Thursday, July 31, 2008

i made it

alive. breathing. abit sick. and weird thing happened!

but i am okay.

p.s tired and lazy. write more tml. =]

Sunday, July 27, 2008

If you can runaway

Like the title say

If you can runaway, where would you go? what would u bring with you? I wan to go everywhere. i'll bring a mp3 player( hopefully the battery can recharge with solar), a camera and ciggi. =D Okay and a deodorant ( spoiler ) LOL

light and easy. nope this not a radio channel promotion thing.

Just a thought. Sometimes you feel like letting go everything and go on a journey that have no mark on the map. The only thing you have to do is keep moving forward. Never look back. Unexpected outcome are waiting for you at the end.

sick of the usual life cycle. what is our purpose in this life? get educated, fuck some chicks, giv birth to a monster, work for a living and wait for the death.

Will we able to break the rules?

i hope one day i can.

Saturday, July 26, 2008


玩这个游戏最好的收获是朋友. =) 一班热血又热爱怪物猎人的猎人们. 说真的, 很高兴认识他们~ 麻烦你们了 kekee 当初是怎样接触到真人的呢? hmm 回顾下:

自己一个人玩有时还蛮无聊的. 身边的朋友都好像没兴趣, hsemate还和我唱反调买ndsl玩pokemon! @@ 过后就去internet,我最爱的google寻猎人~ 去lowyat.forum找, 可是都没人理我将 - -" 然后大多数人又是lan game, 我又没有车可以出去狩猎(i still hvnt get my bloody license yet)!! 哈哈

之后也忘记怎样沦落到cari论坛那里去 - - 看到有人介绍xlinkkai哦, 不错. 就发帖问那里有的买那个usb adapter. 可是生平的第一个贴就给版主扣分,关闭. 哈哈 还好给我遇到一个好人 (黄后) 告诉我那里可以买到. @@ 现在还和他满熟下 ngekngek. 还有认识到很多不男不女的猎人. ^^


- - 看了才知道我的HR3是这样的来的... (咳咳) 太怕轰龙了以前 哈哈啊啊啊`~


p.s my hsemate bought psp and play monster hunter now ngek ngek

Conclusion is : 有一班癫的猎人一起狩猎也蛮不错的~

Friday, July 25, 2008

怪物猎人. 一路走来,辛苦了! =)

刚才从12am玩kai到4am, 和我的hsemates(被我中毒的两位) & fucika aka queen. HAHA 然后就突然聊到了一些往事, 好奇之下就跑去看会自己以前的post. 不要说我念旧, 可是有时往后望一下才发现自己走了很远, 以前的自己有多无知 , 现在的自己比较进步. 将也是的,那有人越来越退步的, right? ( my mandarin is bad)

Anyway, i found out that 我是在2007年11月尾开始玩MHF2nd的. CheckItOut!

哈哈, 当时还在努力想办法要怎样捕捉怪物.那个蓝色箱子只给几粒捕获用麻醉玉和一个麻痹陷阱. (心想:" Apa ni? - -") 从来没做过猎人的我~ (在RO, PirateKing or any online game 我都没有玩猎人的角色,通常都是魔法师吧~) 根本no idea那时虾米东东. 每次都是杀死怪物,有点不爽. 所以就跑去Youtube偷师了. 看了一个外国人捕获一只大怪鸟的视频才发现...我有多笨.

偷师了当然去试下自己的偷师功夫有多强咯! 果然..jeng jeng jeng jeng 给我捉到了, 不是死的, 是活的呵呵. 记得那时一次过hunt大怪鸟差不多十多次. 为什么? 因为是第一个遇到会飞的怪物.

另外一个是电龙, Khezu. 要去3star village mission 时的紧急任务. 那位阿婆真的很会给人任务咯, 差点就要呕血了. 记得这只电龙害我stuck着差不多真个礼拜. 一直给他怒时电死, 冲前去砍它结果自己不懂飞到那里去~ 还为了这只怪物去做一把有青斩的镰刀.(以为拿了会像死神将厉害可是还是K.O) halo sir electric bill is expensive pls save up more electricity! 残念.
but 在一个风和日丽的下午~ 在一个巴士上, 我终于干掉它了. 恶心的盲怪终于给我gg掉了! 啊哈哈哈哈~ 兴奋到喊了一下, 吓倒在巴士上的各位~ 真不好意思 人家可是很斯文的. 真个路程都是一个人在那边傻笑, too excited.

