed some food to him thn he don wan eat i go out wash hand come back the food gone...
sei b zai

i feed him again...he no eat
now i try go out see if he eat anot

back fr toilet..

wtf! he still don wan eat!

= = sleep..no mood do assignment ...my model oso no mood pose for me HEH

bkun eat the food with my present ! wahaha i win!

Monday, February 26, 2007


attention all is not a cat , not a dog but a TORTOISE! wheeeee

i called it b-kun after thinkin all sort of name such as pika..shooshoo..hachi...and so on
but whn i stare in its eyes i feel dou jor! i wna call it BKUN! wahahha XD

ten ten ten ten ten ~ here come the small king ::

Bkun! <3>


omfg.... sch start ald and no holidays for 10 weeks or more than that ( think of it make me puke ) SUX WEI

thn assignments stuckin in my head! lot of assignment hvnt kao tim ! howhowhowhowhowhow fuck up!!!!

must chill down.....1 2 3 SHOUT!

add oil ba ` ka yao!

Sunday, February 25, 2007

Uverworld New Release Album !

this is my favorite jap band --- Uverworld!
their newest album had already rele
ase oo~ on 21st Feb


i downloaded the whole album...seems like Malaysia don hav sell their album yet pif pif i wan collect! But i hvnt listen all songs yet..will giv rating after that =D

check out the song in this page is SORA - Uverworld fr their previous single...=P


Shopping Spree

today went to 1u wif my cousin... bought some stuff!

bought this vcd at speedy. saw this cover - the fox! (cute =3) and i wan to see if i got soul anot haha coz there write whoever who watch this jap drama n no cry is human that without soul! GG RM19.90

bought this belt at random stall..RM20

shoe` ! finally bought some shoe...this is from vincci..RM35.90

these 2 from Momoe oo~ both = RM94.62

in the end ... had a moderate shopping spree! hehe XD din buy any clothes and etc....>.< sad sad
omg holiday end soon! kao meng aaaa T_T

yoroushiku! =D

since msnspace got abit "cacat"~

welcome to share a piece of my life !