Monday, July 14, 2008

Brain Stuck Happen, Once Awhile

Just got back from Johor today and i am freaking tired.

The 911(cause & effect) of my tiredness is because i din sleep the whole night yesterday. 630am went to Johor~ got back Kl the same day at 1030pm. & my big brain just meltdown.

Have to do my flash and research dammit.

Anyway just now my fren Norman asked me to do a freelance web design job. Seriously i din do this kind of job before, i wonder will i able to cope up with all this. = = EXPERIENCE! Yea gain more experience is my ultimate goal. haha ( one project can get RM250 =) )

i am 脑残-ing.

who can sponsor me Vitamins and Bird Nests? =D kekez

* all of those crap i written above are all excuses is just plain illness.There is an equation for this kind of illness:

tiredness + laziness = not doing assignment-ness.

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