第一次永远是最深刻的! 奇怪的是之前也有玩一下PS2的monster hunter可是都不来电.
PSP的魅力不一样吧...哈哈 sot到一下, 真个人便陷下去了~~

to be continue...~

what is this

My blog now spam with my assignment-last-min-grudge.

I shall post again! woohoo~

next week is week 7 of my 1st half semester and i got around 4 submission and 1 tutorial teaching thingy.


Friday, July 18, 2008


今天心情很糟.( 用华语发表一下...练习! 我不是香蕉)

好. 继续. . .

今天心情真的很糟. 虽然我脸上根本看不出来...反正也没有人会察觉, 除非我自己自己拿来衰跟人讲! (同情我吧~~~ XD) 不懂要怎样形容, 感觉很喘不过气来. 不服. 我不服. 为什么我就要到手的东西, 都给我一一搞塔! (有这个字吗?? )

法可. 华语退到冰河时代了??

fine. why the things that is there for me to grab, just right in front of me & i being retard or generous to let other ppl get it.

I lacking this confidence and courage. i am a coward. Coward people tend to be more magnanimous? How silly. But the truth of the truth is i not that kind of person.

I turning like this. I already 习惯自己一个人了....可怕. but i am tired of this.

我要和一个可以让我做自己的人一起. LET's HAVE FUn MAn.

p.s this is the side effect of 大姨妈. it just makes you feel sucky and painful. diu.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Zero is hot.

Let me guess, the time we ever get 0 for a gred is when we have Add Math test in high school or we just leave the paper blank for fun. With the blessing of 大魔王 aka God, i got to add another 0 in my arkib of "Hey, I am a Smartass" . At least i not an idiot well maybe sometimes i act like one.

I got a 0 for my digital media assessment. =D Seriously? seriously.

This call sendiri cari pasal. I suppose to do the research, content developement and the infographic but i was thinking about Yian Kut Ku armor set and end up sketching characters design. XD Should i change to Film & Animation!?

After analysing the problem, *scan brain* the answer is damn easy.

I hate 'period' . baii baii liuchibaaaiiiieehh~~~

p.s I wonder why i stay up whole night for? For the sake of feeling-that-i-at-least-stay-up-whole-night-trying-to-do-the-research.

5:30am .

Monday, July 14, 2008

Brain Stuck Happen, Once Awhile

Just got back from Johor today and i am freaking tired.

The 911(cause & effect) of my tiredness is because i din sleep the whole night yesterday. 630am went to Johor~ got back Kl the same day at 1030pm. & my big brain just meltdown.

Have to do my flash and research dammit.

Anyway just now my fren Norman asked me to do a freelance web design job. Seriously i din do this kind of job before, i wonder will i able to cope up with all this. = = EXPERIENCE! Yea gain more experience is my ultimate goal. haha ( one project can get RM250 =) )

i am 脑残-ing.

who can sponsor me Vitamins and Bird Nests? =D kekez

* all of those crap i written above are all excuses is just plain illness.There is an equation for this kind of illness:

tiredness + laziness = not doing assignment-ness.

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Good News Everyone~

Patapon 2 is coming out! ( I still stuck in the raingod there thou)

Anyway! Patapon 2 can MULTIPLAYER!!!! Wootz! Finally ~ I knew it ! Multiplayer will be very exciting i guess, all will be shouting and cursing while trying to get the beats correctly. =) Patapon 2 will have double the content and more bosses fights!

Know why they don't put Multiplayer function in Patapon? Read this :

As Kotani put it to Weekly Famitsu, the original Patapon lacked multiplayer because he thought it would be too hard for players to come to grips with. "You control a lot of characters at once in Patapon, so we thought multiplayer would be too difficult to deal with," he says. ( Quote from 1up fyi)
Damn. They think we are small kid or what? haha

Another happy thing is~~~ tada LocoRoco 2 is coming out soon! Source say is now 75% complete and yes boys and gals can now craze abt those tiny lil cute "NOOIII NOOIII" creatures again.
More maps, more things to collect, more features and more ability! Basically is MORE the fun! haha

Can't wait =)

FF Dissidia and Kingdom Heart coming soon too!

Conclusion : GO GET A PSP NOW !!

Wednesday, July 9, 2008



This sem is just pure torturing.

Why must we study things that we hate? So waste of time!

oh well. GO GO GO!

p.s This is just self hypnotize.

Sunday, July 6, 2008


Currently in love with hammer. ^^ Now i getting use to it and loving it for POK POK-ing those monster head. The moment they faint i damn happy. RAWR

some random shots :

The new puppet sword. - -

Hammer time!! FLY allen FLY!大锤的好处! 飞人!

I like this. =D POK! dead

GreatSword can make you fly too!

Nice view in the desert. ^^" 杀两只角龙~

naked time! 裸装杀讯龙. . . 好好玩

Long time never Kai but is okay cause got FF9 accompany me! whee yea i have ff9 in my Psp. Now i just passed the Ice Cavern ( yea i just started lol) My Zidane is currently almost level 10. ^^ Awww i just miss this game so much. Can't wait to finish it but bloody disc 4 i din get to download . Mahai link corrupt. - - oh well.

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Happy Level Up to me! [2]

Woohoo another day of celebration with my hsemates. They wanted to bring me go sing k again hehe but we can't make it cause time factor and money factor. LOL we are bunch of budget art students . =) Instead we went to TGIFriday and had a happy birthday dinner. ( what happen with the poor budget student thing??!)

Another night with no slp~ Hi i am panda.

Suppose to eat Chillis and Khai Ming pretty sure that Sunway Pyramid got Chillis but nope. Khai Ming baka! hehe so we end up at TgI. Argh i think i lazy to type now lets have pictures do the talking~ ( my fren bought his D80 along so .. TA DA ) :

The forever King.

Hail to the King. HAHA
( Keat:" I AM KING!" Me:" No i am king, my queen~")

Me, Umar & Myra.

William aka Dj Slut lol , me the king and Myra the evil.

Posing with MeiHwa's PSP. hahaha meihwa u know who u r..~

Top shot~

With Cheesy Jian Wei the photographer~ Sam Fu sai~

Some photos of the much coz all of us busy munching good stuffs:

My starter, Fried Calamari.

This is the bomb... the sauce is so good!


My main course is Chicken Cutlet.

All of us~

I getting to like my shoes. =D

Dessert is Cookies and Icecream...this is the best part!! Oiiisshiii

The wall is nice. William and Me posing. hehe

Us again~


Told them not to tell the crew STILL ..have to stand on the chair!!

Cake from TGIF~thx and thx for the prank too.

I making horny wishes thats why my face like tat.
Don't ask me what i wished.

Eat cake with a straw is not fun at all

Us once again~ Get bloody!

Camera Man new technique.

Nana , Me & Cindy~

Godfather is me, those are my 2 zuk zai

Nana and me again~ XD

Yay happy birthday to me. Oh damn i wanted to prank them all by playing "The-King-Rules" game but all of us got assignment to rush later on. WASTED!! the only day i gonna be in total control just passed like tat. SNap.

AND speak of the devil i glad i did my assignment...damn lecturer want asses us weekly fuh yoo 10% of my final. After the dinner i slept at 2am thn wake up at 5am just to do the assignment. HARDCORE! i faint later on. hehe

Happy bday to all. cya nex year.

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Happy Level Up to me [1]

Fuuuuhhhh finally got time to lay back, relax and update my blog! This week quite hectic and pack with assignments and OF COZ me the king's Birthday. =)

If you are a stalker i am sure u know my birthday falls on the 1st of July every year and if you are a good stalker you should already give me my present! jk. ( just some lame introduction to my bday post LOL)

Sunday was the night i rushed my assignment for the whole night. Thought of sleep more at the coming night but my dear frens( okei just 6 of them) fr Kepong and far away fr Cyberjaya came to give me a surprise visit! How awesome? hehe not much people willing to drive so far (petrol price raise and toll !) to Cyber and give me surprise.

I was attacked by party poppers!! but is very pretty eventhought the moment is very short.
I got a cake and presents!! An external hd with 160 gb...chuu to all who give me this. & plushies from gugu soul-x, terry and the boy. lol

Dear Kire Ying!! love 9 u okei? but too bad din take much photos together(remember giv me the photo~). = 3= I happy that u guys came and yingying oso came hehe. Poor Jayson (9am work) also dragged along together and went sing k till 3am plus.

And damn Terry sing very loud without the mic. HAHA only me and the boy notice that. =) Well i forced the guys to sing Gimme More and trust me it sounded SCARY! Felt sorry to most of them coz they all got sore throat but seriously Cyberjaya got nothing to do 1. =)

In the end, i had fun~ less sleep but more fun so is okay i guess. XD Thx to all my friends you all are awesome but i the most awesomest! haha

No much photos cause no camera!! :